Bounty Call

Open Office Hour: Every Friday 9PM - 12AM EST


Work and reward for mercenaries, hunters and the like looking to pick up a variety of jobs and bounties issued by the free company, NightRaid. Perhaps adventurers merely looking to embark on a mission as well! Those who may be looking to submit a request to the bounty office are welcome to do so in our message book as part of our services at HQ.
Food and drinks provided during our office hours weekly!

You have the option to opt into the bounty roulette, providing you an extra condition to add the uniqueness of your bounty experience! Be warned! Not all conditions may work to your character's favour, it’s a gamble afterall! Good luck hunters!
(You are free to do these bounties with friends, fellow roleplayers or write a drabble on your character's job and share it in our discord server!)

Social Hour: An hour into the event, we invite fellow mercenaries, hunters, and clients present to lounge in our downstairs, share stories on bounties or jobs, or their professions with fellow visitors over drinks and a hot meal from NightRaid's kitchen. They are free to speak with some of our workers within NightRaid about which services they provide or what specialties they hold! Clients are still free to take jobs at this time! 』

We have an infirmary in our chamber hall, so if a client is in need of treatment, we are more than happy to provide during office hours.

We also have guest rooms prepared for those in need of somewhere to stay when returning from their bounty travels!

Meet the writers

Here are those typically responsible for providing and creating these bounties or jobs for our clients, patrons, and visitors. Through collaboration and weekly updates, we ensure to give variety and plenty opportunity for those who visit and are looking for some form of roleplay prompts through our writing. We also work to host and DM elite bounties for a group of players every once in a while. If you have any further questions OOCly regarding any of the bounties posted to our board, feel free to contact any of the following creators.

Tetsuro Wulf
NightRaid Boss

Tetsuro's mun has been roleplaying since 2007 on several different games, whilst running a guild and acting as an in-game roleplay DM for 11+ years now. He has ran and hosted many group rp campaigns for several different communities. His primary focus had always been the combat-aspect of roleplaying as well as articulating mechanics for combative instances. He has also been serving as one of Coeurl's roleplay community admins for a few years. He has created and ran NightRaid since 2015 with the intent of having it as a bounty & assassin's company, as well as odd jobs.

Nan'to Vaadrage
Front Desk

Nan'to's mun has been role playing for since 2012 on a number of medias. She applied to NightRaid in the winter of 2019 and joined the officer team officially in May 2020. She has always been most eager over the combat-aspect of roleplay, bringing her experiences from other past communities with her to FFXIV.

Ninka'ir Tayuun

Ninka'ir's mun has been roleplaying on various mediums for 16+ years, from humble beginnings on pen and paper, to forums, tumblr, and now on FFXIV. Since joining NRAID in early 2019, the FFXIV rp scene was her first introduction to real-time rp in an MMORPG. She's always especially enjoyed worldbuilding and character development, and is eager to create fun scenarios for others to develop as well.
Knife Crab#1225

Independent Bounties

These bounties issued can be done solo, as a pair, or with a small group. The difficulty is moderate, though it is advised to still proceed with caution regardless. These jobs may range from criminal activity, hunting mobs causing havoc, etc. You will be required to retrieve a particular item from said bounty as evidence of its completion for a reward.

( Click categories above to view different types of independent bounties listed below. )

Captive pursuits

The following bounties require that you take your quarry back alive with no exceptions. That said, do not underestimate your target, man or beast they are likely to retaliate. Best to come prepared for a long hunt.


Bounty Summary: This rogue scientist took valuable artifacts. They have reason to believe he is under the influence of drugs and ask he not be mortally wounded, but instead, captured.
How to identify: Protective grey leather garbs, male Xaela with some pale scales. Dark blue hair, pale skinned.
Location: The Burn, south of the Azim Steppe scientist camp.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion after bringing him to the scientists.
Reward: 26,000g for writ of completion.

Eldgrim Gondier


Bounty Summary: After activity in the crash site of the Agrius warship came to a stop, a budding scientist-adventurer became enraptured by the garlean materials left behind. While at first his experiments with the technology were tame in nature, they have become increasingly dangerous and out of control. A couple local families living in Revenant’s Toll have put up a bounty for his capture and arrest.
How to identify: Light purple garbs with metal plating. Metal lance.
Location: Seen passing by boat to and from the Keeper of the Lake crash site, Mor Dhona.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion of capture from Revenant’s Toll.
Reward: 31,000g

Cholene Kucho

Bounty Summary: Teenage delinquent Cholene is on the run again after a string of petty thefts have put her on the Sekiseigumi’s watchlist, but her quick wit and knowledge of the city’s underbelly mean no one’s been able to catch her. Capture her and return her to the authorities.
How to identify: Dyed yellow hair and a pink butterfly tattoo on her cheek
Location: Kugane, usually seen around the docks.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Signed writ of completion from the Sekiseigumi.
Reward: 21,000g


Bounty Summary: Having fled from Doma, Morohiro, otherwise known as Obsidian, worked in Mor Dhona during its development for a time before getting into trouble and killing a woman he had assaulted. Since then, he has shot two Convictory men and is actively hunting both fauna and dragon individuals under protection of peace treaty. With this long history in mind, capture and bring him into the Falcon’s Nest and let justice take its course.
How to identify: Red goggles and black metal armour.
Location: Last seen in Riversmeet region of Coerthas Western Highlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion, bonus for bow
Reward: 24,000g for writ, 13,000g for bow

Departed Statue

Bounty Summary: Aetheric exposure to an unearthed statue has prompted it to take flight and flee from its excavation site in the Fringes. Cutting down hunters tasked with reclaiming the winged armor and disturbing the spirits within the crypts it hides upon, the artifact excavators are in need of assistance with reclaiming the statue and to sap the aether stirring it from within to put an end to it’s danger.
How to identify: Black suit of armor, large wings keeping it afloat.
Location: Atop of Gyr Kehim, The Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Immobilize the statue and return it to the artifact collectors in Ala Mhigo.
Reward: 28,000g

King Rolan

Bounty Summary: Known by authorities as a skilled conman and hypnotist, Rolan has since managed to elude capture with his expert illusions and timely use of Repose. Authorities are seeking assistance in capturing this rogue before more deserved riches are lost.
How to identify: Rolanberry dyed hair, white and black dress clothes, fair skinned Keeper of the Moon. Carries a regal looking staff.
Location: Seen within Limsa Lominsa and the outskirts depending on his movements..
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver alive to the Yellowjackets or Maelstrom and return to HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 34,000g for writ of completion.

Mehle'ya Dheffeke


Bounty Summary: Aether studies were continuing apace at Twinmoon Pool and the ruins found within, until apprentice Mehl stole all the research documents of his professor, and ran off, entering the ruins on his own accord. Due to the extremely high aether levels, magicks are prohibited, for fear of explosive reactions. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Mehl is most interested in as a mage working there. Professor Xoza would like him returned alive to understand his motives.
How to identify: Dirtied white and black adventuring garbs. Miqo’te male, white haired.
Location: Mor Dhona.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the client.
Reward: 26,000g

Chive the Scholar


Bounty Summary: A local from the area was recently caught escaping Castrum Oriens with a number of classified documents and a handful of potion vials. The individual, regardless of her intentions, must be apprehended alive in order to find and retrieve those documents! The Eorzean Alliance is counting on you.
How to identify: Blonde hair, dark skin, roegadyn woman. Appears to be an arcanist.
Location: Seen heading south towards Bittermill, Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from Alliance outpost.
Reward: 26,000g

Bebehi the Weasel

Bounty Summary: A constant thorn in the Woodwailer’s side, Bebehi has been causing trouble for the last 8 moons without any signs of stopping. Knocking over plant trays, vandalising buildings, destroying belongings. Despite being an adorable fashion diva, Bebehi needs to be punished.
How to identify: Light blue hair and many accessories.
Location: Seen in Old Gridania.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Please deliver to the Adder’s Nest and return to HQ with a signed writ of completion
Reward: 22,000g

Tokimoro the Redeemed

Bounty Summary: Having claimed to be retrieving his family’s stolen relic, Tokimoro is wanted for breaking and entering into a local museum and stealing the Hasunohana rod. He has since been on the run evading the efforts of local authorities. The bofuku are asking for a hunter familiar with the eastern region to assist in his apprehension.
How to identify: Light green robes and dark green hair. Male raen au ra. Carrying golden flower staff made of brass.
Location: Hingashi region, outside the military capitol Bukyo.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Turn in target to the Sekiseigumi and bring back signed writ of completion.
Reward: 30,000g

Chos the Chainmaster

Bounty Summary: In a very interesting case, a viera has taken the reigns of control of a still shrouded-in-mystery group operating behind the High Houses of Ishgard. She’s taken to personally operating her groups’ kidnappings, and the authorities require assistance in finding and capturing her in order to interrogate. Bring her to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly as soon as you find her.
How to identify: Dark hair and tan skin, blue highlights in hair. Metal inbed in forehead, thaumaturge staff made of twisted wood.
Location: Suspected to be taking residency with a Durendaire noble family, Pillars, Ishgard.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Temple Knights.
Reward: 30,000g

Papajeni the Wayward

Bounty Summary: A weapon was stolen from a Sultansworn by a lower ranking Immortal Flames officer. Papajeni has been seen transporting it outside of Ul’dah in shadier places, having abandoned his post for it. The Brass Blades believe it to still be in his possession, however the location it has been hidden is under question. Capture him, and deliver him to the authorities. Bonus if location of weapon is ascertained from the target beforehand.
How to identify: Red tattoo over right eye, lalafell, pale complexion.
Location: Last seen hiding out in the Goblet.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion, bonus if sword is retrieved.
Reward: 28,000g + 10,000g if sword is returned as well

Blood Morpho

Bounty Summary: The properties of morpho wings contain the potential to poison and deplete the magical reserves of those inflicted, making them a valuable and sought after trophy. One such vilekin has been the talk of bounty hunters alike, a cautious doctor from Tailfeather has requested such a specimen to be guided to the Churning Mists, an environment harder for hunters to get their hands upon the wings for poison making potential.
How to identify: Large butterfly with blood red wings.
Location: Loth ast Gnath
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Carefully bind the vilekin and bring it to the Churning Mists.
Reward: 23,000g

Orange Locust

Bounty Summary: Having stolen a very valuable tome from the Arcanist Guild, the guild master’s apprentice is in a panic and is paying well to have it returned before her guildmaster returns from his latest journey. The thief itself is an old student of theirs by the name of Orange Locust, obsessed with physically separating aether from plants. Mages ought to be especially careful on this mark.
How to identify: Black and orange garbs. Pale skinned roegadyn woman, short hair. Carrying a bright yellow book with two feathers.
Location: Last seen headed towards Outer La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return the bright yellow book.
Reward: 25,000g

Galbert Talins

Bounty Summary: While originally just a conjurer for temporary hire at the Forgotten Knight, it appears that Galbert took it upon himself to steal from the very patients he was helping. The Temple Knights have put up posters for his arrest and will pay to have him delivered to their headquarters.
How to identify: Bright orange gloves, dark grey winter coat with white trim. Red skinned highlander.
Location: Foundation, Ishgard
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver writ of completion to NRAID HQ.
Reward: 28,000g for writ of completion.

Cold Iron the Cunning

Bounty Summary: A break in to the Resistance armoury has caused Resistance members great concern and worry over what the thief could possibly be planning to use the weapons for. The culprit is a leather jacketed roegadyn with a bandana and orange sash. Be warned that the man has a gunbreaker and knows how to use it well.
How to identify: Grey bandana cap and an orange sash.
Location: Escaped east of Rhalgr’s Reach, towards the Last Forest.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver to Rhalgr’s Reach and return to HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 28,000 gil with a 20,000g bonus if stolen weapons are found and reported.

Operi Taperi

Bounty Summary: Operi has been a pain in the neck for the arcanist’s guild for quite some time, heckling and pestering to be allowed into the private library where dangerous tomes are kept. Finally, after much boasting, Operi has managed to steal the tome Apocalypse and made his escape. Ensure the safety of the relic above all else!
How to identify: Lalafell, white hair, blue garbs. Blue facial tattoos.
Location: Roaming Limsa Lominsa
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return Apocalypse to NightRaid HQ.
Reward: 32,000g for return of tome.

