Bounty Call

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Work and reward for mercenaries, hunters and the like looking to pick up a variety of jobs and bounties issued by the free company, NightRaid. Perhaps adventurers merely looking to embark on a mission as well! Those who may be looking to submit a request to the bounty office are welcome to do so in our message book as part of our services at HQ.
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You have the option to opt into the bounty roulette, providing you an extra condition to add the uniqueness of your bounty experience! Be warned! Not all conditions may work to your character's favour, it’s a gamble afterall! Good luck hunters!
(You are free to do these bounties with friends, fellow roleplayers or write a drabble on your character's job and share it in our discord server!)

Social Hour: An hour into the event, we invite fellow mercenaries, hunters, and clients present to lounge in our downstairs, share stories on bounties or jobs, or their professions with fellow visitors over drinks and a hot meal from NightRaid's kitchen. They are free to speak with some of our workers within NightRaid about which services they provide or what specialties they hold! Clients are still free to take jobs at this time! 』

We have an infirmary in our chamber hall, so if a client is in need of treatment, we are more than happy to provide during office hours.

We also have guest rooms prepared for those in need of somewhere to stay when returning from their bounty travels!

Independent Bounties

These bounties issued can be done solo, as a pair, or with a small group. The difficulty is moderate, though it is advised to still proceed with caution regardless. These jobs may range from criminal activity, hunting mobs causing havoc, etc. You will be required to retrieve a particular item from said bounty as evidence of its completion for a reward.

Yokai Threats

With the Far East serving as the home for the company and the leader no stranger to the home realm of yokai it often falls to NightRaid to assist the Apparent Realm from the ongoing barrage of threats making their way from the Hidden Realm. Here is the list of bounties that one way or another revolve around the supernatural entities of the East, never underestimate your targets.


In Progress

Bounty Summary: Several of these large monkey-like bandits have been spotted lurking the mountains of Yanxia, around the same period of time, women traveling alone have been noted missing and kidnapped or left mauled. One in particular baring a bo-staff and attacking mortals was reported seen in the mountains several times. They are said to be ‘wild monkeys’ that degenerate into violent Yokai that attack mortals.
How to identify: Large monkeys in human clothing. Large bo-staff.
Location: Yanxian Mountains
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Eastern Bo-staff
Reward: 55,000g

Akai to Ao: Wa Nyūdō

In Progress

Bounty Summary: Terrifying reports of two entities, one colored blue, another colored red, have been spotted floating nearby farmland and field. Several men had been attacked by said entities, which had the ability to launch balls of fire from their wheel and burn a full grown man to death in nearly an instant. They seem to immediately aim to kill their target the moment anyone in their line of sight.
How to identify: Spinning floating wheels with terrifying japanese-type masks to them, sometimes balls of fire decorating the wheels’ edges.
Location: Yanxia, The Heron’s Flight
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The wheel or masks themselves. It is suggested to put out said yokai by tossing holy water onto their forms, or to attack with a blessed or holy weapon.
Reward: 35,000g for one mask. 60,000g for both masks.

Chimi Beast

Bounty Summary: A hideous beast has been spotted lurking up the high mountains, sometimes with a corpse in its maw or dragging a mortal deeper into the mountains to be feasted on. Some villagers traveling up the mountains end up goaded by voices disguised by the beast and lured into being feasted on.
How to identify: Large beastly creature with a warped face and massive claws. Sharp spines down the back and a large tail.
Location: Peaks outside of the House of the Fierce
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Snap off the sharp spines from it’s back.
Reward: 34,000g each.

Za Hando

Bounty Summary: In the calm waters of the Ruby Sea, two fishermen set out for their morning run in order to land their stock of fish for the day, however.. Something strange and horrific occurred. One of the fishermen struggled to reel in their catch, and it proved tough.. Nearly yanking him overboard! Alas, what surfaced was a scaly but massive hand bearing claws! The fishermen had managed to get away, considering it’s slowness.. Though, reports of broken rowboats and fisherman have started to surface.
How to identify: Large sentient floating arm, covered in scales.. Greenish-blue skin.
Location: Ruby Sea’s Oceans, mostly the Western area.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Several of its claws and pieces of it’s scales.
Reward: 30,000g per claw, an extra 15,000g per piece of scale.

Nikusui Seduction

In Progress

Bounty Summary: Lone visitors of the riches and markets within Kugane’s streets, primarily tourists or ijin, have reported that a strange man with the talent to seduce or infatuate victims often lure them away in order to feed on their lifesource through their blood, leaving them pale and clinging to life. Each victim is left with multiple puncture wounds on their neck and falling deathly ill. Nikusui are known to feast upon any mortals they can manage to isolate from public areas and sometimes even kill them to feed.
How to identify: Pale skin, tall and slender elezen gentlemen.
Location: Lone streets or alleyways of Kugane.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Golden medallion with a ruby center, doman lettering around the edge.
Reward: 85,000g

Yougan Ki

Bounty Summary: A hulking ogre lurks about in the rather hot and molten lands of Hell’s Lid.. seeming to attack the elements based in the area, as well as any mortal coming close. It is reported said Oni is magma-fire aspected, and has the ability to shoot out concentrated heat, scorching or disintegrating their enemies from it’s eye from a distance.
How to identify: Purple-ish skin, bright red eye.. Ragged clothing clinging to it. Massive horns standing from it’s bald head.
Location: Hell’s Lid, Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Gouge out it’s massive eyeball and bring it back in ice.
Reward: 65,000g for the eyeball.


Bounty Summary: Karakuri are said to be creepy doman dolls in culture that move almost mechanically, though.. One specifically possessed by a vengeful spirit enabled it to manifest deathly weapons and attack people at the shore.
How to identify: Mechanical looking robot with a hannya mask, one arm a crossbow and the other a mace.
Location: Shoreline North of Onokoro
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Crossbow and Mace
Reward: 67,000g

Kamaitachi Terror

In Progress

Bounty Summary: Reports flooded in regarding a terrifying unified-screech coming from the mountains of Yanxia, a tornado-like cyclone of wind rustling the leaves off of trees, or picking up innocent animals and tearing them to shreds and spreading their corpses. They speak of rumors regarding a rather elongated vicious vermin-like Yokai being spotted with glowing eyes.
How to identify: Serpent-like rodent resembling a demonic ferret, with bright glowing white eyes and sharpened teeth. Upon it’s back and blank would be more prickly fur.
Location: Western Mountain Side, by House of the Fierce.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Clumps of it’s prickly fur.
Reward: 40,000g per clump of fur.


Bounty Summary: Late at night, known travelers are left severely injured and stranded around the Doman Enclave. The severity of the injury remains in the same spot; the back. Bruises and even fractured bone left to paralyze its victims have baffled doctors, though an Omnyoji calls for this to be the work of an Obariyon. This yokai is known to silently latch onto the backs of travelers unknown, slowly crushing them with a supernatural weight until they’re on the ground and unable to move.
How to identify: Small troll-like creature with horns and reddish skin. Bright yellow glowing eyes.
Location: Around the Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Ancient and worn-looking koban.
Reward: 42,000g

Captive pursuits

The following bounties require that you take your quarry back alive with no exceptions. That said, do not underestimate your target, man or beast they are likely to retaliate. Best to come prepared for a long hunt.

Kayo the Charmer

Bounty Summary: A talented pickpocket, often striking men in bars between quests, Kayo caught the wrong attention by stealing from a well known Gridanian chirurgeon that was too deep in his cups. This adventurer is currently on the run from the authorities.
How to identify: White flowy robes. Pink astroglobe on her back.
Location: Last seen trying to hide in Gridania or the surrounding region.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Woodwailers.
Reward: 26,000g

Apkallu Plight

In Progress

Bounty Summary: A flock of Apkallu have been sighted around North Shroud. These little creatures are known for their ability to change the consistency of their digestive juices to help feed their young. However this particular group seems to have developed the ability to spew corrosive acid which is highly toxic and dangerous. It is unknown how they developed this strange ability so a group of researchers has put out a bounty to slay some of the flock members but bring at least one back alive for research...
How to identify: They look like normal Apkallu except for the fact that their beaks are slightly disfigured due to the acid. They appear to have no control over this ability so you may see some use it in action as well as some corroded objects around them.
Location: North shroud, typically seen waddling around Finder’s bluff, watch out for the Stone Golems located there!
Trophy / Bounty requirements: One Apakullu alive, place it in a cage made out of aether treated materials.
Reward: 30,000g

Vollelle the Hawker

Bounty Summary: A foreign merchant from Gridania has caught a woman following his every movement, terrifying him into sleepless nights and ruining his wits. Apparently, she’s been on his tail since the Southern shroud, unperturbed by the distance her target has traveled. Fearful for his life, he wishes to hire adventurers to capture and deliver her to local Brass Blades so he may take care of his trading in peace..
How to identify: Grey haired elezen woman, pale skin, golden eyes. Changes clothing often.
Location: Camp Drybone
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from client or Brass Blades.
Reward: 28,000g


Bounty Summary: A nobleman wishes to have an exotic pet, one that he can brag about. He has his sights set on one creature in particular, the Vanara. These creatures are highly aggressive and dangerous, but the man is adamant...
How to identify: Black fur, face almost looks like a horrifying mask, walks on four legs and has a long tail.
Location: Yanxia, not too far from the glittering basin.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring one Vanara back alive. Deliver just north of Yanxia where the client will meet you. Return to HQ with token of completion to exchange for reward.
Reward: 37,000g

Katina Juris

Bounty Summary: The rebellious daughter of a member of the syndicate has run away from home to partake in criminal activities. Her father is pleading for someone to bring his precious daughter home... Before the wilds harm her in some way.
How to identify: Long pale brown hair. Tanned skin and about 5'2 tall hyur midlander. May be wearing torn noble looking clothes, appears to prefer the colour yellow.
Location: Last seen in Ul'dah
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The daughter, alive and unharmed. Return her to Ul’dah and wait for the father to offer up the token of completion. Bring this to exchange for reward.
Reward: 35,000g

Burel the Barrelkeep

Bounty Summary: Pleasure trade smuggler. Supposedly, he meets his kidnapper contacts at the ports of Bronze Lake, hiding his airship in the mountainous crannies north of the lake. Find him and put a stop to his activities by submitting him to the authorities.
How to identify: Lilac thigh boots and lilac mask.
Location: Seen off the shores of Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver him to the Yellow Jackets or Maelstrom for a writ of completion.
Reward: 33,000g

Umbra and Astra

Bounty Summary: An onslaught of the elements has been erupting from the abandoned structures in Gyr Abania. After several investigations the culprits for the bursts of magic, especially common when stumbled upon, were found to be a pair of flan, creatures from out of this realm. Creatures of their kind alone can be trouble, but together this pair have proven formidable and dangerous. A call has been made to collect the magic casters to better understand their nature and keep them apart to spare the architecture of wherever they stay from their combined devastation.
How to identify: The Umbra flan bears a pitch black exterior and the Astra flan bears a pure white exterior. When ready to cast powerful spells the flans flare up and swell in size.
Location: Within the Schism, north of The Striped Hills in The Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return to the company with both flans, each must be weakened so their vessels are small enough to fit within the dense aetheric storage capsules offered within the nearby settlement.
Reward: 28,000g for the pair alive, 10,000g for returning with just one. Reward disqualified for returning them slain.

W’vhamo the Scryer

Bounty Summary: While he has yet to hurt anyone, local construction workers in the area are varying ranges of worried and paranoid by his activities, as the local wildlife has begun to act up since his aetherical experiments outside of the Allegan crashsite began. Local authorities have been unable to detain him due to his powerful spells and require a ‘specialist’s’ help.
How to identify: Hard not to notice the bright lights flickering and flashing underneath the bluffs. Blue robed miqo’te with white hair and a glowing green tome.
Location: Finder’s Bluff, North Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Twin Adders.
Reward: 28,000g

Aquamarine Eft

In Progress

Bounty Summary: A peculiar pigmented Eft has been spotted in the banks of Eastern La Noscea, growing further and further away from the gathering spot for Eft kind. Though attempts to reunite have been witnessed, the blue pigmented amphibian has been attacked by its own kind and forced down the river so that it cannot compete for food. Not wanting the creature to remain alone, a noble is intrigued in having the Eft retrieved and taken back to his manor in Thanalan.
How to identify: The Eft is bright blue in color, upon the land it is quite noticeable but under the water's surface it hides itself well. Shy, when noticed it's being watched it is swift to run away. Be careful not to startle it too much or catch the attention of predators.
Location: Around the rivers running through Raincatcher Gully, Eastern La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Safely capture the Eft and bring it to the headquarters.
Reward: 18,000g for the safe capture, along with a small box of refined aquamarines.

Samga the Bidder

Bounty Summary: While ridding La Noscea of its underground black market seems an impossible task, what is far easier is to get rid of the bidding managers who handle such trades. Samga is one such individual, having last being seen entering Sastasha with some shady individuals. Capture her and turn her in to the authorities.
How to identify: Always in a long coat, regardless of colour. Coral style horns, pale skinned xaela woman. Rolanberry eyes.
Location: Sastasha, Western La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from Yellowjackets or Maelstrom.
Reward: 25,000g

Faux Prophet Dirado

In Progress

Bounty Summary: Wanted for false representation of the church of Thal, embezzlement, and countless unaccounted-for donations handled by him. The Brass Blades suspect he is part of a criminal ring as noted by his necklace, but there is no evidence to back this up. Please capture and deliver Dirado Rimorado to the local authorities for interrogation and trial.
How to identify: Blonde hair and mustache, purple tattoo on forehead above right eye.
Location: Last seen acting in the church of Thal as well as preaching and collecting donations in Sapphire Avenue, Ul’dah
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Turn in to Brass Blades and bring writ of completion to HQ
Reward: 22,000g.

Bavah'ir the Suffered

In Progress

Bounty Summary: A powerful thaumaturge has been taken possession of by a malevolent spirit of sorts, lashing out at everyone who comes near. His adventuring party is desperate to see him brought back to his senses. They have hired an exorcist to force the release of his body, but seek skilled hunters who can return him to them without life-threatening wounds. Bavah’ir is said to specialise in ice and wind magic, so please take caution when capturing.
How to identify: Light blue robes and pulled back, light brown hair.
Location: Kugane
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver him to the first corner house on Sanjo Hanamachi and return to HQ with signed writ of completion.
Reward: 31,000g

Tulip the Armadillo

Bounty Summary: Not many have heard of the Armadillo, but she makes it a point to hear of many. While she does not often take her leave outside her speakeasy, in the deep of night, a soul may see her and her cronies traveling to make their next drug deal. Ruining lives with the debt of their substances is how she makes her gil, and the local authorities would like nothing more than to stomp it out, starting with her.
How to identify: Dalamud red ring. Always seen with pink nailpolish and brushed over blue hair. Light green skin tone and pale eyes. Keeps chakrams on her person.
Location: Underground Speakeasy or back alleyways, Ul’dah
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Wanted alive and delivered to the Brass Blades. Return to HQ with signed writ of completion.
Reward: 34,000g

Chive the Scholar

Bounty Summary: A local from the area was recently caught escaping Castrum Oriens with a number of classified documents and a handful of potion vials. The individual, regardless of her intentions, must be apprehended alive in order to find and retrieve those documents! The Eorzean Alliance is counting on you.
How to identify: Blonde hair, dark skin, roegadyn woman. Appears to be an arcanist.
Location: Seen heading south towards Bittermill, Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from Alliance outpost.
Reward: 26,000g

Bebehi the Weasel

In Progress

Bounty Summary: A constant thorn in the Woodwailer’s side, Bebehi has been causing trouble for the last 8 moons without any signs of stopping. Knocking over plant trays, vandalising buildings, destroying belongings. Despite being an adorable fashion diva, Bebehi needs to be punished.
How to identify: Light blue hair and many accessories.
Location: Seen in Old Gridania.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Please deliver to the Adder’s Nest and return to HQ with a signed writ of completion
Reward: 22,000g

Begilda Harper

Bounty Summary: One of the many members of drug smuggling operations, Begilda manages imports into the city whilst organising bribes to the proper individuals. Unfortunately, she often blends in with the masses, so Yellowjackets have asked for assistance in her capture.
How to identify: Female hyur brown dress and metal-plated thigh boots.
Location: Limsa Lominsa
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring to the Maelstrom Command for signed writ completion
Reward: 26,000g

Tokimoro the Redeemed

Bounty Summary: Having claimed to be retrieving his family’s stolen relic, Tokimoro is wanted for breaking and entering into a local museum and stealing the Hasunohana rod. He has since been on the run evading the efforts of local authorities. The bofuku are asking for a hunter familiar with the eastern region to assist in his apprehension.
How to identify: Light green robes and dark green hair. Male raen au ra. Carrying golden flower staff made of brass.
Location: Hingashi region, outside the military capitol Bukyo.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Turn in target to the Sekiseigumi and bring back signed writ of completion.
Reward: 30,000g