Toneyo the Tinkerer

Bounty Summary: Toneyo has been a bother for the Idyllshire goblins for quite some time. While first just pestering for information at all hours of the day, when faced with apprehension and annoyance, the woman turned to thievery to get what she wants. They’ve lost over 100 pieces of ‘much needed jangly turney-bits’ and are desperate to put a stop to her.
How to identify: Masked, turquoise and leather garbs, green skin, pale hair. Raen woman.
Location: Hiding somewhere in the abandoned buildings in the Answering Quarter, Dravanian Hinterlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver Toneyo to Midnight Dew and return to HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 28,000g

Margrete Hellfury

Bounty Summary: Frustrated with the injustice and poor living conditions she has suffered since fleeing to Thanalan, Margrete has since assaulted and thrown out the miners with her handful of carbuncles. She holds the vein hostage under threat of caving it under should she not be paid an unreasonable sum of gil. Confront and capture this woman so that mining can return to normal.
How to identify: Green boots, white hair, and dark skin. Highlander woman.
Location: Within the Four Sisters mountain range, Central Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion for her capture and delivery to Ul’dahn authorities.
Reward: 30,000g

Sosoni the Toxic

Bounty Summary: Taking a great interest in the neurotoxins created and used during the Garlean occupation, Sosoni investigated and harvested wood and crystalized sap from the beloved Percipient One that was poisoned by such horrible tools. While she may seem completely unhinged, Sosoni still retains enough mobility to pose a proper threat. Consumed by toxins in her brain, local authorities would like to see her captured and gaoled for the havoc she is taking upon locals and travelers alike.
How to identify: Ash grey robes, lalafell, mossy wooden staff with glowing sap.
Location: From Pike Falls to the Dimwold, West region of the Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver her to Castellum Velodyna and return with the staff for a bonus.
Reward: 22,000g for writ of completion and 12,000g for the staff.

Keeper of the Springs

Bounty Summary: The many springs that sit atop of the floating land masses run clear of foliage and debris, part of this is thanks to a paissa known to the locals as the Keeper of the Springs. Covered in an abundance of pink, fluffy fur, the beastkin was carried away by a powerful bout of winds that has sent the Keeper to the other side of the islands! They need assisting back home before the hostile cloudkin can get their talons upon them.
How to identify: A larger than average Paissa, bright pink fur with green limbs.
Location: The Shattered Back, Sea of Clouds.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Guide the paissa back to the springs in Voor Sian Siran, return with a tuft of their pink fur.
Reward: 30,000g

Morohira Gakunin

Bounty Summary: Having previously been hired as a guard for foreign export freight, recently one of the hires took an emergency boat with a number of spices and other small good.
Word has it he was last seen headed towards the Salt Strands. The Ruby Bazaar is paying good money to see him escorted back to their office in Kugane.
How to identify: Green hair and clearly doman garbs. Steel gauntlets and booted bowman.
Location: Expected to be seen arriving on Lower La Noscean soil. Dark skinned Raen.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return to HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 33,000g for writ of completion.

Alrek Aan Valor

Bounty Summary: Wanted by the Alliance for information, this spy of Garlemald has been spotted in Ul’dah and Southern thanalan. Reports indicate he’s been frequenting the Bozjan Front and pretending to be against the very nation he supports in order to gain secrets. Whatever the cost, bring him back alive.
How to identify: Typically wearing goggles, carries a scimitar. Olive skinned hyur man, blonde hair.
Location: Southern Thanalan and Ul’dah
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from any Grand Company
Reward: 30,000g


Bounty Summary: One of the most wanted thieves at the moment in Ishgard, Finchcall has struck both high born and low born alike for reasons unknown. No one knows where her treasures lie hiding but the Tribunal would see her captured and put to interrogation and trial as soon as possible.
How to identify: Olive green skin and strawberry blonde hair. Aura female in green and white garbs. Carries a bow.
Location: Among Foundation, Ishgard
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with writ of completion. Bonus reward for bow.
Reward: 22,000g for writ of completion, bonus 15,000g for the bow.

Horde hunts

These bounties bring attention to problematic groups, be it a swarm of invasive species, a group of criminals rising in activity or a brood of dangerous creatures from the void, when a cry for help of this nature is made this is where your help will be most appreciated. Expect multiple targets, these groups may take several sweeps and culling before the people of the realm are safe once more.


Bounty Summary: A horde of giant frogs has emerged from the Tangle in Mor Dhona, and is advancing towards Revenant’s Toll. Theorized to be mutated from corrupted aether, they’re big, they’re fast, and they’re aggressive. Please take care of them before anyone gets hurt!
How to identify: Giant aggressive frogs of various colors, seen west of Revenant’s Toll.
Location: The Tangle, Mor Dhona
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the mutated frogs, and collect a sample of corrupted mucus from each for study.
Reward: 7,000g per vial of mucus

Troublesome Marmots

Bounty Summary: Offerings for the deceased have been attracting the attention of hungry rodents, stealing and eating what gets left behind and threatening to disturb the spirits of the resting. Councillors of Ala Mhigo are looking for someone to clean up the infestation by any means necessary.
How to identify: Fluffy rodents. Quick to run and hide.
Location: Bloodhowe, The Lochs.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Clear the rodent problem and return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 20,000g for confirmation of clearing the gravesite.

Scarlet Mushrooms


Bounty Summary: A chef in Vylbrand has been looking for ingredients to incorporate into an upcoming recipe to be presented to nobles. Having heard delicious yet dangerous things about the funguar of the Shroud, the chef has made a call for hunters to venture out and fetch some samples of a very specific variety and return them to Limsa Lominsa as soon as possible!
How to identify: Small funguar with red, spotted caps, capable of running very fast.
Location: Larkscall, East Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver the caps of the Mushrooms to Limsa Lominsa and return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g per 5 mushroom caps.

Rainbow Zu

Bounty Summary: A hunt summon has been made after a wave of large and colorful cloudkin have been seen through the Raincatcher Gully. Tearing down trees and structures with their large talons, attacking travellers and residents of the nearby port, the destructive avians must be seen too and there’s a hunter scholar with enough gil to hand over to a willing volunteer to help.
How to identify: Primarily red with multicolored wing feathers.
Location: Raincatcher Gully, Eastern La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with their wings..
Reward: 8,700g per wing.

Escaped Constructs


Bounty Summary: Researchers from the Sons of Saint Coinach have been hard at work studying the structures left on Azys Lla, to learn what they can from the Allagans. Unfortunately, while inside an Allagan research lab, one of the scientists accidentally let loose a horde of humanoid constructs--who are none too happy about being imprisoned for the last 5,000 years.
How to identify: Black and white floating humanoids around the Quarantine Block. Nondescript save for stripes of neon color.
Location: Quarantine Block, Azys Lla
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the constructs and return with the identification tags located on their ankles.
Reward: 8,000g per ID tag

Gol Dzo

Bounty Summary: A herd of Dzo have been reported crashing through the rivers across the Azim Steppe. Seemingly more ornery than those bred and raised by a local tribe, it has been speculated these wild beastkin are mutated somehow given their unusual coats and the chilling feeling to exchange a direct glance. Tearing up and polluting the waters in their wake, the culling of these beasts have been sought after.
How to identify: White fur, ghastly glowing eyes, dark horns.
Location: Along the rivers within The Azim Steppe.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Cull down the Dzo and return with their horns.
Reward: 10,000g per horn.

Mist Biasts

Bounty Summary: While the Dragonsong War may be over, armour is still in demand in numerous places across Eorzea. A Coeurthan armour-smith would like to take advantage of the new passage up Solm Al to find himself more supplies. He has discovered that the soft bellied Mist Biasts have scales that hold up well in combat, while effectively blocking electrocution. He seeks adventurers brave enough to slay some Biasts so he may use the scales to make armour.
How to Identify: Lightning aspected drakes covered in thick, purple scales.
Location: These creatures make their home in the hills of the Churning Mists, up the mountain of Solm Al.
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: Bring back as many scales as you can. Whole is preferable, but damaged scales can be salvaged.
Reward: 7,500 gil for every bag filled.

Dawn Pugil

Bounty Summary: In the depths that surround the Dawn Throne are a pod of wavekin, their diet and presence a threat to the useful and vital plants that grow in those waters. The medicine makers within the settlement are looking for assistance in driving away the wavekin before their resources are reduced to nothing.
How to identify: Red and black spotted pugil, glowing stripes on fins and chin.
Location: Underwater, Azim Khaat, The Azim Steppe.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Cull the wavekin numbers down and bring their fins to the Dawn Throne gate guards.
Reward: 8,000g per glowing fin and an offering of healing salves.

Cactuar Bunch

Bounty Summary: A gargantuan seedkin and it’s posse are rolling through Black Brush, stomping down the bridges and foundations in its path. Fearing the wrath of needles, the people of Central Thanalan are looking for anyone brave enough to take on the swarm before more of the smaller cactuars grow to match the size of the largest.
How to identify: One, large Gigantender accompanied by lots of small cactuars.
Location: Central Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the flowers of the cactuars.
Reward: 20,000g for the gigantender flower, 5,000g per cactuar flower.

The Fatal sands

Bounty Summary: A crew of pirates have returned to Vylbrand after taking their efforts to plunder along the shores of Thanalan. With competition high and few resources to market the pirates have grown aggressive upon the innocent towns people who live on the coast, stealing what they can for their own members and selling back at a higher rate.
How to identify: A skull pouring sand from its mouth is their insignia, found on their shirts and the flag of the ship.
Location: Aboard their seaborne vessel, Eastern La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: White coin purse, silver embroidery as proof of each take down.
Reward: 12,000g per coin purse.

Opo Thieves

Bounty Summary: “These dreadful scamps are always making with our village’s Mun-Tuy beans. These creatures seem to think that the hard work we put into growing them can be so easily taken advantage of and stolen! I will suffer it no longer! Please put them down.”
How to Identify: Rodent-like and skittish. Throws rocks with scrawny arms.
Location: Around Peacegarden outside of Hyrstmill.
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: The tail of the beast as proof.
Reward: 13,200g for each tail delivered.

Fleeting Ink

Bounty Summary: A curious shipment crate from Eorzea has arrived in Hingashi. With the sender details obscure the shipment officers opened up the container to inspect the contents, unknowing doing so would release a wave of enchanted bottles! Flying through the warehouses and spilling their contents all over the other shipments and boats in the midst of being constructed, the workers of Kugane need assistance stopping and reclaiming every bottle found because they cause more havoc through the city.
How to identify: Winged ink pots, blinking eyes.
Location: Kugane Ofunakura
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with as many bottles and bring them to HQ.
Reward: 5,000g per bottle found.

Dune Moles

Bounty Summary: The settlement of Little Ala Mhigo has recently been attacked night after night by a band of moles that roam through the expanse of Southern Thanalan. Headstrong, they’ve destroyed many structures and belongings in the search of fresh fruit before departing as the sun would rise. No lives have been claimed as the beastkin are herbivores, but their rampant behaviour with no threat enough provided to keep them from attacking, the residents of the settlement are looking for someone with a plan on how to fend them off or cut their invasive numbers down to size.
How to identify: The moles skin is hardened and looks to be rocky and earthen in nature, their vessels are hard to pierce.
Location: Traverses the dunes of the Sagoli Desert, heads up North in a pack to bother the residents of Little Ala Mhigo before retreating at dawn.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the moles to cull down their numbers, return with the fleshy snouts of those taken down.
Reward: 12,500g per mole snout.

Crazed Wildlife

Bounty Summary: Ceruleum contamination in the water supply from the nearby castrum has caused the local fauna to behave in adverse ways. Sometimes falling ill and dying, and other times being stoked into a mindless frenzy and terrorizing the locals. Please, won’t someone put them out of their misery?
How to identify: Frenzied animals will act aggressively and recklessly. They’ve been known to emit a blue foam from the mouth.
Location: Agelyss Wise, Eastern La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Put down any frenzied animals you find, and collect a blood sample from each for study.
Reward: 6,000g per vial

Ceruleum Suppers

Bounty Summary: Through the many guards posted along the foundation of the Ceruleum Processing Plant one beast has outwitted and manifested past the dense defenses. Lingering on the long pipe line stretches stands a voidsent coated and enhanced by the blue powersource, swelling in size before multiplying and dividing across the plantation to cause further havoc.
How to identify: The voidsent and its congealed spawn match the hue of the ceruleum they supp upon. They cling to the pipes and travel along them to seek for weaker fastenings and support to release more energy to feast.
Location: Along the transportation pipes of the Ceruleum Processing Plant.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the voidsent spawn and return the spilled excess to the plant workers if possible.
Reward: 15,500g per mound slain

Harvest Lizards

Bounty Summary: From the wetlands of Yanxia has emerged a wave of scalekin making work difficult and near impossible for the farmers of Namai. Between crushing the produce before it has time to grow and sneaking up on the townspeople, the threat of these lizards rises with each week as does the risk of hunger as the end of the season approaches.
How to identify: The skin and scales shift in hues of green and yellow to best blend in with the plantations during the day. Their eyes are a pale white, capable of glimmering to blind those who approach aggressively as to stop them.
Location: The scalekin are known to retreat into the Heron’s Way after attacking the farmers within Namai and the Gensui Chain.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a set of eyes as proof, more than one pair desired and encouraged.
Reward: 13,000g per lizard slain and set of eyes retrieved.

Silver Scorpions

Bounty Summary: A nest of scorpions has taken to residing in the ponds and pools of water North of Ala Ghiri. Polluting the waters and disturbing the aggressive, problematic Muud Suud that linger nearby. A cull for the scorpions has been made, in order to keep the situation between the voidsent and the people of the nearby settlement somewhat tame.
How to identify: The Scorpions boast silver, reflective plating and chitin.
Location: Goodblade, North of Ala Ghiri, The Peaks.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Kill the Scorpions and return with what legs can be carried.
Reward: 10,000g per leg brought back.

Three Queens’ Kingdom

Bounty Summary: Strange wildlife is not an uncommon sight in Rootslake after the Calamity, but these vine monsters, having been nicknamed Queens, have shown signs of infection and hostility not seen in the overall docile fauna. Scouts and sentries of Camp Tranquil have struggled to fend them off while on guard, as they grab and snap their weapons in two. Seeking hunters capable of handling these dangers.
How to identify: Somewhat crab-like plant monsters, look for pale yellow petals.
Location: Rootslake, South Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Petal head brought back
Reward: 18,000g for each head brought back.

Wayward Beasts

The following bounties typically involve the task of hunting down a rogue beast or a monstrosity endangering the livelihood of the realm. Proceed with caution and keep your wits about you, beasts of the earth and the other world will not hesitate to defend their stomping grounds or fight for their prey, no matter how depraved or chaotic.

Gyphmo the Glutton

Bounty Summary: This horrifying plantkin has made its way into Moghome’s crops, where their precious kupo nuts grow! Gyphmo eats anything in front of it, from birds, seedkin, and possibly moogles if it gets the chance! The local moogle population are terrified and seeking proper assistance to do this monster in.
How to identify: Glowing petal tips, two large vines.
Location: Moghome, Churning Mists
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Monster’s beak
Reward: 20,000g for beak + 2 bags of kupo nuts

Picker of the Bones

Bounty Summary: An aggressive vilekin has taken to attacking the Xaela who travel the sands, with no discrimination of its targets between the adults, the children or their livestock guiding them upon their journey. Dubbed the Picker of the Bones, not a drop of flesh goes to waste upon its victims, often charred and suffocated to death with its powerful breath of flame. The affected tribes that live in the desert are too stubborn, proud and determined to beckon help to take down the beast, though a native within Reunion has had enough and makes summons for outside help.
How to identify: The vilekin is large and bold enough to hunt and attack on its own, green scales.
Location: The vilekin is known to fly through the dunes of the Nhaama Desert and Nhaama’s Retreat.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return the four wings of the vilekin to Reunion.
Reward: 22,000g for the fully collected wings.

Burgundy Wamoura

Bounty Summary: Waves of dust carried by northern gales have begun to irritate the people of Horizon and the Vesper Bay. Scouts have navigated the north to find the source, at first their guesses turned to fumes from the landscape or to some of the flora before being met by the territorial vilekin dubbed the Burgundy Wamoura. A danger and irritation to the townspeople still, the scouts have sent out a request for help taking down this creature.
How to identify: The moth is large in scale, when resting the vilekin is very still and hard to see within the cavern, only when the lunar radiance of the water brightens does the wamoura rouse. Its scales red, its eyes glowing yellow.
Location: The Moondrip within Western Thanalan, when the sun has set.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The commissioner desires two large sacks of the Wamoura’s scales.
Reward: 22,500g

The Beached Deep

Bounty Summary: From the depths of the Ruby Sea has emerged a horrific abomination from out of this world. Once far smaller in size the voidsent would roll onto the beaches across the entire region before descending into the waters once more, however after feasting upon the flesh and souls of many other creatures the monster has found itself incapable of departing from the Isle of Bekko. With nowhere to go but deeper into the Isle the population of creatures of both sea and land have been forced to retreat to avoid a most terrible feasting.
How to identify: The beached voidsent is enormous. Golden spots upon its dark husk.
Location: Squeezes into the caverns of the beaches upon the Isle of Bekko, in the Ruby Sea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the abomination and dispose of its body. Return with a writ of confirmation from the commissioner within Onokoro.
Reward: 25,000g

Tension Strider

Bounty Summary: When the aetheric intensity is at its peak in the Black Shroud, an abominable avian strolls through the forest lands in search of the vulnerable to torment and prey upon. It dines upon flesh, aether, fear, scaring those who walk through the tension to the point of no return.
How to identify: Small harpy, dark feathers, terrifying gaze.
Location: The Standing Corses, Central Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with its head, face covered.
Reward: 28,000g

The Screecher

Bounty Summary: Through the Northern Sector of the Shroud an immensely painful wave of cries has flooded and struck the ears of all those unfortunate to listen. A suspected rally of Ixali has been on the move and gathering in preparation for expanding their territory and has employed the help of a dangerous avian ally dubbed The Screecher. Standing tall and clad in dense armor it is clear this birdman is prepared for a fight, on the offense or defense. Upon its head holds a mask that glows ominously when preparing to attack, amplifying its voice louder and higher in pitch than it should to dull the senses of its targets. The people of Fallgourd Float are asking for a swift take down of the foe along with any other avians that rise up to fight.
How to identify: The Screecher’s plumage is dark and matted beneath its heavy armored plates. The spiked helm upon its head is heavy, the breathing and screeching within rings loudly.
Location: Ixali Logging Grounds, Proud Creek within the North Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the enchanted helm of the avian as proof of its death.
Reward: 20,000g


Bounty Summary: Loud crashing from within the Cutter’s Cry has caught the attention of the Black Brush locals. Spare for the glimmering of gold when the sun shines through the gaps of the cavern and the sighting of a massive maw, no one has been able to get a good look of this curious beastkin. Growing shy when the cave is rampant with its native fauna, workers have called for the beast to be slain before the heavy crashing collapses the tunnels.
How to identify: Large beastkin standing on two legs, large crystals growing on the hide. Hides away when other fauna are around.
Location: The Cutter’s Cry, Central Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the large crystals from its snout and back.
Reward: 18,000g for a box of the crystals.


Bounty Summary: A mystical egg preserved by the Vundu has not long hatched and given birth anew to an avian unlike any other. Swiftly upon birth did it grow far too large for the cage it was trapped within, the inflamed bird is now searching freely upon the lands and causing havoc for the peaceful Vanu Vanu tribes around the Sea of Clouds.. A successful and intended plot of the Vundu.
How to identify: The inflamed avian is large, the hue of its flames stand out for miles with its brightness and blue hues.
Location: The Sea of Clouds. The avian roams along the undersides of the floating islands during the night.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Preserve a mound of its eternal burning feathers, of which are safe to the touch when apart from the bird itself.
Reward: 30,000g

Ichorous Mass

Bounty Summary: Much to the horror of the miners of the Nanawa Mines, when breaking through to a coal vein, a strange ichor-like monster was discovered. Although seemingly harmless at first, when the miners tried to get rid of it, they found that it ate their tools whole and marred their skin with chemical burns. Unable to proceed in the current tunnel due to the mass, they are seeking an individual or group who may be able to destroy this.
How to identify: Pitch black goo with several eyes, reddish tint.
Location: Nanawa Mines, Central Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Vial of black ooze.
Reward: 20,000g

Sapphire Serpent

Bounty Summary: A territorial scalekin dubbed the Sapphire Serpent has made the depths and the edges of the Glittering Basin far too dangerous for the locals to fish and live near. Capable of jetting streams of water, the land around the mass is becoming volatile, collapsing from erosion and the rising levels threatening to flood out those who live close.
How to identify: Large sea dragon, blue and green scales.
Location: The Glittering Basin, Yanxia.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a bag full of its shimmering scales.
Reward: 29,000g


Bounty Summary: Like a roach, this wayward peiste keeps rising back up after being beaten down by wayward adventurers. You’ll find the remains of arrows in its broken neck, and handfuls of scars and oozing wounds from its body, but still it snaps at passerby after seemingly coming back to life as if possessed. While the means to stop it are still unknown, one thing is for sure; this must be taken care of for good.
How to identify: Plum like fins and white, pus filled eyes. Mangled looking peiste.
Location: Last seen by northern bridge in East End, near Castrum Oriens
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The head of the beast.
Reward: 25,000g

Levin Sprite

Bounty Summary: The higher altitude structures of the Churning Mists have become all the more dangerous as an entity of lightning aether has manifested, smiting and attacking any being that grows near. Only visible when the weather compliments and enhances its elemental nature, hunters are warned to watch for lightning strikes from the open sky when taking on this untamed sprite.
How to identify: Purple hues, Levin aspected, out in the open.
Location: Tharl Oom Khash, The Churning Mists, during Umbral Static.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the levin shards that form when the sprite dissipates.
Reward: 32,000g


Bounty Summary: The familiar of a witch in the region, this serpent has been summoned straight from the lava of Hill’s Lid itself. While able to control earth in its nearby surroundings, the few Confederates who have dared to face it have found that only the exterior of the creature’s body is burning hot. Still, it melts through most blades and snaps lances in two. Additional help is needed.
How to identify: Lava red body and pink glowing control crystals.
Location: Hell’s Lid, Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Retrieve the pink control crystals.
Reward: 29,000g

Moraby Limpet

Bounty Summary: Ships arriving and departing to and from the Moraby Drydocks have been under the attack of a large mollusc, vicious to those who approach and pass the structures along the cliffs. Hissing and striking whatever man or vessel draws near, the wavekin does not want to leave and must be taken care of.
How to identify: Large mollusc, rooted near the cliffs.
Location: Oschon’s Embrace, Lower La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with tendrils and teeth as proof.
Reward: 25,000g and round of drinks at the Moraby Drydocks covered.

Tozohr the Stinging

Bounty Summary: Residents of Lost Hope and Black Brush Station alike have caught sight of Tozohr after having watched it attack and drag away a poor member of the Brass Blades into its den in the Clutches. While originally thought to be a natural hunter of the antlions, Tozohr has grown in size and hungers for man... The mining station will pay well to see the creature killed and taken care of.
How to identify: Red carapice, large scorpion.
Location: The Clutch, Central Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Back stinger section of the tail.
Reward: 28,000g for stinger.

Pale Wyvern

Bounty Summary: A territorial scalekin has been driving out creatures and food resources from the expansive river that runs through the forelands, whilst also attacking those who come near to stop it. With poor vision, the terrible flames brought out in defense of the startled wyvern can prove an unpredictable and dangerous threat.
How to identify: Pale, shimmering scales, long neck.
Location: The Whilom River, The Dravanian Forelands.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with its head.
Reward: 24,000g


Bounty Summary: It’s big, it’s leggy, and it’s trapping travelers in its web. The Immortal Flames had this to say: “Eww. Gross. Kill it.”
How to identify: A massive green spider taking up residence around Sultantree.
Location: Spineless Basin, Central Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring back one of its giant spinnerets.
Reward: 28,000g

Hell Wyrm

Bounty Summary: Living in the pools of lava that surround the Hells Lid roams a volcanic wyrm, spitting hot and dangerous bouts of magma at those who venture near. The locals of the underwater settlements and those on the surface are wary of how the presence of the beast might cause expansion of the lava and disturb the beds of rock that keep it contained safely.
How to identify: Large, glowing entity of fire. Hisses and spits loudly.
Location: Hells Lid, The Ruby Sea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with its teeth, careful not to let them fall into the lava.
Reward: 27,000g

Wanted Persons

The following bounties revolve around the take down of notorious or dangerous individuals. The targets are to be engaged with full caution, listed as the most volatile or heinous of criminals, the conditions for the bounty will likely call for the demise of the target or they will pose such a threat in combat there is no alternative.

Faux Blacke Thorn

Bounty Summary: Second in command of the Faux Talons, Blacke has made a name for herself against the dragoons of Ishgard. Even now, as their means of work has vanished into thin air, she has stolen and resold their armour from right beneath them, as well as taken the life of a veteran’s wife.
How to identify: Black horned helmet, roegadyn woman, brass armour over black dress.
Location: Spotted in the Churning Mists, making base in Tharl Oom Khash.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her helm and rapier.
Reward: 32,000g

Faux Gold Rose

Bounty Summary: The leader of the wicked Faux Talons, Rose has been a new thorn in Ishgard’s high house side, breaking into the tall towers and fleeing with far too much than a lalafell should be able to snatch. Not only that, she recently murdered a long time maid of House Duplantier, and the lord would have his vengeance.
How to identify: Rose gold eyepatch, green facial tattoos. Lalafell clad in gold-appearing armour. Not often seen off her Manacutter.
Location: Sea of Clouds, thought to be taking advantage of abandoned Garlean materials west of Hengr’s Crucible.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Golden eye patch and her cutlass.
Reward: 34,000g

Drue oen Lanslidus

Bounty Summary: Undercover sniper for the Garleans, while acting on the side of the alliance, Drue quickly takes out those fighting on ‘his’ side, playing it off as friendly fire or even avoiding all blame whatsoever. While suspicions were rising over his extended time on the front, recently evidence has come forward of his true intentions. Take him down before more braves are brought into the crossfire.
How to identify: Male roegadyn, red skin. Brown hooded figure wearing goggles and metal boots.
Location: Last seen north of Olana’s Stand in the Bozjan Southern Front
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His bow and goggles.