Chos the Chainmaster

Bounty Summary: In a very interesting case, a viera has taken the reigns of control of a still shrouded-in-mystery group operating behind the High Houses of Ishgard. She’s taken to personally operating her groups’ kidnappings, and the authorities require assistance in finding and capturing her in order to interrogate. Bring her to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly as soon as you find her.
How to identify: Dark hair and tan skin, blue highlights in hair. Metal inbed in forehead, thaumaturge staff made of twisted wood.
Location: Suspected to be taking residency with a Durendaire noble family, Pillars, Ishgard.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Temple Knights.
Reward: 30,000g

T'javo the Kidnapper

In Progress

Bounty Summary: Having managed to extort a large sum of money once from a local family, his last kidnapping did not go so well, and now the authorities are after him. The Yellowjackets, however, are perplexed, as their trail has gone cold.
How to identify: Purple hair and dark skin, white tribal tattoos.
Location: Supposedly someone saw him go north from Aleport.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Turn in to the Yellowjackets alive and return to NRAID HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 24,000g

Horskthuv the Lost

Bounty Summary: Once, this man worked hard to earn enough to buy a small patch of land to grow his own crops, but after a fire came and destroyed all that he had worked for, he sought revenge for the lack of intervention or aid from local authorities. The very same Yellowjackets seek his capture for the gun assault of a great number of their men. Justice must be done, regardless of circumstance. See to it he’s brought in for trial.
How to identify: Purple hair, farmer’s clothing, shale brown
Location: Last seen passing De Nevelle Checkpoint, north.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The man delivered the Yellowjackets alive. Return with a writ of completion to HQ.
Reward: 28,000g

Nilro the Tiger

Bounty Summary: Risingstar Coliseum fighter Nilro, going by the moniker ‘The Tiger’, has recently gone missing from Ul’dah and stopped appearing at her scheduled duels. Having been spotted by a Brass Blade out by the Red Labyrinth, when approached, the dualist lashes out with disturbing glowing claws. They appear to be a corrupt artifact of the Bal’disians, manipulating her mind. Subdue the Tiger and retrieve the artifacts, but don’t touch with your bare hands or risk possession.
How to identify: Tiger stripe markings on her face
Location: The Red Labyrinth, Southern Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return the corrupted claws to NRAID HQ.
Reward: 33,000g

Miss Bakshee

Bounty Summary: This humble witch is well known for helping the people of gridania in her free time for the last two decades. Recently, however, claims of finding her in the act of attempted necromancy have come to light, and local authorities require her capture in order to find the truth of the matter. She is, however, on the run, and not at her place of residence. Apprehend her and delivery to the Adder’s Nest so the claims can be put to rest.
How to identify: Purple hair and dark skin, orange eyes. Owns a dark brown hooded robe for traveling. Never seen without her staff.
Location: Last seen in the Lavender Beds taking the Ferry to East Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Twin Adders.
Reward: 22,000g

Cold Iron the Cunning

Bounty Summary: A break in to the Resistance armoury has caused Resistance members great concern and worry over what the thief could possibly be planning to use the weapons for. The culprit is a leather jacketed roegadyn with a bandana and orange sash. Be warned that the man has a gunbreaker and knows how to use it well.
How to identify: Grey bandana cap and an orange sash.
Location: Escaped east of Rhalgr’s Reach, towards the Last Forest.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver to Rhalgr’s Reach and return to HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 28,000 gil with a 20,000g bonus if stolen weapons are found and reported.

Toneyo the Tinkerer

Bounty Summary: Toneyo has been a bother for the Idyllshire goblins for quite some time. While first just pestering for information at all hours of the day, when faced with apprehension and annoyance, the woman turned to thievery to get what she wants. They’ve lost over 100 pieces of ‘much needed jangly turney-bits’ and are desperate to put a stop to her.
How to identify: Masked, turquoise and leather garbs, green skin, pale hair. Raen woman.
Location: Hiding somewhere in the abandoned buildings in the Answering Quarter, Dravanian Hinterlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver Toneyo to Midnight Dew and return to HQ with writ of completion.
Reward: 28,000g

Keeper of the Springs

Bounty Summary: The many springs that sit atop of the floating land masses run clear of foliage and debris, part of this is thanks to a paissa known to the locals as the Keeper of the Springs. Covered in an abundance of pink, fluffy fur, the beastkin was carried away by a powerful bout of winds that has sent the Keeper to the other side of the islands! They need assisting back home before the hostile cloudkin can get their talons upon them.
How to identify: A larger than average Paissa, bright pink fur with green limbs.
Location: The Shattered Back, Sea of Clouds.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Guide the paissa back to the springs in Voor Sian Siran, return with a tuft of their pink fur.
Reward: 30,000g

Horde hunts

These bounties bring attention to problematic groups, be it a swarm of invasive species, a group of criminals rising in activity or a brood of dangerous creatures from the void, when a cry for help of this nature is made this is where your help will be most appreciated. Expect multiple targets, these groups may take several sweeps and culling before the people of the realm are safe once more.

Ruby Ruffians

Bounty Summary: The merchants of the Ruby Road exchange have it hard enough to compete and sell their wares amidst their stalls, made all the more difficult by a band of brutes who bribe them into sharing their hard earned spoils or threatening them with worse if they opt to refuse.
How to identify: Red coats and accessories, brass circlets and white daggers on their belt.
Location: Ruby Road Exchange, Ul’dah.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The white, ruby encrusted daggers of each member taken down.
Reward: 14,000g per dagger returned.

Ant Sentries

Bounty Summary: Brass Blades are at their wits end trying to keep the workers at Black Brush and the nearby mines safe from the growing ant population wandering into local operations. Assist in some culling and you'll be rewarded.
How to Identify: Black, shiny bodied ants roaming the sands of Central Thanalan. Aggressive if approached.
Location: Southwest of Black Brush Station.
Trophey/Bounty Requirements: The pinchers of each ant killed, preferably bagged.
Reward: 10,500g for each set of pinchers.

Fish Thieves

Bounty Summary: A group of Basilisks are slithering around the islands of Sea of Clouds, it is unknown how they arrived here but it is known that the Vundu’s hard earned fish are slowly disappearing from their baskets. Perhaps these Basilisks are responsible but they have got to go, they do not belong there.
How to identify: Basilisks are not common in Sea of Clouds.
Location: The islands of Sea of clouds, they are spread out.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Tongues of the Basilisks.
Reward: 14,000g for each tongue.

Emerald Pilfers

In Progress

Bounty Summary: An on the rise band of pirates have taken to the shores of Lower La Noscea to pillage supplies for the continued building of their forts elsewhere. The Moraby Drydocks have known no peace for weeks and the production of their ships grow dangerously low for business.
How to identify: The group of pirates sport a green jacket, black headscarf and wear golden jewelry stolen from settlements.
Location: Empty Heart & Moraby Drydocks, Lower La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Take down the group and return with their golden pendants.
Reward: 12,000g per pendant.

Winged Terrors

Bounty Summary: A group of winged voidsent has been seen terrorizing the locals residing in Yanxia, stealing livestock, ruining crops and even attacking the people themselves! The locals are calling for help, can you be their saviour?
How to identify: White winged creatures with noticeable aura of void emanating from their bodies.
Location: Floating around Yanxia
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Part of their hide, preferably where void is most concentrated
Reward: 17,000g for each piece of hide

Akai Kurage

Bounty Summary: In recent weeks the reclusive Raen of Sui-no-sato have noticed an uprising of wavekin that have become a threat to the surrounding reef. The Akai Kurage, dubbed red jellyfish quite literally match their name and feed ravenously upon the lifeforms and the coral beneath the ruby sea, posing a threat to the balance of all that lives in its waters. The efforts of the tranquil clan are slow as the mass of wavekin continues to grow.. In secret, one anonymous villager has called out for help, hoping outside intervention can swiften the fall of this destructive species.
How to identify: The Akai Kurage are jellyfish of varying sizes, red hues. Their cnida, the poison-producing spine, is ever on show when approached.
Location: Rumored to be congregating within the Exile, Ruby Sea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay 50 jellyfish and return with their cnida.
Reward 35,000g or a magic, luminating pearl.