Asta the Scale

Bounty Summary: Recently, the Immortal Flames have been receiving strikes upon their outposts in Northern Thanalan, killing soldiers, their buildings, setting fire to their resources, and even taking the lives of innocent merchants traveling north. This assailant claims to take penance of the Immortal Flames crimes, but whatever those are, she has not said.
How to identify: Dark skinned highlander woman, purple locks.
Location: Constantly on the run in the Bluefog region, Northern Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her thurmature staff and helm.
Reward: 30,000g

Bugogo—Merchant’s End

Bounty Summary: With the boosted prosperity brought in by Firmament markets, presumed Ul'dahn salesmen have been growing with envy. Thus Bugogo’s hire. While the Temple Knights would like to find them, the small assassin has eluded knights for moons. Somewhere out there in the Churning Mists is their murderer of merchants. Take care of it.
How to identify: Tan skinned lalafell, blue attire, state of the art gunblade.
Location: Churning Mists, assumed northern region.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return his gunblade.
Reward: 34,000g

Hiroimaru of the West

Bounty Summary: Once a fierce lackey of the Yakuza, Hiroimaru’s rebellion lost him not only several fingers off both his hands, but the discharge and utter dishonour to his name and status in their ranks. Now he seeks revenge on anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross paths with him, shooting them down or beating them to death with his mutilated fists.
How to identify: Grey hair, one pink eye. Pinkies and ring fingers are missing.
Location: Off the East Othard Coastline, in the Ruby Sea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His bow or metal horns, bonus if both brought.
Reward: 15,000g for bow, 8,000g for horns, total of 24,000g if both returned.

The Messenger

Bounty Summary: A man who claims to come with heavenly duties and high demands. Extremely agile and acts somewhat like a dancer, only to strike with ice magic when an opening arises. The Messenger, with no other name, has attacked local villagers and travelers in order to confirm they have or do not have a ’certain treasure’. Those who struggle have met their ends, and it does not seem he is any nearer to finding what he seeks beyond blood.
How to identify: Light blue hair, doman robes, brass adornment. Red skinned Raen man.
Location: Yanxian mountains, Doma.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His staff
Reward: 32,000g

Draurianne the Cocky

Bounty Summary: Leader of a small bandit’s team in the Fringes, Draurianne has taken two locals hostage up north where the Alliance previously held prisoners. With less grand company activity, the gang has decided to move in. See to it she’s dealt with and the hostages released.
How to identify: Duskwright elezen woman, wears goggles at all times. Two crystal baghnaks.
Location: Seen last along the Velodyna river in the Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her baghnakhs and writ of completion
Reward: 20,000g for the baghnakhs and 12,000g for writ of completion

The Unseen Thorn—Dogar

Bounty Summary: Spotted by the people of Firmament, his motives are unknown, but the Temple Knights suspect he has been hired to cause fear and distrust with the project. There are 8 souls downed by his hand, and more on the way should nothing be done.
How to identify: Hideous orange plaid pants, sharp metal bow. Dark skin, white hair, Xaela male.
Location: Firmament, Foundation
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Metal bow
Reward: 40,000g

Rogue Unit Rooibos

Bounty Summary: Having abandoned the Garleans at a critical point in the Doman reclamation, Roiboos is considered a rogue unit despite utilizing magitek technology salvaged from the abandoned camp. She has stolen numerous amounts of resources from Namai and the villagers are at their wits end, unable to fight back against the magitek bits under her wing.
How to identify: Metal plating, long cape, white earrings and bright brass gunblade. Roegadyn woman.
Location: Castrum Fluminis
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her gunblade
Reward: 34,000g for gunblade as proof

Meiken no Masauchi

Bounty Summary: No one is quite sure when Masauchi began attacking travelers and traders headed to the Doman Enclave, but one thing is certain, often his target strikes end in severe or fatal injuries in order to get whatever he wants. This bandit’s ego has grown to a point of overconfidence, and locals in Namai and the enclave alike would like to see him fall.
How to identify: Distinct blue sickles, pale skinned raen man, traditional clothing.
Location: Path through the Glittering Basin, Yanxia
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His sickles
Reward: 30,000g or koban equivalent

Gruzenne “Wren” Mepois


Bounty Summary: Having charmed her way into a noble’s home by bewitching a humble servant, Wren set her sights on the Miura family heirloom, a translucent crystal with incredible light magicks within. With that in her hands, Wren plans to seize a portion of Kugane and make demands upon the city. She must be stopped.
How to identify: When not in a harpy costume, she still wears a ruby necklace with a gold chain.
Location: Last seen in Kugane alleys at night.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Staff and ruby necklace.
Reward: 30,000g

Jupe—The Imperial’s Hawk

Bounty Summary: Once known for breaking into high Ishgard spires to steal from the nobles, recently her expertise has turned to taking care of the Vanu Vanu on behalf of the Imperial conquest. While Sonu Vanu was hesitant to put up this bounty, the number of his people killed by her hands has grown too high for his liking. Be warned, the woman now has Garlean turrets at her disposal. Confront and don’t let her report back.
How to identify: Bright red hair and Magitek gun.
Location: Has been seen on Manacutter in both the Blue Window and Ok’ Vundu Vana, Sea of Clouds.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Magitek gun
Reward: 38,000g

Boysenberry Betty


Bounty Summary: While Betty has always seemed a little off to her fellow red light colleagues, she hadn’t always been violent as she is today. Of late, she has gone after certain customers with bloody rampage. As things have gotten out of hand, and the Woodwailers are unwilling to deal with red light affairs, an anonymous client is begging for assistance to stop the bloodshed.
How to identify: Long white haired viera with glowing crystal stakes. Look out for her headdress.
Location: Red light district of the Lavender Beds, Black Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her crystal stakes
Reward: 28,000g and a paid commission slip from Fen-Yll Fineries.


Bounty Summary: From a personal account, Ryuusei was once a humble member of the Sekiseigumi, but after a string of corrupt embezzlement and being kicked out, he has since taken to striking against the good men and women still on the force. Recently he made an attempt on a captain’s life, and the officers would like assistance in finding and destroying him.
How to identify: Red robes and long, dark wavy hair. Pale skinned hyur. Draws orange face paint on his face.
Location: Thought to be hiding somewhere within the Kugane Sewer system.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring back his decorative daggers.
Reward: 37,000g for his daggers

Koyono Kai


Bounty Summary: While privately known for her developments in enhancing machinist technology into the newly popularised gunblades, most of her work has not gone recognised. Koyono has since left her magitek work to take care of a hit list of inventors and researchers she believes have done her wrong. Her malice knows no bounds and there is no reasoning with her.
How to identify: White and light yellow attire, brass gunblade and accents. Raen woman with dark skin and glasses.
Location: Sources say her next target has taken refuge at Monument Tower, Coerthas Central Highlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her gunblade.
Reward: 35,000g for the gunblade.

Sulfur Queen W’zhul

Bounty Summary: One might not often think the combination of magicks and melee is an often common course, and they would be right—but W’zhul breaks the norm. With wind and light aspected magicks, she infuses her strikes and sweeps with biting winds and suffocating tornados. Earning the nickname of the Sulfur Queen, she currently keeps the Kobold of East Western Lake at bay with her wicked force, and novice Maelstrom currently on watch duty would like to call in an expert.
How to identify: Glowing lance, matted grey/white hair, dark skinned miqo’te.
Location: Iron Lake, Outer La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her lance
Reward: 25,000g

Cactuar Stix

Bounty Summary: The troll of the crossroads and vicious queen of the cactuar. No one knows where she got her name, but her vicious, all out attack style has frightened many crossing the bridges in Thanalan. Some even say she is a spirit, out to obtain the necessary gil to travel to better in Naldthal’s afterlife. Most, however, know her as very real, and very dangerous.
How to identify: Orange hair and a bright green axe. Wears a mask.
Location: Last seen on the bridge between Nophica’s Wells, however seen on almost all bridges in Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her axe, as proof.
Reward: 28,000g

Yokai Threats

With the Far East serving as the home for the company and the leader no stranger to the home realm of yokai it often falls to NightRaid to assist the Apparent Realm from the ongoing barrage of threats making their way from the Hidden Realm. Here is the list of bounties that one way or another revolve around the supernatural entities of the East, never underestimate your targets.

(羽犬) Hainu

Bounty Summary: Terrorizing small farmlands in Yanxia, a Hainu has found its way through slaughtering people at the break of dawn, leaving their entrails. They are strong, fast, and ferocious, and can be as menacing to humans as wolves. On the other hand, tamed hainu can also be loyal, loving pets, however, this one in particular has caused nothing but bloodshed.
How to identify: Winged dogs creatures with multiple colors.
Location: Southern Yanxia Villages
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Hainu head
Reward: 94,000g

(大蝦蟇) Ōgama


Bounty Summary: Disturbing the peace in one of Shirogane’s hot springs through the caverns leading to the steaming pools is said to be a giant frog, known as ‘Ogama’. Perhaps at first glance it seems friendly, however, this frog has swallowed whole and digested travellers! Be careful, this frog may be poisonous as well.
How to identify: A literal red giant frog.
Location: Shirogane Hot Springs near Hidden Shores.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Frog legs
Reward: 79,000g

(倩兮女) Kerakera onna

Bounty Summary: There has been a sighting of a rather large woman at the Red Lantern District. And by large, the woman is a towering giant taller than the red lantern district building themselves. They’ve gone so far as to crushing their victims, and even eating them.
How to identify: Giant woman hulking over the buildings, wearing makeup and a pretty kimono. Not hard to miss.
Location: Red Lantern District (Pleasure District)
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Take down the Kerakera onna and bring back a piece of her expensive obi.
Reward: 70,000g

(泥田坊) Dorotabō

Bounty Summary: Dorotabō are said to be transformed ghosts of old men who toiled hard on their rice fields, only to see them lie in waste by neglectful owners after their death. Therefore, there has been a sudden rise of this yokai in the rice paddies near Namai-- attacking the other rice farmers and preventing them from finishing their harvest.
How to identify: Humanoid figures covered in mud, ghostly in appearance.
Location: Namai, Yanxia. Rice paddies.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ from the farmers of Namai.
Reward: 87,000g

(人形神) Hinnagami

Bounty Summary: With a strange case involving a young girl who found a doll on the side of the streets in Kugane, she returned home with this doll. Except.. This doll suddenly grew more and more in its size the more it would ask for a wish. After every wish granted, the doll would ask again, ‘What is next?’ And as it turns out, when wishes were no longer given by the young girl, the doll grew angrier and attacked her and her family.
How to identify: Large cracked up doll with a dark and menacing aura.
Location: Large manor addressed in Shirogane.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Once the doll is struck dead, it will return into its smaller form. Return the doll to NightRaid.
Reward: 90,000g

(わいら) Waira

Bounty Summary: A corrupted spirit, usually festering off of the fear of mortals, has made an appearance in the Steppe. Tribesmen believe that this yokai was empowered by the lingering spirits in the areas where fallen mortals are most prominent, thus attacking those who come near the caverns.
How to identify: Plant-like rotting beast with razor sharp rows of teeth and small eyes.
Location: Azim Steppe, Near the massive cavern system.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Pieces of its rotting teeth.
Reward: 85,000g

(高入道) Taka nyūdō

Bounty Summary: Lurking village to village, a rather large and terrifying spectacle has scared farmers and civilians of the mountains and even eaten them. They’re usually notorious for reaching to crushing their victim’s throats and ripping them out.
How to identify: Massive scary giant in tattered robes.
Location: Between villages of Yanxia
Trophy / Bounty requirements: One of its eyeballs.
Reward: 89,000g

(ギギギの親分) Abandoned Shrub

Bounty Summary: Students wandering a Hingan academy have found one of the lesser-used classrooms to be.. Haunted!? Except, one student who was assaulted by the supernatural-- except it takes on the appearance of a shrub monster. Some teachers have tried to pull away at the shrub yokai, except it ends up poisoning them and keeping them ill in bed for days.
How to identify: Large shrub with eyes, though some of it’s leaves seem rotted.
Location: Lurking in the back of the abandoned classroom of the Hingan Academy. Faculty can show the way.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Some of its leaves and branches.
Reward: 85,000g

(釣瓶龍) Tsurube Ryu

Bounty Summary: There has been a sighting of a large floating dragon-like head in the enclave. This head in particular is fire-aspected, an angry spirit of a disembodied dragon out to maim or crush any mortals in its wake.
How to identify: Massive fiery dragon head.
Location: Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Fire crystal from the head once slayed.
Reward: 80,000g

(天井下) Tenjō kudari

Bounty Summary: Inside an older woman’s house, she has been scared repeatedly by a goblin-like yokai hiding in the ceiling of her building. This yokai appears abruptly to scare or attack those within the household.
How to identify: The appearance of a naked, ugly, old woman with a long tongue, and long, disheveled hair.
Location: Shirogane Apartment, Kobai Goten.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ from the old woman.
Reward: 75,000g

(釣瓶落とし) Tsurube otoshi

Bounty Summary: A strange phenomena has been occurring in Yanxia. Reports of a giant demonic-looking head seen appearing from the sky or literally from the trees, falling to crush it’s victims to death. Once their victim is crushed and unable to move, that is when the Tsurube otoshi decides to feast on them.
How to identify: Literal massive head.
Location: Yanxia treetops
Trophy / Bounty requirements: One of the horns of the head.
Reward: 78.000g

(煙々羅) Enenra

Bounty Summary: Startling the folks of the enclave, a strange smoke-like figure has been walking about. The enenra typically aren’t the hostile type, except in this case, it has been suffocating approaching civilians alive with it’s smoke.
How to identify: Smoke-like dark figure with glowing orange eyes.
Location: Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Rid of the figure and bring a writ from the people of the enclave.
Reward: 68,000g

(火前坊) Kazenbō

Bounty Summary: Reports near an abandoned rundown temple in Yanxia have been made aware to travelling individuals-- there have been sightings and instances of a corrupted apparition seeking to burn alive it’s victims. This apparition is known as a kazenbō that are usually harmless, though this entity in particular seems aggressive towards living mortals, nearly burning them alive.
How to identify: A ghostly apparition which resembles a monk wreathed in flames, being burnt alive and surrounded by flames.
Location: Yanxia, Abandoned Temple Ruins
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Amber worned prayer beads.
Reward: 77,000g

(覚) Satori

Bounty Summary: The Satori typically appear on travelling paths towards the mountains, seeking out mortals they can get their hands on to eat. Satori are most well known for their uncanny ability to read people’s minds and then speak their thoughts faster than the individuals can get the words out themselves. This makes it very difficult to hunt, trick, or escape from a hungry satori. However, should something unforeseen happen, such as being unexpectedly hit by an object, satori grow very frightened and run away.
How to identify: The are roughly man-sized, and appear similar to larger versions of the native monkeys found in the region.
Location: Mountain Trails of Yanxia
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Cut off it’s tail and take it back.
Reward: 86,000g for the tail.