Rakuza Kidnappers

Bounty Summary: An escaped captive has brought light upon an entertainment establishment that serves as the front for a kidnapping operation. Afraid of the local criminals identifying the Sekiseigumi before they can be put to justice, request for help has been extended externally to take down the business and free the other captives.
How to identify: The kidnappers are often garbed in green attire, wearing a set of pearl and emerald rings.
Location: Sanjo Hanamachi, Kugane.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring the group and its members to the Sekiseigumi Barracks, return to HQ with the emerald and pearl rings
Reward: 14,000g for each ring returned.

Laughing Mongrels

Bounty Summary: "My mates and I are going mad dealing with these hideous mongrels every day! None of us working at Nophica's Wells can get a good night's sleep. Clawing, laughing, howling! We've had it! I'm putting a price on these damn pests. Bring back the fangs so we know they're good and dead."
How to Identify: Laughter-like cry, large claws, and hideously thin canine bodies.
Location: Up the cliffs north of Nophica's Wells in Western Thanalan.
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: Fang sets from each kill.
Reward: 10,200g for each set of fangs.

Mist Biasts

Bounty Summary: While the Dragonsong War may be over, armour is still in demand in numerous places across Eorzea. A Coeurthan armour-smith would like to take advantage of the new passage up Solm Al to find himself more supplies. He has discovered that the soft bellied Mist Biasts have scales that hold up well in combat, while effectively blocking electrocution. He seeks adventurers brave enough to slay some Biasts so he may use the scales to make armour.
How to Identify: Lightning aspected drakes covered in thick, purple scales.
Location: These creatures make their home in the hills of the Churning Mists, up the mountain of Solm Al.
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: Bring back as many scales as you can. Whole is preferable, but damaged scales can be salvaged.
Reward: 7,500 gil for every bag filled.

Poaching Sirens

Bounty Summary: The competition for game grows more challenging with the rise of a new band of poachers that roam the South Shroud. Dubbed the Sirens, known to sneak their way into other poaching circles to sabotage camps and damage parts of the forest in their wake.
How to identify: Burgundy garbs and black chokers, seemingly an all women unit.
Location: Urth’s Fount, South Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: After taking the poachers down, return to HQ with their chokers and bows.
Reward: 10,000g per choker, 3,000g per bow.

Opo Thieves

Bounty Summary: “These dreadful scamps are always making with our village’s Mun-Tuy beans. These creatures seem to think that the hard work we put into growing them can be so easily taken advantage of and stolen! I will suffer it no longer! Please put them down.”
How to Identify: Rodent-like and skittish. Throws rocks with scrawny arms.
Location: Around Peacegarden outside of Hyrstmill.
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: The tail of the beast as proof.
Reward: 9,200g for each tail delivered.

Villainous Vines

Bounty Summary: The moogles of Moghome are in a terrible pickle. The Sankchinni near their home have started to overpopulate, often trapping them before they can complete their tasks or humorous antics. The Mogguard is at a loss on how to take care of the issue, so the Vath adventuring guild has put out an ad for assistance
How to Identify: Wiggling of vines, floating buds.
Location: North of Moghome, Churning Mists
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: The vines of the creature.
Reward: 10,000g for each bag full of vines and a bundle of arrows.

Hebi no Nami

In Progress

Bounty Summary: The coast lines of Yanxia have become unsafe as a wave of serpents have begun to frequently emerge from the depths in search of food alive or not. Between making a run for their own lives, if the townspeople are fortunate to escape then their stock of trades and equipment for them get eaten or destroyed upon the impact. A count of five in total, just one is enough to cause an unspoken amount of damage but with their numbers in full the people of Yanxia may not hold out much longer.
How to identify: The snakes are identical, each coated in silver scales that help them stealthily swim beneath the waters and overhead of prey further in the depths. Their size enormous, if not for attacking the docks
Location: Emerges from The One River in Yanxia, often attacking the docks of the Glittering Basin and the Enclave.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the fangs of each snake as proof of the culling, weighty and sharp, handle them with care.
Reward: 35,000g for the full set, or 6,000g for one.

Dune Moles

Bounty Summary: The settlement of Little Ala Mhigo has recently been attacked night after night by a band of moles that roam through the expanse of Southern Thanalan. Headstrong, they’ve destroyed many structures and belongings in the search of fresh fruit before departing as the sun would rise. No lives have been claimed as the beastkin are herbivores, but their rampant behaviour with no threat enough provided to keep them from attacking, the residents of the settlement are looking for someone with a plan on how to fend them off or cut their invasive numbers down to size.
How to identify: The moles skin is hardened and looks to be rocky and earthen in nature, their vessels are hard to pierce.
Location: Traverses the dunes of the Sagoli Desert, heads up North in a pack to bother the residents of Little Ala Mhigo before retreating at dawn.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the moles to cull down their numbers, return with the fleshy snouts of those taken down.
Reward: 9,500g per mole snout.

Hornet Copies

Bounty Summary: A swarm of manufactured vilekin have continued to expand their hive and numbers by duplicating themselves within the powered ruins of Azys Lla. The further the hive grows the more space they require to expand, at the cost of feeding upon the active structures and species that occupy the same quadrant. Assistance to cull down the growing numbers has been requested before the invasion arrives to expand onto the other quadrants.
How to identify: The wasps vary in size, often larger the more they are developed and aged. However the longer they are manufactured the more deadly and precise they are. Glowing blue eyes, antennae and wings.
Location: The nest hangs near the Cooling Station on the Alpha Quadrant.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with at least three stingers, be warned that the more that are slain the more that will fly to the sight of disruption, aggressively.
Reward: 10,000g per fully grown mechanical stinger, 5,000g for smaller ones.

Dragon Exporters

Bounty Summary: A rumor has been floating of a ring of Elezen that have been hunting down the scalekin around the Central Highlands, not to kill, not to drive away, but to capture and sell them off to other lands. The profit and act alone detestable, the lives at risk should the dragons become uncontained would be tragic.
How to identify: Dressed in plated armor, heard only to employ Elezen.
Location: Providence Point, Coerthas Central Highlands.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The helmets of the dragon trappers.
Reward: 16,000g for each helmet brought back.

Ceruleum Suppers

Bounty Summary: Through the many guards posted along the foundation of the Ceruleum Processing Plant one beast has outwitted and manifested past the dense defenses. Lingering on the long pipe line stretches stands a voidsent coated and enhanced by the blue powersource, swelling in size before multiplying and dividing across the plantation to cause further havoc.
How to identify: The voidsent and its congealed spawn match the hue of the ceruleum they supp upon. They cling to the pipes and travel along them to seek for weaker fastenings and support to release more energy to feast.
Location: Along the transportation pipes of the Ceruleum Processing Plant.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the voidsent spawn and return the spilled excess to the plant workers if possible.
Reward: 15,500g per mound slain

Drybone Raiders

Bounty Summary: A band of brigands living in the dusty wastes of Thanalan have taken to harassing and attacking the unfortunates of Camp Drybone, profiting by later reselling to the desperate people of the settlement.
How to identify: Dark brown attire and masks, mismatched stolen weapons.
Location: The sandgate, Eastern Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return to HQ with their scarves, return any stolen loot found to Camp Drybone.
Reward: 9,000g per scarf with an additional 3,000g if the stolen loot is returned.

Harvest Lizards

Bounty Summary: From the wetlands of Yanxia has emerged a wave of scalekin making work difficult and near impossible for the farmers of Namai. Between crushing the produce before it has time to grow and sneaking up on the townspeople, the threat of these lizards rises with each week as does the risk of hunger as the end of the season approaches.
How to identify: The skin and scales shift in hues of green and yellow to best blend in with the plantations during the day. Their eyes are a pale white, capable of glimmering to blind those who approach aggressively as to stop them.
Location: The scalekin are known to retreat into the Heron’s Way after attacking the farmers within Namai and the Gensui Chain.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a set of eyes as proof, more than one pair desired and encouraged.
Reward: 13,000g per lizard slain and set of eyes retrieved.


Bounty Summary: The ports along Western La Noscea have recently come under attack by a growing bask of Elbst looking for an easy source of food. With their numbers growing by the week and attracting outside groups of their kind, the ports have grown unsafe and urgently call for help before people of Aleport fall with their businesses.
How to identify: The Elbst are standard in size for the wavekin, though their spawn are encouraged to follow as they grow to learn how to hunt.
Location: The bask of Elbst are known to live on the Isles of Umbra, often prowling into Aleport to feast on the fresh produce or people there.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the severed dorsal fins and bags of scraped Elbst scales, allow the fishmongers of Aleport to claim the remains to cook or sell the flesh as they please.
Reward: 14,000g per Elbst slain

Silver Scorpions

Bounty Summary: A nest of scorpions has taken to residing in the ponds and pools of water North of Ala Ghiri. Polluting the waters and disturbing the aggressive, problematic Muud Suud that linger nearby. A cull for the scorpions has been made, in order to keep the situation between the voidsent and the people of the nearby settlement somewhat tame.
How to identify: The Scorpions boast silver, reflective plating and chitin.
Location: Goodblade, North of Ala Ghiri, The Peaks.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Kill the Scorpions and return with what legs can be carried.
Reward: 10,000g per leg brought back.

Soul Raiders

Bounty Summary: The Lochs of Gyr Abania has seen a rising of restless souls and turned ashkin thanks to a band of necromantic Seekers looking to bind the departed forcefully under their control. Those they fail to chain emerge from the tombs and cause havoc to the surrounding settlements, a call for the take down of the mages has been made.
How to identify: Dressed in dark clothing with veils, often found in pairs, Seeker Miqo’te.
Location: The Song of Kings, The Lochs.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Their summoning tomes and staves.
Reward: 20,000g per take down and weapon as proof.

Wanted Persons

The following bounties revolve around the take down of notorious or dangerous individuals. The targets are to be engaged with full caution, listed as the most volatile or heinous of criminals, the conditions for the bounty will likely call for the demise of the target or they will pose such a threat in combat there is no alternative.

Sverting Habir

In Progress

Bounty Summary: Working in the night off Limsa Lominsa, the infamous Habir is responsible for sinking a number of Maelstrom ships. This Hrothgar is not to be messed with, as he is the captain of a crew full of bloodthirsty pirates... Strike him dead and end his tyranny.
How to identify: White fur, piercing green eyes, typical pirate wear and left hand is replaced with a hook. Clearly belongs to the lost category of hrothgar.
Location: The seas near Limsa Lominsa (feel free to use the ship located there for rp)
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The captain’s hook.
Reward: 30,000g

Asta the Scale

Bounty Summary: Recently, the Immortal Flames have been receiving strikes upon their outposts in Northern Thanalan, killing soldiers, their buildings, setting fire to their resources, and even taking the lives of innocent merchants traveling north. This assailant claims to take penance of the Immortal Flames crimes, but whatever those are, she has not said.
How to identify: Dark skinned highlander woman, purple locks.
Location: Constantly on the run in the Bluefog region, Northern Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her thurmature staff and helm.
Reward: 30,000g

Rofugaga Fuga

Bounty Summary: Once an aspiring Sharlayan mage, this woman has embraced the collapse of her old home for a life more suited for carnage and trouble. She has made deals with the Illuminati to assist in their theft of supplies, resources, and even a few lives with little remorse, having fully accepted the Goblins and their agenda. Members of Idyleshire would happily pay to see her disappear from their list of problems.
How to Identify: Her dark green hair is a key feature outside of her pale skin, but her aether infused arrows and bow are rather shimmering and hard to miss.
Location: Seen last hunting in the Maker’s Quarter, Dravania
Trophy/Bounty Requirements: Her aetherically charged bow.
Reward: 31,000g

Toshitane the Thief

Bounty Summary: While originally from Sui-no-sato, thus explaining his incredible ability to hold his breath without the blessing of the Kojin, this man has been caught stealing treasures from the humble people of Tamamizu! On behalf of the Kojin, their kami, and all the hard work gone into gathering said treasures, they are willing to pay to see him eliminated.
How to identify: Always seen wearing a jade necklace.
Location: Seen swimming in the sea region of Raisen Kaikyo in the Ruby Sea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His blades. Once removed from water, they will appear light green.
Reward: 30,000g

Qestir Rogue

Bounty Summary: Despite numerous attempts for civil conversation, this Qestiri woman continues to down a certain endangered species in the Dravanian Forelands for trade with illegal poacher merchants. Something has to be done, or the world may one day never see them again.
How to identify: Strange metal mask and orange sash.
Location: Last spotted wandering the Chocobo Forest for game.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Metal mask
Reward: 30,000g

Christine of Snowfall

Bounty Summary: One of many of the leads in the Snowfall drug operation, Christine works her charm to quietly smuggle milkroot from the Shroud into Gry Albania, deliberately ruining lives and crippling the hardworking families of the Salt trade in their addiction in order to fund her own vices. Take down one of their top “traders”.
How to identify: Always seen wearing a white brim hat and a gunblade on her back.
Location: Last seen off the East end of the Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The container hanging on her vest, unopened.
Reward: 26,000g

Krov the Gourmet

Bounty Summary: Blending in with the blizzards, Krov has been attacking traveling merchants for a dozen moons, only recently being identified. It’s been discovered that the missing persons have been being eaten by her and her pet white wolf. The Temple Knights will suffer this no longer.
How to identify: Viera woman. Snow-like robes decorated by red, rock coloured hair and red face paint. Accompanied by a white wolf.
Location: Last seen headed towards the Ninth Vare, Coerthas Western Highlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Sword and teeth of her wolf
Reward: 35,000g for katana and 15,000g for wolf teeth

Vianne the Mad

Bounty Summary: At once a humble potions specialist for the Twin Adders, Vianne slowly began to seek more controversial means to fight the imperialist regime, resorting to the study of neurotoxins that the Garleans themselves used to kill much of Gyr Albania. Somewhere along the line she lost sight of her goal in making such, and is now willing to administer on any who would interfere with her work. Take great caution in keeping your distance.
How to identify: Pure white hair and a mask and goggles.
Location: Currently hiding her work in the lost city of Amdapor ruins.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Grimoire decorated in animal bone
Reward: 32,000g

Ancient Horizon

Bounty Summary: Unprejudiced in all her targets, Ancient Horizon chooses travelers and imperials alike to lay slaughter, theft, and conquest to, having stayed this way for the last 10 years, long after the fall of Gyr Albania’s king. Originally, the Queen’s Gardens were her group’s stomping grounds up until the moment the imperials were pushed out by the Alliance. Quickly her group of brigands made a solid camp at the Third Royal Casern to establish themselves as a power in the region. Now that matters with imperial occupation have been pushed out, locals would like to see her put down so the Castern may be reclaimed.
How to identify: Red gauntlets that mismatch her Green and brown attire
Location: The Lochs, Third Royal Castern
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her metal demon design choker
Reward: 35,000g

Tarugu Virataru

Bounty Summary: The leader of the Wolves Bandits, Tarugu, is after big money, and he has had his men both silence and tie up the workers of the West and South Hammer, putting a halt on the production for members of the Ul’dahn syndicate. His demands for hundreds of thousands of gil is blackmail of the most criminal level, using the surviving workers as his barter. Let him know the deal is off.
How to identify: Grey gloves and mustard bandana.
Location: The West Hammer, Western Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Wolf tooth Knuckles and tooth decorated banana
Reward: 28,000g


Bounty Summary: To replace Sammler, Pfeil was taken on to preach of saving souls into materia to the public... His bow now sporting several such melded into it. While not a perfect shot, he makes up for it with sheer strength, fighting off assailants with fisticuffs if forced to close-combat. Concerns are rising of this cult’s activities of late, so downing this man is considered urgent.
How to identify: White face paint and mask, this hrothgar has a strange bald appearance.
Location: The Carmine Kitchen, The Peaks
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Crystal Bow
Reward: 38,000g

Junichiro the Thief

Bounty Summary: A thief after relics of a particular age, if only to sell it in the eastern black market, Junichiro has seven counts of breaking and entering those of the richer district, all of which resulted in robbery, as well as reported assault on a local noble’s daughter. That same family has lost their family heirloom hair comb to him as well, and they would pay to see justice done.
How to identify: Ginger hair and a black mask. Fights with a bright metallic blue lance of hingan design.
Location: Kugane Outskirts
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Mask and any remains to his lance blade.
Reward: 32,000g

The Unseen Thorn—Dogar

Bounty Summary: Spotted by the people of Firmament, his motives are unknown, but the Temple Knights suspect he has been hired to cause fear and distrust with the project. There are 8 souls downed by his hand, and more on the way should nothing be done.
How to identify: Hideous orange plaid pants, sharp metal bow. Dark skin, white hair, Xaela male.
Location: Firmament, Foundation
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Metal bow
Reward: 40,000g