(風の神) Kaze no Kami

Bounty Summary: Known to typically be evil spirits, the kaze no kami have caused a terrifyingly sickening gust of poisonous gas-like winds that nearly kill civilians, confederates, and sailors in the area. They’re known for attempting to sicken mortal prey by blowing this gas directly at their faces.
How to identify: Sickly-looking hyur with pale skin and dark hair, somewhat transparent and difficult to spot whilst yellow toxic gas spews from its mouth.
Location: Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ from Confederates.
Reward: 80,000g

(おばりよん) Obariyon

Bounty Summary: Late at night, known travelers are left severely injured and stranded around the Doman Enclave. The severity of the injury remains in the same spot; the back. Bruises and even fractured bone left to paralyze its victims have baffled doctors, though an Omnyoji calls for this to be the work of an Obariyon. This yokai is known to silently latch onto the backs of travelers unknown, slowly crushing them with a supernatural weight until they’re on the ground and unable to move.
How to identify: Small troll-like creature with horns and reddish skin. Bright yellow glowing eyes.
Location: Around the Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Ancient and worn-looking koban.
Reward: 42,000g

(野槌) Nozuchi

Bounty Summary: Something terrifying has been slinking about the darker parts of Kugane. Supposedly even pets.. Going missing!? One civilian has reported a strange creature having half of a cat in its mouth before swallowing it whole! Another had reported this same creature chasing after a poor dog to feast on before it’s owner scooped it up and ran away screaming.
How to identify: Small arms, large mouth, stubby and short. Scales, really ugly with bumps on its back.
Location: Kugane
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A writ from the Sekiseigumi
Reward: 65,000g

(夜泣き石) Yonaki ishi

Bounty Summary: A strange crying noise has sounded off near the small village of Namai, though it’s not exactly from a person. A possessed boulder, in fact! Spirits seeking vengeance manage to possess this large boulder in order to stone victims to death.
How to identify: Any strange out-of-place rock that has some blood stains still on it.
Location: Namai, Yanxia.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A writ from one of the village members of Namai.
Reward: 73,000g

(山おらび) Yama orabi

Bounty Summary: Spotted attacking passerbyers in the enclave, the Yama Orabi makes terrifying shrieking noises and sometimes repeats the words a victim utters before ripping off their hair, ears, or flesh after dive bombing their victims.
How to identify: Hideous bird-like creature with teeth. Makes loud noises or mimics their prey.
Location: Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Fetch it’s wings.
Reward: 67,000g

elite bounties

These bounties are more difficult tasks that require a group. It is advised that these jobs are not done alone. One of our officers will be accompanying the group, who will meet at a set time to embark on this bounty. Various strengths as well as communication and teamwork will be needed to complete bounties listed here.
(These events usually are DM'ed by an officer of the free company.)

View the Hall of Fame

Scrapmetal Daemon

Bounty Summary: The destruction of Castrum Meridianum has greatly reduced the number of lingering Garlean troups to almost none, thus allowing the Immortal Flames to focus their efforts to holding their position in Gyr Abania. Despite the many quiet moons, a horrifying mechanism has arisen, wandering Raubahn's Push. To make matters worse, workers from the ceruleum plant have begun to go missing, their bodies being left at Dalamud's Talons. Biance, one of the supervisors on site at the Ceruleum Processing Plant, has a bounty out for this horrifying contraption. She seeks the aid of skilled adventurers to get the job done.
Location: Ceruleum Processing Plant, Northern Thanalan
How to Identify: The sound of armour crunching, scorpion style mecha.
Trophy / Bounty Requirements: One of the giant fingers, removed.
Reward: 100,000 gil per hunter

Hall of fame

Here stands the index of Elite Bounties of the past and the valiant hunters who helped slay them, a record to be honored forever.


Bounty Summary: The destruction of Castrum Meridianum has greatly reduced the number of lingering Garlean troups to almost none, thus allowing the Immortal Flames to focus their efforts to holding their position in Gyr Abania. Despite the many quiet moons, a horrifying mechanism has arisen, wandering Raubahn's Push. To make matters worse, workers from the ceruleum plant have begun to go missing, their bodies being left at Dalamud's Talons. Biance, one of the supervisors on site at the Ceruleum Processing Plant, has a bounty out for this horrifying contraption. She seeks the aid of skilled adventurers to get the job done.

Nan'to Vaadrage
Rose Chohako
Ryuu Doragon
Aquamarine Florette
Lyahna Rajsha
Sumiko Rijin

DM: Nan'to Vaadrage


N’barkat Tia

Bounty Summary: A noble house from Ishgard has been insulted by the findings of N’barkat Tia. Accusing him of murder, inciting violence, social and political instability for those of House Rousseu. The Lady Clarise, and head of the household is particularly spurred with all of her family’s hard work laid to waste. The Bounty is to come in alive and to be tried later in Halone’s court.

Tetsuro Wulf
Kerzone 'Wisp' Treaty
Alphonse Aliquam
Katsumi Okamiko
Ryuu Doragon
Ashley Xora

DM: N'barkat / N'asad Tia


(イクチ) Ikuchi

Bounty Summary: Ikuchi have always been a talk and big fear amongst importers and sailors traveling out of the docks of Ruby Sea and throughout its waters. Even those of Sui-no-Sato have spoken of this wretched serpent-like beast. But now.. Their long-endured fear has come true. A surviving sailor from one of the recently destroyed boats heading out managed to return to their dock, claiming that Ikuchi had surfaced and tore into their ship. These attacks are said to have happened late at night. It is recommended to face Ikuchi with more than one person, and confederates are willing to accompany.

Loksia Grimheart
Kerzone "Wisp" Treaty
Elwood Deadlight
Celena Yuki
Sjana Isshu

DM: Tetsuro Wulf


Corrupt Underground Auction

Bounty Summary: There have been underground reports of an illegal auction hosted somewhere in the Goblet. Undercover attendees have reported that these auctions issue all sorts of forbidden and stolen relics, as well as even slave trafficking, auctioning off innocent people against their will. There is no exact guess on how long this particular underground auctioning has been going on for, but intel has reported it’s next hosted night. Typically, the auctioneer is anonymous as well as the attendees and hosted as a ‘masquerade’ auctioning. So those looking to infiltrate and bust should dress accordingly in order to make it in.

Kerzone 'Wisp' Treaty
Loksia Grimheart
Marcelloix Axios
Azramia D'aleval
Farrson Odim

DM: Tetsuro Wulf


Captain Grymborn

Bounty Summary: With the fall of Zimon the Determined Fifth and Zylus the Lucky Seventh, the Maelstrom have bounded forth upon the leads granted through their link pearls, evidence on their person and from the word of the rescued captives. With another fresh lead the Maelstrom Captain Salim is looking for outside help to assist him in engaging Captain Grymborn, the ring leader of this slave trade to bring him down and into imprisonment once and for all.

Edgard Beaumont
N'asad Tia
C'rik Tia
Jace Nite
Rosik Ren

DM: Salim Sun


Beau’s Monster

Bounty Summary: Where it was thought killing Beau would end his mad science, his creation remains to outlive him and carry on his legacy. The project he spoke of so fervently with is displeased that its master has stopped its feeding. It has turned to escaping its prison to feast upon the corrupted aether surrounding Pharos Sirius. It has already grown since being spotted first... If nothing is done, the tower may collapse, and it may look elsewhere for nourishment...

Aultena Sephimiri
Loksia Grimheart
Azazel Hasegawa
Zanshin Kutabare
Ryza Eclipse
Nan'to Vaadrage

DM: Nan'to Vaadrage



Bounty Summary: A relic collector has found a magical object in an old temple, however he was chased out by a vicious Hydra before he could retrieve the item. A hefty reward has been offered for those brave enough to slay the beast and retrieve the item for his collection.

Tetsuro Wulf
Vincent Arius
Zahra Kha
Nan'to Vaadrage
Amelia Sualocin
Plum Hjarusa


Odd jobs

Various smaller and simple jobs that do not quite require combative expertise. Jobs such as: gathering, delivery, cleaning, menial chores, research, investigation. These jobs do not pay as much as the given bounty jobs, generally.

Spirit Communing

When the balance between the realm of the mortals and that of the otherworldly begin to topple it's up to the spiritually trained and aware to help stop the plight before matters get worse. Be aware, these jobs require utmost caution and serious attention.


Job Summary: Doctor reports have stated that someone who had fallen into a coma has had their soul visibly slip out and appear before them. They’ve been able to move around, though despite the person in question not dying, the soul is still attached and unable to return to their body. This may require those with an expertise of souls and the supernatural.
Location: Address of the victim, Kugane
Job requirements: Guide the soul back into their body appropriately.
Reward: 17,000g

Fae Lights

Job Summary: There have been reports of a strange phenomenon lately in the Black Shroud. Otherworldly lights will appear deep in the woods, and those who follow the lights seem to go missing, only to resurface days later with no memory of the event. The Twin Adders are seeking someone to investigate this phenomenon--preferably someone skilled with spiritual matters.
Location: Peacegarden, North Shroud
Job requirements: Investigate the “fae lights” in the North Shroud, and ensure that they don’t harm any more civilians. Return with writ of confirmation from the Twin Adders.
Reward: 12,000g

Silvertear Falls Elementals

Job Summary: Ever since a disturbance from a rather corrupted draconic energy now passed, the elementals were faced with the threat and have grown more agitated than their docile and harmless nature.
Location: Silvertear Falls, Mor Dhona.
Job requirements: Calm the elementals, bless the lands with buckets of holy water which they stay to soothe them.
Reward: 20,000g


Job Summary: Strange things are happening at the Trousond household ever since they brought home a doll for their youngest. The doll, named Alfrie, appears to move rooms on its own. Mr. Trousond wakes up with scratches on his chest. Mrs. Trousond caught their daughter speaking to Alfrie, and allegedly heard Alfrie speak back. Looking for a skilled exorcist to investigate.
Location: The Firmament, Coerthas
Job requirements: Investigate the doll and banish any malevolent spirits. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 22,000g

Magicked Tome


Job Summary: Discovered in one of the academy’s libraries, a tome used for magical study has become sentient and out of control. The tome has casted all sorts of spells on those who approach it. The locals believe that this tome in particular may be possessed by a powerful spirit!
Location: Hanging Barbs Academy, Gridania
Job requirements: Exorcise or put the possessed tome to sleep.
Reward: 18,000g


Job Summary: Buruburu is known as the sound of ‘shivering’ in doman onomatopoeia. In this case, a man has stated he believes the spirit of cowardice known as buruburu has latched onto him, causing him to be unusually afraid of almost everything and constantly shuddering or shivering.
Location: Yanxia, Namai
Job requirements: Exorcise the spirit that has latched onto this gentleman.
Reward: 15,000g

Wara ningyō


Job Summary: A temple located in the mountains of Yanxia has been having troubles with more mischievous and malevolent spirits slipping through and terrorizing the priests. As much as they’re capable of exorcising them, it has been disruptive to daily duties and services. They’ve put up wara ningyo as protection, but not enough is being made or distributed.
Location: Yanxian Temple Mountains
Job requirements: Work with the temple priests to create these straw dolls to ward off the mischievous spirits.
Reward: 17,000g

haunted manor

Job Summary: An estate in Ishgard’s firmament has reported strange supernatural activity throughout the manor. Things like books being knocked off shelves without anyone touching it, windows and doors opening, objects moving around.
Location: Ishgard Residential District
Job requirements: A specialist come in and takes a look at the manor and possibly purges what is haunting it and causing the ruckus.
Reward: 30,000g

Overdue Farewell

Job Summary: The visage of the late lady Guolwyb has been spotted lingering near the shoreline of the Mists, inconsolable as she gazes out to the sea. Even in life she was seen doing such, waiting for the return of her lover that would never come, the seaborne vessel he departed on many decades ago and it’s crew were never seen again.
Location: The Mists, Lower La Noscea.
Job requirements: Assist with helping the mourning spirit to pass on.
Reward: 20,000g for a writ from the Maelstrom watch guard.

Shīsā Tremors

In Progress

Job Summary: A rather harmless yokai known as a “Shīsā” has made its way into the room of a young boy. This Shīsā usually hides under the nightstand out of fear, though ever since it’s appearance, it causes tremors throughout the house! It seems it fears mortals quite a bit, causing it to shake even more.
Location: Shirogane Apartment, Boy’s Room
Job requirements: Soothe the Shīsā and escort it out of the boy’s room.
Reward: 15,500g

Feeding Basan

Job Summary: Someone, or something, has been coming into Namai at night and raiding the locals’ dying hearths. Some suspect a basan, a bird-like yokai that breathes fire and feeds on charcoal. Though basan have no interest in hurting mortals, village elders fear that some might harm them in a panic were they to encounter the yokai in the middle of the night. For that reason, the elders have requested someone take an offering into the mountains, so the basan are less likely to come down into the village.
Location: The Gensui Chain, Yanxia
Job requirements: Find where the basan are nesting, and make an offering of wood and charcoal. Return with writ of confirmation from Namai.
Reward: 9,000g

Best Friends Forever

Job Summary: Shroud native Yhantra has reported that her dog Kod’a has been visiting her the past several nights. Only one problem: Kod’a passed away five years ago. Looking for someone skilled with spirits to help lead her loyal companion to his eternal rest.
Location: The Lavender Beds, The Black Shroud
Job requirements: Report to Yhantra’s house and help put the dog’s spirit at ease. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 18,000g

Koshō Infection

Job Summary: With an unfortunate result, a traveller merchant on his way back has fallen horribly ill due to an infecting spirit known as ‘Koshō’, which tends to circulate the heart and the diaphragm within in order to survive off its host. Though, the spirit itself is more drawn towards the drink; sake than to survive off a host.
Location: Tailfeather, Dravanian Forelands
Job requirements: Purify the traveller of this spirit by cutting a somewhat deep wound near the chest of the host, cleansing it with sake directly into the wound.
Reward: 13,000g

Abura akago

Job Summary: In an estate within Shirogane, one of the residents noticed strangely that their lantern constantly goes out at night and runs short suddenly on lantern oil, despite replacing it several times. Then one night, an eerie spirit distorted the form of a child started licking the lantern oil from the lamp. Later that week, there have been similar reports of the same thing.
Location: Shirogane Residential District
Job requirements: Wait at one of the estates at night to exorcise the Abura akago.
Reward: 30,000g

Spring Giant

Job Summary: The northern stretches of the Central Highlands are home to an ominous looking, yet well meaning Giant, residing and taking care of the springs of pure water. Having come under attack by unknowing mages, the spiritual balance and physical aspects of the springs have become harmed and disturbed in the process, the waters flow wildly and threaten to flood the settlements within the lower lands, a task proving difficult for the Giant alone.
Location: The Weeping Saint, Coerthas Central Highlands
Job requirements: Help the giant purify the water and calm the spirits. Return with writ of confirmation from Camp Dragonhead.
Reward: 20,000g and a bottle of eternally chilled water.

Occupational Shifts

The true odd jobs! Listed below are a variety of positions that need to be covered in the short and long term, typically of the domestic and manual labour nature!

Wine for Imports

Job Summary: Of late, trade between Ishgard and Wineport has skyrocketed due to Featherfall imports, and while the local economy is bustling, the workers of the route are becoming rather hard pressed. Will you offer your time to assist the overworked staff with loading supply up and down the cliffside?
Location: Nim River Skylift, Middle La Noscea
Job Requirements: Assist the staff with working the pulleys and lifts, as well as manual labour via lifting and setting down crates and goods onto wagons.
Reward: 5,000 gil a day

A Royal Portrait

Job Summary: Alala Ala and Usheshe Ala are wealthy socialites among Ul’dah’s elite, and have decided that like any social elite, they must have a portrait worthy of the Sultana herself. They are looking to commission an artist. You’ll be rewarded handsomely, but be warned, they are notoriously hard to please.
Location: The Goblet, U’ldah
Job requirements: Paint a portrait of the couple to their satisfaction. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 22,000g

Poolside Wellness Wanted

Job Summary: Snowsoak Springs is preparing themselves for a busy opening season, especially as the warmer months approach. With that in mind, they’re looking for massage therapists. Permanent positions available for those who do well.
Location: Snowsoak Springs, The Firmament
Job requirements: Offer massages to clients who visit the Springs. Professional experience required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 6,000g per day

Volunteer Clinicians Sought

Job Summary: Those who are kind of heart, seek no further, for Ser Vaindreu’s Grace is looking for help! With Lord Francel’s declaration of free healthcare for all, injured and ill men and women from all over Ishgard have stumbled their way into their doors. Maurilette awaits you!
Location: Ser Vaindreau’s Grace, Firmament
Job Requirements: Assist in the daily duties of taking care of patients, including redressing wounds, handing out rations and medicines, and talking with patients as a means of comfort. Past healing experience is not necessary.
Reward: 750 gil per hour or 6000 gil per day.

Enclave Watch Post

Job Summary: Dangerous tides and weather have begun to take over the One River and surrounding waters of Othard, providing all sorts of trouble for import and export passing to the Doman Enclave. Not only that, but there have been additional sightings of bandits taking advantage of vessels carried by the storms. The watch force in the Enclave are looking for more people to keep an eye on the waters and docks, and defend those in need of help.
Location: The Watchtower, Doman Enclave, Othard
Job requirements: Keep a watch out for friendly and aggressive sea vessels through the night and weather. Combat experience might come in handy.
Reward: 10,000g per night, 12,000g bonus per week

Spring Harvest

Job Summary: This season's produce is ready to be picked! Give the botanists in Gridania a helping hand across their expansive croplands so no produce goes to waste.
Location: Botanist Guild, Greatloam Growery, Old Gridania.
Job requirements: Harvest the produce and take them to be examined before packaging them for delivery and commerce.
Reward: 4,750g per day

Going Barnacling

Job Summary: Scraping barnacles off the bottom of boats may not seem like the most glamorous work, but it’s sorely necessary, before the creatures pile up and damage the hull. Among the Confederacy, barnacling is typically considered grunt work for their junior members, but with many of their ranks either ill or out at sea, they’re short-handed. They are willing to pay extra for the labor.
Location: Onokoro, The Ruby Sea
Job requirements: Report to Onokoro and work on removing barnacles without damaging the boats. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 7,000g per day

Cheap Laughs

Job Summary: There are fewer hot springs visitors during the cold months, leaving the owner of the Bronze Lake Tavern to seek other means of getting people in the door. That’s when the idea of a comedy night occurred to him. Do you think you have what it takes to keep a crowd laughing? If you’re good, you’ll be asked to return for multiple nights.
Location: Camp Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea
Job requirements: Perform a stand-up routine at the Bronze Lake Tavern. Must have at least two hours of material. Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 5,000g per night

Pond cleaning

Job Summary: With the trees in full blossom, the gentle sea breeze casts the fallen petals across Hingashi. Whilst a beautiful sight, the downed petals can often get trapped and collect on the surfaces around them, including the ponds. Along with cleaning the surface of the ponds, the local caretakers are looking for assistance with feeding the many koi that make their home there.
Location: Rakusui Gardens, Kugane
Job requirements: Ensure the ponds are clear from foliage debris and feed the garden koi.
Reward: 4,000g per day

Miner Support

Job Summary: Workers at the Nanawa mines are looking for the assistance of those able to lend their hands about their camp. Help is needed to transport debris and dirt from within the mine to the outside so as to not block the tunnels.
Location: Nanawa Mines, North West of Black Brush Station, Central Thanalan.
Job requirements: Dispose of any debris asked, manual labour intensive. Safety and protection gear will be provided and returned on site, meals and refreshments also offered.
Reward: 5,700g per day.

Dad Needs Help!

Job Summary: A self-described “helpless dad” wants nothing more than to win his son a prize at the next carnival. Just one thing: he hasn’t the faintest clue how to wield a bow and arrow. Seeking a skilled archer to help teach this dad to shoot!
Location: Fallgourd Float, North Shroud
Job requirements: Teach Salo’a Phije how to wield a bow and arrow. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g

A Small Crime Spree

Job Summary: Lately, the orphan kids in Kugane have been forming gangs, stealing from stalls and picking on other kids. Perhaps if they had something to occupy them during the day, they wouldn’t feel the need to act out. Looking for someone capable of watching the kids. Teaching experience is a huge bonus. They might as well learn something while you’re there.
Location: Ijin District, Kugane
Job requirements: Report to the orphanage headmaster, and watch after the kids during the day. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 7,000g per day

Drawn to Life

Job Summary: Fancy yourself a model? The Academie D’art de Ishgard is looking for models for their life drawing class. Must be able to hold a still pose for up to an hour.
Location: The Firmament, Foundation
Job requirements: Report to Professor Deaveois for the class. Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 7,000g per day

Hiko’s Ballroom Education

Job Summary: The young heiress Maibito-no-Hiko is traveling to Eorzea for the first time to make connections across the sea at a charity gala. There’s just one problem: Hiko doesn’t know the first thing about Eorzean ballroom dance. Looking for a dance instructor to help remedy her two left feet.
Location: Shirogane, Hingashi
Job requirements: Report to the Maibito estate and teach Hiko how to dance. Return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 25,000g

Floral Assistance

Job Summary: An elderly florist is seeking help for gathering a wide assortment of flowers native to the shroud to sell this upcoming season. No matter the color or size, she’s confident in her arranging skills and needs only for a the right gatherer to assist in fetching the flowers itself.
Location: The Knot, New Gridania.
Job requirements: Knowledgeable in botany and to gather a wide assortment of flora from the Black Shroud.
Reward: 3,000g per bundle of flowers.

Shirogane Shores Clear Up

Job Summary: While those from outside nations are welcome to pass through the Kugane ports, a degree of respect for the land and its people is to be expected. Not long ago however a foreign party spontaneously arrived, making use of the open seating and facilities and left behind a mess and absconded before the sun had risen. Broken bottles, patches of spilled drink, remains of food scattered about, there’s a need for a clean up and to find those responsible if possible.
Location: Shirogane Shores
Job requirements: Clear up the site of celebrations
Reward: 20,000g, accommodation and meals at Bokairo Inn expenses paid for. 30,000g bonus if able to find those responsible.

Search and Rescue

Below are the listings of reported missing peoples, animals and items across the realm, though they may also be posted locally. Safe return of the given target is obligatory.

Uviane Vouhuste - Taken Hostage

Job Summary: Adders Captain Vouhuste received a disturbing note earlier this morning. His daughter Uviane has been kidnapped by brigands who are demanding an exorbitant ransom for her safe return. Captain Vouhuste is willing to pay for her safe return, however you’re willing to go about it.
Location: They’ve taken her to Taker’s Rot, South Shroud
Job requirements: Rescue Uviane Vouhuste from the brigands by any means necessary, and return her to her estate in the Lavender Beds. Return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 21,000g

Sagutoro Katutoro - Lost Again!

Job Summary: Less than a moon after being rescued and pulled from the depths of the Sunken Temple of Qarn has the ‘brave’ and ‘challenging’ explorer and archeologist Sagutoro Katutoro done it again.. Except this time he is WAY out of his element! Venturing through the snowlands, his research team have claimed to have last spotted him crossing the Banepool, likely making his way into the Dusk Vigil.
Location: Dusk Vigil, Coerthas Western Highlands
Job requirements: Find the Dunesfolk and bring him back to Ishgard, return with a writ.
Reward: 20,000g and a first edition copy of ‘Sagutoro’s Chilling Contingencies’.

Missing Miners

Job Summary: A rockslide in the mountains of Gyr Abania has trapped a team of miners inside of their mineshaft! Experts predict they don’t have much time before they run out of food or air. They’re in dire need of help!
Location: Owyn’s Stash, The Fringes
Job requirements: Find a way into the collapsed tunnel and rescue the trapped miners. Escort them back to Castrum Oriens. Return with a writ of completion.
Reward: 18,000g

Bad Off Wheiloef

Job Summary: While most workers in the Loch are members of the local Saltery, Wheiloef enjoys a beautiful ore harvest most days from West Lochs. That is, until he didn’t come home at dusk as usual. We have reason to believe he may have fallen and hurt himself, and are hiring an adventurer to find him and bring him home.
Location: Last said he’d head off to Sweetwater, in the Lochs
Job Requirements: Return Wheiloef to the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
Reward: 32,000 gil

Coo’s Great Escape

Job Summary: Coo, the beloved star of the Wandering Night’s traveling acting troupe, has gone missing. After a dispute about her newest character, Coo disappeared in the middle of the night. She was last seen in Vesper Bay, and may have taken the boat to Limsa Lominsa. Please find her and convince her to come home! Experience in animal handling is a plus, though be warned that Coo is no ordinary chocobo. She will not suffer to be ridden, and don’t insult her with krakka roots or gysahl greens. Coo only eats the finest caviar and strawberry bon bons.
Location: Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan
Job requirements: Find Coo and return her to the Wandering Night troupe. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 20,000g and a ticket to Coo’s next performance

Ivory in a Pickle

Job Summary: Ivory, rising aetherologist, has recently gone missing while heading out to take readings of the great primal crystal that once took part in summoning Bismark. From her best friend’s calculations, her ship went down somewhere in the Ok’ Vundu Vana region of the Sea of Clouds. He fears her ship is beyond repair and begs a brave hunter to find and rescue her!
Location: Ok’ Vundu Vana region of the Sea of Clouds
Job Requirements: Find and rescue Ivory and return her to the airship landing in Foundation.
Reward: 25,000 gil

Where’s Wataru?