Anicet the Vagabond

Bounty Summary: A middle-aged early-defector of the Resistance who has stolen the goods of the church and attacked trade caravans in violent assaults, all with a stern, uncaring expression on his face. He’s been a problem in the Shroud in the past years until recently moving south to Thanalan, where local merchants are now too afraid to travel without a sellsword at their side. Take care of the vagabond before he travels again.
How to identify: Appearance of an Ala Mhigan resistance soldier, blue fur and hair
Location: Last spotted by the people of the Golden Bazaar, Eastern Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His shield.
Reward: 33,000g

Zhims Malqir

Bounty Summary: Taking advantage of the recent increase in yokai activity, Zhims has been researching ways to try and summon yokai to the moral realm. So far he has lain havoc to a number of souls in the Steppe with the impurities he summons, but his latest target is the Doman Enclave. No one knows his motives, but one thing is for sure; the people’s suffering won’t stop until he does. Expect there to be impurities at his beck and call.
How to identify: Green vest, dark, black skin, and a ruffled up codex for summoning rites.
Location: Last seen in the Doman Enclave Demesne.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: White codex
Reward: 28,000g

Munemoto the Merc

Bounty Summary: While rather quiet in his assaults, Munemoto makes it his goal to frighten, maim, or kill travellers on their way to the Doman enclave. Locals of the enclave rumour that a businessman of Hingashi has set out to prevent trade from ever flourishing with their population. While who hired this assailant is unknown, it is certain that Munemoto will continue to act out upon his employer’s wishes unless taken care of.
How to identify: Red garbs and silver armour, uses bamboo-coloured blade claws.
Location: Near the Western Ryurin Bridge, Yanxia
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The Bamboo Claws
Reward: 32,000g

Mountain Stranger

Bounty Summary: Having been seen killing a number of pursuing Buduuga, this man has holed himself up in the House of Crooked Coin, coming down only to poach and attack the Mol shepard men. Their tribe is increasingly concerned by his violent strikes and would like to see him dealt with before more harm becomes of their people and karakol flocks.
How to identify: Crystalize great sword and lavender hair. Auri, raen, male.
Location: North of Onsal Hakair of the Azim Steppe, in the hills of the mountains.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His crystal greatsword
Reward: 32,000g

Haruhi the Bandit

Bounty Summary: Having taken to hiding until travelers rest and make camp for the evening, Haruki bursts into action, stealing lives and belongings from whatever is left after her carnage. Recently, the Sekiseigumi has finally caught wind to her activities and seemed to pinpoint her latest location of hiding. Hurry and slay her before the trail is lost.
How to identify: Deep red skin and silver coloured bandana.
Location: Tip given that she is currently hiding out within the Plum Spring
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Light aspected katana
Reward: 32,000g


Bounty Summary: Associate to Sammler and the Corpse Brigade, this man works hard to bring people into their cause, be it by force or coercion. Ruthless as he is elegant, this masked man has brought in dozens to ‘save’. Local Ala Mhigans of the Quarter are concerned of the recent movement into the Lochs and would see him as the current operation taken down.
How to identify: Green metal mask and white robes. Olive skinned under normal light.
Location: Seen south of the Lochs by the Monstrance.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Mask and chakrams
Reward: 35,000g

Recola Stringer

Bounty Summary: A conwoman of great expertise, she has taken to swindling the poor with her silver tongued promises to keep them safe from the very same loan sharks she’s hired to keep them in debt. Having ruined the lives of many, the local authorities would like to root out this trouble permanently. See to it the deed is done.
How to identify: Grape eyepatch and bright, white hair.
Location: Said to be working out of the underground catacombs of Ul’dah.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her axe
Reward: 30,000g

K'pix the Witch

Bounty Summary: A red mage meddling in void arts. K’pix acts alone, corrupting and mutating the toads that wander near her cave. She sends them down to Vesper Bay to cause chaos and death, amused by the horror. Stop this wayward tyrant.
How to identify: Red fur cap and glowing red eyes.
Location: Moondrip, north of Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her rapier
Reward: 32,000g

Gruzenne “Wren” Mepois

Bounty Summary: Having charmed her way into a noble’s home by bewitching a humble servant, Wren set her sights on the Miura family heirloom, a translucent crystal with incredible light magicks within. With that in her hands, Wren plans to seize a portion of Kugane and make demands upon the city. She must be stopped.
How to identify: When not in a harpy costume, she still wears a ruby necklace with a gold chain.
Location: Last seen in Kugane alleys at night.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Staff and ruby necklace.
Reward: 30,000g

Jupe—The Imperial’s Hawk

Bounty Summary: Once known for breaking into high Ishgard spires to steal from the nobles, recently her expertise has turned to taking care of the Vanu Vanu on behalf of the Imperial conquest. While Sonu Vanu was hesitant to put up this bounty, the number of his people killed by her hands has grown too high for his liking. Be warned, the woman now has Garlean turrets at her disposal. Confront and don’t let her report back.
How to identify: Bright red hair and Magitek gun.
Location: Has been seen on Manacutter in both the Blue Window and Ok’ Vundu Vana, Sea of Clouds.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Magitek gun
Reward: 38,000g

Wayward Beasts

The following bounties typically involve the task of hunting down a rogue beast or a monstrosity endangering the livelihood of the realm. Proceed with caution and keep your wits about you, beasts of the earth and the other world will not hesitate to defend their stomping grounds or fight for their prey, no matter how depraved or chaotic.

Batraal Summon

In Progress

Bounty Summary: The scattered remains of the Chordata cult have succeeded in summoning a monster from the void. Unfortunately, despite their plans, the last of them were slaughtered by the same beast they sought to bring them salvation. Now this voidsent seeks new blood... Sentries stationed at the nearby Ceruleum Processing plant seek brave adventurers to rid them of this horrifying foe.
How to identify: Horned bipedal with wings and pale skin and reddish tipped limbs. Carries and fights with giant twin swords and its sharp horns and teeth.
Location: Dalamud’s Talons, Northern Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Its head.
Reward: 23,000g

Undead Canine

Bounty Summary: A zombie wolf brought back to live by black magicks has been seen roaming near the excavation site in the Sagoli Desert. So far, it has attacked three staff members, all who became grievously ill after being bitten. The Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern seek a capable hunter to put it down before it can strike next.
How to identify: Glowing extremities and dead, white eyes. More gurgle than growl.
Location: Roaming around the Byregot’s Strike, regularly at dusk.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The wolf’s head.
Reward: 25,000g


In Progress

Bounty Summary: The recent sight of a mechanical beast in Azys Lla has caught the intrigue of many researchers, few have seen the photographs and fewer have witnessed it in person. This comes from the help of its sleek design and ability to camouflage with the surroundings it roams upon, unfortunately this becomes apparent whilst upon its hunt. With no need to feed given its mechanical nature the instinct lies within its code and will not halt for no one.
How to identify: The mechanical beast is rather slender in design, it’s movements are sleek as it opts to remain slunk down to the floor spare to rise for look out. Upon its neck is etched ‘V’, the numeral value and its model. The features that luminate are a constant green hue and can better be detected from afar when the beast is unaware it is being watched.
Location: The Warg-05 has been known to skulk and slither around the surfaces, cliffs and undersides of the floating Delta Quadrant, the use of a flying mount or vehicle would be recommended not only to track down the beast but for the safety of the hunters involved.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The researchers have asked for the beast to be taken down, for it’s vessel to be returned to Helix for a ship to collect whilst the hunter responsible for the take down retrieves the storage chips and disks found within the Warg-05’s head compartment be taken to the NightRaid headquarters for a safe deposit.
Reward: 22,000g for the take down and the return of the beasts storage chips and disks.

Picker of the Bones

Bounty Summary: An aggressive vilekin has taken to attacking the Xaela who travel the sands, with no discrimination of its targets between the adults, the children or their livestock guiding them upon their journey. Dubbed the Picker of the Bones, not a drop of flesh goes to waste upon its victims, often charred and suffocated to death with its powerful breath of flame. The affected tribes that live in the desert are too stubborn, proud and determined to beckon help to take down the beast, though a native within Reunion has had enough and makes summons for outside help.
How to identify: The vilekin is large and bold enough to hunt and attack on its own, through the thin veil of skin upon its chest the flames readied to be spit linger in wait can be seen.
Location: The vilekin is known to fly through the dunes of the Nhaama Desert and Nhaama’s Retreat, regardless of the unforgiving heat or storms of dust. Before retreating to the sands it has been known to delve into the nearby caves to finish its meals.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return the four wings of the vilekin to Reunion, some of the Xaela there are intrigued in buying the wings to decorate their weapons or armour.
Reward: 20,000g for the fully collected wings, 5,000g for the individuals if some are lost or harmed.