Job Summary: Wataru Sho, a teenage boy nearing adulthood had recently left his village to go fishing in the Valley of the Fallen Rainbow by Prism Lake. Naturally, he let his father know before heading out in the morning, though it has been reported he hadn’t returned in the evening. Frantic, his father and a few men from their village in Namai went searching in the night, but hadn’t made any progress in finding him… so a request has been hastily posted out for his rescue.
Location: Last said to be in the Valley of the Fallen Rainbow by Prism Lake in Yanxia.
Job requirements: Find Wataru and bring him back to the smaller fishing village in Namai, return to HQ with a coin holding the fisher’s emblem.
Reward: 7,500g for the return of the coin as proof.

Armstrong Family Outing

Job Summary: While on vacation in Wineport, the Armstrong family wandered too far from the settlement and haven’t returned. Efforts by the Yellowjackets have been unfruitful and they fear the worst. Won’t someone rescue the family and return them to safety?
Location: Last seen in Raincatcher Gully, Eastern La Noscea
Job requirements: Search for the Armstrong family and return them safely to Wineport. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g

Helping Hare

Job Summary: The owner of a Shroud based cafe is worried for one of their familiars who has gone missing. A helping hare, a magical entity taking on the form of a rabbit who sees to collecting, organizing and protecting all sorts such as trinkets and tomes. Stumbling into the wilds, the hare in question has gotten lost in the labyrinth of Toto’rak and needs help escaping!
Location: The Thousand Maws of Toto’rak, South Shroud
Job requirements: Assist the hare out and guide them back to the East Shroud border. Take treasure given as confirmation.
Reward: 20,000g and a package of apple filled pastries.

Delusions of Grandeur

Job Summary: Q’xote Tia has always been prone to flights of fancy, sometimes imagining himself as a great hero and dashing off into certain danger, but he lacks the skills or equipment he needs to survive in the wilds. This time, he’s dashed off into the snows of Coerthas, and his family is worried for him. Please bring him back before he hurts himself, or worse!
Location: Last seen around Whitebrim, Coerthas Central Highlands
Job requirements: Search for Q’xote Tia and return him safely to Camp Dragonhead. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 11,000g

Baien Hiraoka - Drifting Survivor

Job Summary: A ship of fishermen crossed upon terrible tides through the Ruby Sea one stormy eve, much of the crew were able to swim to shore or through the undersea town pockets to safety. However, one member of the crew, Baien Hiraoka, has not been seen since before the crash. Not wanting to give up hope the crew are looking for help finding their friend and are waiting closeby and searching for him too.
Location: Potentially could’ve flown into The Anemone Gardens or Exile, The Ruby Sea
Job requirements: Discover Baien’s fate and return to Onokoro, return to the office with a writ.
Reward: 20,000g and a box of pearls


Job Summary: It has been several scary days since the moogles of Moghome have last seen one of their own. He was sent out to fetch sankchinni shoots in order for their tribe to make baskets! Several have been sent out to look for him, though there has hardly been any luck in finding him.
Location: Churning Mists
Job requirements: Search around the Churning Mists in order to find a lost moogle holding sankchinni shoots. They are very worried.
Reward: 10,000g

Go Zu - Mine Collapse

Job Summary: A Kobold youth has ventured from U’ghamaro mines to offer trades to the shipbuilders, all the way to the lowest lands of Vylbrand! On his way through the Blind Iron Mines did young Go Zu come across a vein he sought to gather from, not knowing how unstable the passage had become and has become trapped inside a chamber encased in collapsed earth!
Location: Blind Iron Mines, Lower La Noscea
Job requirements: Rescue Go Zu from the collapsed mine chamber and guide him to the Moraby Drydocks. Return with a writ.
Reward: 20,000g and an earth crystal pendant

Saruru Saru

Job Summary: A lalafellin woman has gone searching for her own friend who has wound up missing after departing for a hunting trip. Her venture has taken her through to the foothills, after no sign of the Lalafellin woman the people of Tailfeather has begun to worry over her safety.
Location: Sohm Al Foothills, Dravanian Forelands.
Job requirements: Find Saruru and assist her to Tailfeather, assist with healing if needs be.
Reward: 18,000g

Deliveries and Escorts

The world is ever moving and as such that means the people and their produce must keep moving too! Below are listings placed by clients looking for assistance with moving, protecting, guiding and transporting individuals or their belongings from one place to another with absolute priority and safety.

Fieldkeep’s Wish

Job Summary: Ikeda is a humble fieldkeep who says he’s not long for this world. He remembers a time when he used to deliver his produce to Doma Castle with pride. Now that the Empire has been chased out of the castle, his one wish is to gaze upon it again before he goes. Looking for a capable adventurer to accompany him in his pilgrimage.
Location: Meet in Namai, Yanxia
Job requirements: Escort Ikeda from his home in Namai, to Doma Castle, and back again. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 16,000g and a sack of persimmons.

Ruby Anniversary

Job Summary: An Elezen couple celebrating their 40th summer together have taken a excursion to the Far East and are desiring the presence of a guard, one local or knowledgeable to the area. Their focus geared to the Ruby Sea and their intent to explore as many sites and settlements they can before returning home, the couple are willing to pay said guard handsomely for such short notice.
Location: Starting in Kugane, returning to Coerthas.
Job requirements: Keep guard of the Elezen couple during their week-long visit to the Ruby Sea, seeing them safely back to Ishgard on their return. Must know Hingan to assist with translating.
Reward: 50,000g

Running Low

Job Summary: Adventurers continually join the Wolves’ Den in order to test their skills and be rid of excess energy, but staff on hand are running very low in materials to patch up their participants. Their last order never arrived, so they seek someone to personally deliver their goods.
Location: Wolves’ Den, La Noscea
Job requirements: Visit the Apothecary in East Hawker’s Alley and deliver to Wolves’ Den for a writ of completion.
Reward: 8,000g for writ of completion.

Homeward Tapestry

Job Summary: A Raen woman welcomed into the Malaguld tribe is looking to send a delivery to her family back in the Ruby Sea. Unable to make the journey herself she’s looking for swift and capable assistance to deliver a tapestry she’s weaved, sharing a part of her new life to her loved ones a world away.
Location: Sui-no-Sato, The Ruby Sea.
Job requirements: Deliver the tapestry safely to Sui-no-Sato, return to HQ with a shell and writ of confirmation.
Reward: 12,000g for the shell and writ.

Deliver With Care

Job Summary: A merchant from Ul’dah is in need of someone capable of bringing fragile cargo from the city to Southern Thanalan. Plates, bowls, goblets, all packed and ready to be picked up but in dire need of arriving unscathed, the local brigands and beasts posing such a threat that would make the journey unsafe.
Location: Sapphire Avenue Exchange, Ul’dah.
Job requirements: Deliver the cargo safely to Little Ala Mhigo.
Reward: 12,000g for safe delivery.

Final Voyage

Job Summary: Hallgrim is an old Ala Mhigan soldier whose husband was killed in the uprising. His last wish was to find his final resting place in The Arms of Meed, but the journey is perilous and the old temple ruins are not easily accessible. Looking for an adventurer to make the journey for him.
Location: Meet in Ala Gannha, The Peaks
Job requirements: Meet Hallgrim in Ala Gannha and take his husband’s ashes to The Arms of Meed. Scatter the ashes there. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 13,000g

Kugane Deliveries

Job Summary: A shipment is due for the docks of Kugane, eager merchants are in need of able hands to receive and deliver the shipments about the town during working hours.
Location: Pier #2, Kugane, to be delivered to stalls within the Kogane Dori markets.
Job requirements: Pick up the shipments on the chosen day of the merchant and deliver all items carefully, before the day is over.
Reward: 5,000g.

Dragonsong Pilgrimage

Job Summary: Since the end of the Dragonsong War, it’s become tradition for Ishgardians to make a pilgrimage to Zenith to pay their respects to the fallen Dravanians and learn about the true history of the war. Unfortunately, the Churning Mists remain fraught with danger, and a bodyguard is needed to guide the penitent travelers through the perilous terrain.
Location: Meet in Tailfeather, Dravanian Forelands
Job requirements: Escort the Ishgardians from Tailfeather to Zenith and back. Return with a writ of completion.
Reward: 25,000g

Soaring Home

Job Summary: Along her journey through the Last Forest Ulunu Ulu stumbled upon an injured bird! Taking the little bird back to her settlement she nursed it back to health and wants to help them get back home, the land of Gyr Abania harboring many threats along the way.
Location: Ala Gannha, The Peaks, Gyr Abania.
Job requirements: Escort the little bluebird back to the Nine Ivies in the Shroud.
Reward: 13,000g

Moonflower rice

Job Summary: Shipments of rice grain are coming in from Pier #1 in Kugane, and must be delivered to a local food market, Moonflower, in the streets of Kugane.
Location: Moonflower Market - Streets of Kugane
Job requirements: Must be able to carry heavy sacks of rice without tearing the sacks.
Reward: 4,000g per sack of rice.


Job Summary: A farmer is looking for assistance in escorting their new animal to their farm after landing the winning bid. While the journey might not be long, the farmer in question is anxious to see the sheep home safe and soon.
Location: Lominsan Ferry Docks, Limsa Lominsa.
Job requirements: Deliver the ewe safely to Red Rooster Stead, Lower La Noscea.
Reward: 10,000g for safe escort.

Supply escort

Job Summary: A merchant at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena is expecting a food delivery from Camp Dragonhead. He is looking for someone to escort the delivery wagon from the camp. Meet with the driver in Camp Dragonhead at the specified time.
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands.
Job requirements: Must be able to defend the wagon from local wildlife that may want the food supplies.
Reward: 7,000g

Infirmary Guard

Job Summary: A wealthy merchant has become bedridden after falling victim to a recent targeted attack. Growing ever paranoid, the client and his advising associates have recommended keeping guards posted to a very strict schedule to ensure the recovery is swift and secure.
Location: Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan
Job requirements: Stand guard outside of the infirmary room to ensure the safety of the recovering client. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 15,000g per night.

Botanists Tour

Job Summary: A seasonal display and competition is upcoming and with many fiends on the journey there a team of botanists are looking out for a helping hand to guard and guide them there.
Location: Bentbranch, Central Shroud.
Job requirements: Guide the botanists to the fare in the Lavender Beds and guide them back home.
Reward: 10,000g for the escort.

Way Home

Job Summary: Having successfully made the journey to Castellum Velodyna under the help of another adventurer, Sephine finds herself stuck there without an escort home. Due to the dangers and length of the journey, she seeks a proper bodyguard who can protect her from the wilds.
Location: Castellum Velodyna, The Fringes
Job requirements: Escort to Sweetbloom Pier in East Shroud for a writ of completion.
Reward: 14,000g and 2 bottles of wine for writ of completion.

Healing and care

If you harbour a penchant for stabilizing or improving the health and well being of others then we implore you take a look at the following listings! The world has no shortage of those requiring aid, be it on going struggles of combat and conflict, disasters of the elements or rebuilding what has been lost. Experienced healers, those with a gentle touch or a good heart will find their skills put to full use and very much appreciated.

Feline Flu Season

Job Summary: Swyglona is infamous in the Mist for keeping the company of her nine cats. Unfortunately, when one gets sick, they all get sick. Looking for a skilled animal medic to treat the sick and stop the infection from spreading further.
Location: Mist, La Noscea
Job requirements: Treat Swyglona’s sick cats and inoculate the healthy ones. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 19,000g

Patching up the Gladiators

Job Summary: Gladiator tournaments are a regular occasion in Ul’dah. Unfortunately, so are injuries. The Gladiator’s Guild has one such tournament coming up, but they’re short-staffed on medics for the injured combatants. Looking for someone skilled in healing magic or first aid to attend.
Location: Gladiator’s Guild, Ul’dah
Job requirements: Attend the tournament and treat the wounded gladiators. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 20,000g

Baby Boom

Job Summary: The midwives of St. Reymanaud’s Cathedral are short-staffed with spring illnesses at the most inopportune time. There’s several expecting mothers in The Firmament, due any day now. They could really use the help of an experienced midwife.
Location: St. Reymanaud’s Cathedral, Foundation
Job requirements: Report to the cathedral and accompany the midwives to the clients’ homes in The Firmament. Women preferred, childbirth experience required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 6,500g per day

Capybara Herd

Job Summary: A powerful landslide has left one of Yanxia’s most remote hot springs ruined, leaving the locals and a handful of different fauna devastated and lacking in a natural source of heat. Namely, a herd of capybara yet linger near the soggy, muddy ruins and will need help finding a new spring to relax in.
Location: Yanxian Mountains
Job requirements: Guide the herd of capybaras to safe hot springs in the mountains, help them get acclimated.
Reward: 10,000g for the travel and 3,000g per day spent after.