Burgundy Wamoura

Bounty Summary: Waves of dust carried by northern gales have begun to irritate the people of Horizon and the Vesper Bay. Scouts have navigated the north to find the source, at first their guesses turned to fumes from the landscape or to some of the flora before being met by the territorial vilekin dubbed the Burgundy Wamoura. A danger and irritation to the townspeople still, the scouts have sent out a request for help taking down this creature.
How to identify: The moth is large in scale, when resting the vilekin is very still and hard to see within the cavern, only when the lunar radiance of the water brightens does the wamoura rouse. Its scales red, its eyes glowing yellow.
Location: The Moondrip within Western Thanalan, when the sun has set.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The commissioner desires two large sacks of the Wamoura’s scales, the rest of the vilekin is to be disposed of.
Reward: 19,500g

Violet Mantle

Bounty Summary: The sight of a swift wavekin has caught the attention of the Skull Valley guards, often does it curiously approach the walls before absconding. Reports claim that the Violet Mantle treats the Sahagin passively but outsiders to the reef with utmost aggression when it’s territory is crossed. Many have tried to make their attempt of fighting the beast but none have claimed the honor thus far.
How to identify: Like much of the plant life amidst the spawning grounds, the wavekin holds a bioluminescent glow through its vessel which makes it near impossible to not catch sight of. Its blood is blue and the surfaces it clings to are tainted with slime of the same color.
Location: Found within the Sapsa Spawning grounds, may flee into the waters to avoid conflict and capture.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the bioluminescent flesh of the Violet Mantle, once dead the creature will deflate over time.
Reward: 19,000g

The Ruins

Bounty Summary: In recent weeks there has been a sudden rise of victims infected with petrification found stranded around the expanse of the Bronze Lake. With the help of a team of white mages and aetheric geologists they were able to cure some of the earliest victims and through their recovery they would talk of the ruins coming to life, bearing a pair of arms and terrifying eyes before their world was halted. With no shortage of patients showing up the team are seeking help for the creature to be stopped before any more people are harmed and too late to save.
How to identify: The identification of this beast is difficult and requires a lot of patience, a recommendation passed on by the geologists pursuing the creature recommends wearing eyewear with aether protection to repel the stone magics.
Location: Disguises and emerges from hiding within the many ruins of Bronze Lake in Upper La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the stone beasts eyes and conceal them in a dark bag to prevent further petrification.
Reward: 18,000g

The Beached Deep

Bounty Summary: From the depths of the Ruby Sea has emerged a horrific abomination from out of this world. Once far smaller in size the voidsent would roll onto the beaches across the entire region before descending into the waters once more, however after feasting upon the flesh and souls of many other creatures the monster has found itself incapable of departing from the Isle of Bekko. With nowhere to go but deeper into the Isle the population of creatures of both sea and land have been forced to retreat to avoid a most terrible feasting.
How to identify: The beached voidsent is enormous, its many tendrils are ever moving and it's one eye never seals to a close. The golden spots upon its dark husk move in an eerie pulse and often gather and congeal around the eye or upon the tips of its tendrils before attacking with such parts.
Location: Squeezes into the caverns of the beaches upon the Isle of Bekko, in the Ruby Sea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the abomination and dispose of its body so it can grow no longer. Return with a writ of confirmation from the commissioner within Onokoro.
Reward: 25,000g

The Screecher

Bounty Summary: Through the Northern Sector of the Shroud an immensely painful wave of cries has flooded and struck the ears of all those unfortunate to listen. A suspected rally of Ixali has been on the move and gathering in preparation for expanding their territory and has employed the help of a dangerous avian ally dubbed The Screecher. Standing tall and clad in dense armor it is clear this birdman is prepared for a fight, on the offense or defense. Upon its head holds a mask that glows ominously when preparing to attack, amplifying its voice louder and higher in pitch than it should to dull the senses of its targets. The people of Fallgourd Float are asking for a swift take down of the foe along with any other avians that rise up to fight.
How to identify: The Screecher’s plumage is dark and matted beneath its heavy armored plates. The spiked helm upon its head is heavy, the breathing and screeching within rings loudly.
Location: Ixali Logging Grounds, Proud Creek within the North Shroud.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the enchanted helm of the avian as proof of its death.
Reward: 20,000g


Bounty Summary: A mystical egg preserved by the Vundu has not long hatched and given birth anew to an avian unlike any other. Swiftly upon birth did it grow far too large for the cage it was trapped within, the inflamed bird is now searching freely upon the lands and causing havoc for the peaceful Vanu Vanu tribes around the Sea of Clouds.. A successful and intended plot of the Vundu.
How to identify: The inflamed avian is large, the hue of its flames stand out for miles with its brightness and blue hues.
Location: The Sea of Clouds. The avian roams along the undersides of the floating islands during the night to avoid detection and rises higher during the day, its roost is unknown if it even has one.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Preserve a mound of its eternal burning feathers, of which are safe to the touch when apart from the bird itself.
Reward: 30,000g.

The Shore Snatcher

In Progress

Bounty Summary: A beastkin from Othard has made its way across the sea and landed upon Hingashi, making itself at home to the shores and the houses that line it. Large and strong enough to beat down the doors of unprepared home owners, the beast dubbed the Shore Snatcher has been welcoming itself into properties to snatch up food and departing soon after, leaving many houses ruined and several owners injured.
How to identify: The wolven creature has short, darker fur with lighter tufts upon its mane. Its claws are long on each foot, can easily break through doors and light armor.
Location: Roams along the stretches of the Shirogane Shores, often seen retreating to the Hidden Shores.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring the body of the beast to the Ferry Skipper to dispatch to Kugane, return with the beast's severed head as proof to the NightRaid headquarters.
Reward: 24,000g.

Ichorous Mass

Bounty Summary: Much to the horror of the miners of the Nanawa Mines, when breaking through to a coal vein, a strange ichor-like monster was discovered. Although seemingly harmless at first, when the miners tried to get rid of it, they found that it ate their tools whole and marred their skin with chemical burns. Unable to proceed in the current tunnel due to the mass, they are seeking an individual or group who may be able to destroy this.
How to identify: Pitch black goo with several eyes, reddish tint.
Location: Nanawa Mines, Central Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Vial of black ooze.
Reward: 20,000g


Bounty Summary: A horrifying, acid throwing plant has uprooted itself to find its own food! Rumours would have it that a pair of tourist lalafell were eaten whole, and the locals have tried to find it, but struggled in their hunt. While there have been confirmed sightings, the plant has eluded capture! Speaking plant-savvy or good-eyed hunters to take down this danger.
How to identify: Pitcher shaped plant with quick, whip-like viney tail.
Location: Last seen near the Red Mantis Falls in Eastern La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The fleshy leaf from the top of its body.
Reward: 23,000g


Bounty Summary: Like a roach, this wayward peiste keeps rising back up after being beaten down by wayward adventurers. You’ll find the remains of arrows in its broken neck, and handfuls of scars and oozing wounds from its body, but still it snaps at passerby after seemingly coming back to life as if possessed. While the means to stop it are still unknown, one thing is for sure; this must be taken care of for good.
How to identify: Plum like fins and white, pus filled eyes. Mangled looking peiste.
Location: Last seen by northern bridge in East End, near Castrum Oriens
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The head of the beast.
Reward: 25,000g


Bounty Summary: A strange bio-creation was accidentally released by a malfunctioning pod. Researchers studying in the Alpha Quadrant have since had to high tail it back to their camp after some of their colleagues were mauled by the creature, with broken limbs and infected claw wounds. It’s quick, lightning movements will prove for a challenging foe.
How to identify: Blood-red coloured markings among the scales of the whiskers.
Location: Prowling near Cooling Station, Alpha Quadrant
Trophy / Bounty requirements: One of the whiskers, clearly displaying the red markings.
Reward: 27,500g


Bounty Summary: The familiar of a witch in the region, this serpent has been summoned straight from the lava of Hill’s Lid itself. While able to control earth in its nearby surroundings, the few Confederates who have dared to face it have found that only the exterior of the creature’s body is burning hot. Still, it melts through most blades and snaps lances in two. Additional help is needed.
How to identify: Lava red body and pink glowing control crystals.
Location: Hell’s Lid, Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Retrieve the pink control crystals.
Reward: 29,000g

Raincatcher Ursine

Bounty Summary: A grizzly host has begun venturing to the huts and structures within the jungles of La Noscea, making quick work of the defences in search of food within and potentially those living within.
How to identify: The fur is heavily matted and most of its face is completely obscured by flora, its saliva carrying the smell of rot and soil.
Location: Roams the Raincatcher Gully, Eastern La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the ursines teeth and ensure the body is disposed of.
Reward: 24,000g and six bottles of wine.