Sea Sickness

Job Summary: A merchant vessel is getting ready to venture out on a voyage to deliver shipments, ever taking on new crew to assist with the efforts. However, not all are accustomed to the long journey as much as they want to assist. The captain and on board medic think a means to tame the nausea might be possible and are looking to pay for someone to bring in their ideas and a possible solution they can use.
Location: The Short Kier, Kugane.
Job requirements: Help the sailors find a medicinal solution for sea nausea.
Reward: 10,000g for writ of confirmation.

Fatigued Botanists

Job Summary: With the rush to harvest all they can before winter strikes, the botanists of Cedarwood have heavily exerted themselves and hindered their own efforts. Aches, pains, fatigued, the commissioners of the plantations and farmland are looking for an alchemist or medicine specialist to assist in their recovery.
Location: The Grey Fleet, Cedarwood, Lower La Noscea.
Job requirements: Concoct potions and serums for the botanists that ensure their pain is relieved and energy restored.
Reward: 8,000g per crate of medicine, proof from writ of confirmation.

Ash Plumes

Job Summary: The view of the Hells’ Lid can be admired from any range, however those of the confederates that take their post at Sakazuki can oft become breathless when the volcanic structure and the weather takes a turn for the worse. Ash in the air is bad for the lungs, and there must always be men on watch.
Location: Sakazuki, The Ruby Sea
Job requirements: Assist the victims to help recover from their breathing problems.
Reward: 8,000g per day

Chocobo Derby Disaster

Job Summary: Lightning the Derby Chocobo, known for breaking records as one of the fastest chocobo in Ishgard has fallen slower than usual in his recent races! The owner is concerned, noting that Lightning has been limping awkwardly on his left leg. A big race is coming up in the near months, and he needs his companion looked at, tended to, then back on his feet for the upcoming race!
Location: The chocobokeep by the Skysteel Manufactory in Foundation.
Job requirements: Any healer or animal expert able to see and treat Lightning.
Reward: 22,000g, show free chocobo derby tickets.



Job Summary: Confederate pirate Suki Tsurugi had her face cut in a duel that she recklessly started. She wishes to keep the scar as penance, but how does she stop it from healing? She’s looking to consult with a healer or medic.
Location: Onokoro, The Ruby Sea
Job requirements: Consult with Suki and advise her on how to keep the scar. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 15,000g

Sabotender Samba

Job Summary: Wildlife researchers in Little Ala Mhigo have noticed the native sabotender population is dwindling. After some research, they’ve come to this conclusion: the sabotenders are mating less and less, because they’ve forgotten how to dance. This calls for some dance lessons, pronto!
Location: Little Ala Mhigo, Southern Thanalan
Job requirements: Report to Little Ala Mhigo and teach the wild sabotenders how to dance. Return with a writ of completion.
Reward: 5,000 a day

Infected Eft

Job Summary: An eft has found its way into the Camp Bronzelake hot springs, the hue and textures upon its skin along with its lethargic behaviour makes it easy to see how unwell it is. At risk of contaminating the soothing waters and infecting the rest of the population in the wetlands, the workers at Camp Bronzelake are looking for someone to help cure and guide the Eft out of the springs so the patients can return and recover in peace.
Location: Camp Bronzelake, Upper La Noscea
Job requirements: Help cure the infected Eft and guide it out of the hot springs.
Reward: 14,000g and crate of Chamomile + Pixie Plum teas.

Bombfish Punctures

Job Summary: Looking for something fresh and exciting to bring to his restaurant, chef Yuudai had sought out a willing supplier of the dangerous wavekin known as the bombfish, with the intent of carefully preparing and serving on the next event. Unfortunately, before even leaving the docks did the Hingan get poked and pricked by the explosive wavekin. Sore and poisoned,
Location: Bokairo Inn, Hingashi
Job requirements: Assist the chef with recovering from the poison.
Reward: 10,000g for curing and 2,000g for each day spent keeping an eye on them.

A Tiny Morbol Menagerie

Job Summary: Vile as they are in their adult form, morbols are necessary for the ecosystem to thrive. To that end, a team of wildlife researchers have taken it upon themselves to breed and raise morbol seedlings, to sustain the local population. Looking for help now that the latest brood has hatched.
Location: The Tangle, Mor Dhona
Job requirements: Watch over the batch of morbol seedlings, making sure they’re fed and given enrichment. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 5,000g per day

Coeurl Port Authority

Job Summary: The Yellowjackets have their hands full making sure no illicit goods pass through Limsa Lominsa’s port. Unfortunately, with so many ships moving in and out, some things are bound to slip through the cracks. Enter Grehmhar Haldbryn, a Limsan native, with the idea of training tamed coeurl to detect the smell of somnus. Only downside, they have to be trained young, and the magical beastkin, while cute, are quite the handful. Looking for someone to help care for the kittens.
Location: The Mist, Limsa Lominsa
Job requirements: Report to Grehmhar and help raise and train the coeurl kittens. Experience in animal handling required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 8,000g per day

Bewitched Returners

Job Summary: With the Thoughtless Imp having departed from the Invisible City, the victims brought home after their weeks of entrapment haven’t quite returned to normal. Paranoid, fearful, on edge, they fear what has been lost and what might return to lull them back to the empty lands once more.
Location: The Golden Bazaar, Eastern Thanalan
Job requirements: Break the victims from the bewitchment and keep them company until they recover. Return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g per day

Crafting and Gathering

Already experienced in a craft or wanting to learn one? Then these jobs might be for you! Listed below are clients that are in need of helping hands where they can be had, be it gathering certain materials or helping manufacture them for a cause, required levels of experience desired will be listed with the entry. Show off what you know or pick up a new talent!


Job Summary: Vren is a master mammeteer, known for creating all sorts of wind-up toys for children to enjoy. That was, until she sprained her wrist in a freak chocobo accident. Now there’s a holiday coming up, and she’s behind in her work. She could use assistance from a skilled craftsman!
Location: The Mist, Limsa Lominsa
Job requirements: Assist Vren in the production of wind-up toys. Experience in building automatons is required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 7,000g per day

Diving for Crystals

Job Summary: Various crystals have started sprouting up in the ruins at the bottom of Loch Seld. They’re suspected to be lightning-aspected crystals, said to be from Rhalgr himself, but local researchers will need a sample if they’re to study them properly.
Location: Loch Seld, The Lochs
Job requirements: Dive to the bottom of Loch Seld and mine a crystal sample. Return it to the researcher at the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
Reward: 5,000g for writ of completion.


Job Summary: The mad alchemist Ulfric has spent his whole life concocting various potions and tinctures, but the one formula that continues to evade him is the one he desires the most: a potion to induce true love. After years of pursuing this recipe to no avail, he’s finally caved and requested an assistant. Must have experience in alchemy as well as a great deal of patience for Ulfric’s antics.
Location: The Lavender Beds, Gridania
Job requirements: Assist Ulfric in his alchemical research. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 7,000g per day

Must Feed Marnie

Job Summary: Marnie, Master Meffrid’s prized show chocobo, only eats the finest La Noscean oranges to maintain her marvelously robust physique. Unfortunately, Meffrid mangled his mitts, and is in no condition for orange-picking. Looking for someone to harvest a massive meal for the meaty maiden.
Location: Summerford Farms, Middle La Noscea
Job requirements: Help pick oranges for Meffrid, until Marnie is satiated. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 3,000g per bushel of oranges.


Job Summary: Fivesday is coming up. And that means lots of merrymaking and tastyfresh meals! Only, Graybrix is tired of gobbiesnacks and longs for uplander fancysnacks. Looking for a chef to cook a feast for several hungry gobbies. Graybrix is prepared to pay with many jinglyshines.
Location: Idyllshire, The Dravanian Hinterlands
Job requirements: Prepare a feast for the group of goblins. Return with gobbie stonyshine.
Reward: 16,000g

Cloud Mallow Cultivation

Job Summary: Just how do moogles get their cloud mallows so big and poofy? For years it’s been a closely guarded secret, until strange weather patterns in the Churning Mists have left the native moogles bereft of mallows. What’s worse, without puffs, the moogles are unmotivated to work and won’t readily plant new ones. Looking for a skilled botanist to help whip these moogles (and mallows) into shape!
Location: Moghome, the Churning Mists
Job requirements: Help the moogles cultivate a new crop of cloud mallows. Botany skill required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 3 kupo nuts per day (equal to 6,000 gil)

Rice Farming

Job Summary: The rice farmers of the doman enclave have been working endlessly this harvest to pick and tend to their crops. Hingashi alone has had a high demand in rice supply as of late, hence the need for more hands to help hasten the picking process.
Location: Doman Enclave
Job requirements: Be able to speak some level of doman and stand for long hours of labor. Good at following instructions.
Reward: 5,000g per hour of work.

Scrap Gathering

Job Summary: Scrap, scrap, scrap! The smiths are in need of materials to construct the seaports demand of practically anything! Tools, weapons, ship bearings, door hinges, you name it! They care not where it comes from as it’ll be smelted down in the process, but if one manages to bring back something really special they’re going to throw in extra!
Location: Deposit to the Blacksmiths Guild in Limsa Lominsa.
Job requirements: Deliver scrap metal to the guild in Lominsa and return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 3,000g per box of small, average scrap. 6,500g per large and bountiful box of scrap.

Parata’s Fungi

Job Summary: It’s no secret that the Northern reaches of The Foothills are home to dangerous climates, many talk of the tale of the monster Parata still to this day, but scientists are eager to research the plant life that are able to grow and thrive in such a location. Looking for a skilled gatherer to cut samples of the fungi, they do however warn those interested to wear protective gear to fend themselves from the caustic gasses!
Location: Parata’s Peace, Western Thanalan.
Job requirements: Venture into the caustic landscape and return with fungi samples to Vesper Bay. Writ of confirmation granted.
Reward: 8,000g per collected sample, 20,000g risk compensation.

Rice Baller

Job Summary: One of the stallmen at the One Thousand Stalls has lost their hand at making rice balls for the next opening. They are in desperate need of an extra set of hands, expecting a busy sale soon as well as many orders starting the new year.
Location: One Thousand Stalls, Doman Enclave
Job requirements: Be able to help make several hundred rice balls stuffed with an assortment of different things.
Reward: 17,000g

Perfect Family Painting

Job Summary: A hingan high-class family had just moved into a private mansion in Shirogane, and they’re in search of an artist or painter capable of capturing a family drawing on canvas.
Location: Shirogane Northwestern Division, [IC Ward/Plot]
Job requirements: Artist/Painter must draw a full family portrait as family poses.
Reward: 15,500g sealed letter approving of painting.

Warm Coats

Job Summary: Members of the Adders are off on an expeditional patrol around Coerthas, known for the bone-chilling cold weather. Their group numbers have recently increased with a good amount of recruits, and they’re in need of the proper gear to endure the cold for several hours a day.
Location: Adders Base, New Gridania
Job requirements: Leatherworker able to make sturdy fur coats and gear durable for extreme cold weather.
Reward: 5,000g per pelt.

Werlyt Reconstruction

Job Summary: Recently free from Garlean occupation, Werlyt’s war-weary citizens have suddenly found themselves in dire need of adequate necessities: beds, tables, chairs, you name it. Though between Werlyt’s craftsmen being taken for the war effort, and Ala Mhigo’s craftsmen occupied with their own rebuilding, there’s not enough labor to go around.
Location: Terncliff, Werlyt
Job requirements: Build furniture for Werlyt citizens. Carpenter experience required. Supplies will be provided. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g per day

Lumber for Repairs

Job Summary: To ensure the repairs towards the Hawthorne Hut’s structures and housing can go as smoothly as possible the locals are asking for assistance in gathering lumber for the cause. The supply in need is high, wanting to repair the structures well enough to fend against such damage in the future and constructing new structures with any excess!
Location: The Hawthorne Hut, East Shroud
Job requirements: Return with a supply of logs to The Hawthorne Hut, return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 3,000g per log gathered for the repair efforts

Winter clothes supply

Job Summary: With the Firmament construction efforts coming along swiftly the potential residents are going to need all the materials they can get their hands on! The Paissa are known for their fluffy plumage, what would suit better to stuff into furnishings and line clothing to fend off the elements..? For a fair price the Beastkin are sure to cooperate, a gentle and patient hand is in order!
Location: The Sea of Clouds.
Job requirements: Lull the docile beastkin into a state of peace and collect as much tuft as you can collect without harming or mistreating the Paissa.
Reward: 9,500g per sack of tufts collected.