Bounty Summary: The presence of a wandering Oliphant has caught the attention of hunters around Coerthas, the behaviour of the beast peaking the curiosity of those who get close enough to suspect. Battleworn, the mammoth seems intent to contest for the land when Behemoths emerge to the Highlands, proving to be a dangerous and competitive game indeed. For sport and for the meat, the hunters are calling to see who can be the first to bring down this formidable beastkin.
How to identify: The Oliphant in question is bold and unmoving when approached by men, acting out aggressively when bothered or distracted in its path. The hide bushy and in clumps, baring many scars.
Location: Behemoth’s Dominion and the outside of Snowcloak, Coerthas Central Highlands.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with both tusks and leave the remains behind for the nearby hunters.
Reward: 27,000g

Ruby Gyuki

Bounty Summary: A wayward Gyuki has begun attacking the workers of labour and trade along the docks of Kugane. Determined to fight for its chosen territory, the attempts to simply scare off the walrus have gone unsuccessful long enough the people of Hingashi now call for its guaranteed departure from the docks.
How to identify: The Gyuki is native to those from the Ruby Sea, loud and aggressive when its space is contended, large and clearly not intended to inhabit this part of civilisation.
Location: The piers and docks that line the waters of Kugane.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the Gyuki and bring the remains to the Kogane Dori, returning to the headquarters with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 25,000g

Voideye Squeaker

Bounty Summary: A voidsent from the Striped Hills has made its way to pester the people living in Dimwold and the East End, bringing an end to their peaceful nights and feeding on their terror. Small and quick on its feet, the elusive creature has escaped time and time again into the depths of the woods where most would not follow.
How to identify: Round and fluffy avian with a single, unblinking eye.
Location: The Comet’s tail near Dimwold, The Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with the eye of the voidsent.
Reward: 24,500g

Seld Drake

Bounty Summary: The depths of Loch Seld now provide a home for a large scalekin, capable of living under the waters for days without emerging to the surface.It’s scales like crystals, growing more dense the longer the salt gathers on its vessel.
How to identify: The scalekin glows bright in the depths of the water, slumbering in the ruins and structures, a large dragon with bright green eyes.
Location: Under the waters of Loch Seld.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Slay the beast and return with its crystalized heart.
Reward: 30,000g

elite bountes

These bounties are more difficult tasks that require a group. It is advised that these jobs are not done alone. One of our officers will be accompanying the group, who will meet at a set time to embark on this bounty. Various strengths as well as communication and teamwork will be needed to complete bounties listed here.
(These events usually are DM'ed by an officer of the free company.)

View the Hall of Fame

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Hall of fame

Here stands the index of Elite Bounties of the past and the valiant hunters who helped slay them, a record to be honored forever.

Captain Grymborn

Bounty Summary: With the fall of Zimon the Determined Fifth and Zylus the Lucky Seventh, the Maelstrom have bounded forth upon the leads granted through their link pearls, evidence on their person and from the word of the rescued captives. With another fresh lead the Maelstrom Captain Salim is looking for outside help to assist him in engaging Captain Grymborn, the ring leader of this slave trade to bring him down and into imprisonment once and for all.
Reward: 100,000g to each volunteer.

Edgard Beaumont
N'asad Tia
C'rik Tia
Jace Nite
Rosik Ren

DM: Salim Sun


Beau’s Monster

Bounty Summary: Where it was thought killing Beau would end his mad science, his creation remains to outlive him and carry on his legacy. The project he spoke of so fervently with is displeased that its master has stopped its feeding. It has turned to escaping its prison to feast upon the corrupted aether surrounding Pharos Sirius. It has already grown since being spotted first... If nothing is done, the tower may collapse, and it may look elsewhere for nourishment...

Aultena Sephimiri
Loksia Grimheart
Azazel Hasegawa
Zanshin Kutabare
Ryza Eclipse
Nan'to Vaadrage

DM: Nan'to Vaadrage



Bounty Summary: A relic collector has found a magical object in an old temple, however he was chased out by a vicious Hydra before he could retrieve the item. A hefty reward has been offered for those brave enough to slay the beast and retrieve the item for his collection.

Tetsuro Wulf
Vincent Arius
Zahra Kha
Nan'to Vaadrage
Amelia Sualocin
Plum Hjarusa


Odd jobs

Various smaller and simple jobs that do not quite require combative expertise. Jobs such as: gathering, delivery, cleaning, menial chores, research, investigation. These jobs do not pay as much as the given bounty jobs, generally.

Spirit Communing

When the balance between the realm of the mortals and that of the otherworldly begin to topple it's up to the spiritually trained and aware to help stop the plight before matters get worse. Be aware, these jobs require utmost caution and serious attention.

Tenacious Tanuki

Job Summary: The notorious tanuki has been spotted several times in Kugane’s residential district, Shirogane. Tanuki are known for shapeshifting their forms and acting on mischievous terms, however, this poor tanuki has been aiming to live amongst the mortals after losing it’s home.
Location: Kugane Residential Distract, Shirogane
Job requirements: One who is able to track down spirits or yokai and easily spot the tanuki and communicate or encourage it to halt it’s mischief and move to a more remote location.
Reward: 15,000g

Torrent Spirit

Job Summary: A water spirit has been woken by a disturbance in its territory. Mounds of earth and rock have fallen from the cliffs and blocked the paths of water, causing the spirit to flood the land in an attempt to wash away the debris and threatening the low land settlements.
Location: Everschade, Central Shroud
Job requirements: Soothe the spirit and assist with the cleaning efforts to stop the flooding.
Reward: 22,000g for a jewel from the water spirit.

spirit cleansing

In Progress

Job Summary: Members of a smaller and poorer village suspect the elder to have some sort of malevolent spirit attached to his being, devoiding him of emotion as his health also declines, however, their doctor has gone on an important traveling job for the next week or so.
Location: Kusakari, Glittering Basin.
Job requirements: A doctor or an exorcist-type able to expose or expel said spirit from attaching and possibly possessing the elder.
Reward: 7,000g.

Wailing Woman

Job Summary: Numerous reports from the village of Namai have been hearing the sounds of what seems to be a ‘wailing woman’ late at night, making it difficult to sleep. These noises are so loud, it sometimes ends up giving the villagers nightmares or sad dreams. It may be best to call a priest, exorcist, or an omniyouji for this kind of job. Some have reported sightings of a ghostly woman which lurks around the village.
Location: Village of Namai, Yanxia
Job requirements: Seek out the ‘Wailing Woman’ and see to putting her to rest or setting the sorrowful spirit free.
Reward: 12,000g

Restless Shikigami

Job Summary: An older raen gentleman owning a smaller inn recently passed away. Though, through his passing many do not know he was an onmyouji capable of commanding the spirits he’d summon to help about the place. These spirits are known as shikigami, and they’ve grown restless, terrorizing the new innkeep along with their visitors in ways like: moving or possessing objects, eerie noises in the evening, shadows along the walls. A photo of the late innkeep at the inn’s first opening comes attached to the flyer.
Location: Kurasaki, South of Namai in Yanxia.
Job requirements: Tame or exorcise these restless spirits to stop them from disturbing the inn.
Reward: 13,000g for a special charm gifted by the current innkeep.

Lost Kappa

Job Summary: A small and harmless Kappa had accidentally fallen into the boat of a fisher’s from it’s home all the way to the Doman Enclave. In desperate search of a source of water, considering Kappa need water in their head-dish to survive, it has ended up in an isolated part of the Enclave where the gazebo stands amongst the lanterns where children have taken an interest, scaring the poor spirit.
Location: Doman Enclave
Job requirements: Carefully retrieve the Kappa spirit from the small pond and make sure his head-dish is filled with water before taking him back to Yanxia in a less-civilized environment.
Reward: 8,500g

Occupational Shifts

The true odd jobs! Listed below are a variety of positions that need to be covered in the short and long term, typically of the domestic and manual labour nature!

Mijikoza Stagehand

Job Summary: The Mujikoza Theatre has decided to add extra shows to some of their most popular plays, but are in need of extra hands to assist in assembling, moving, and dissembling props during these shows.
Location: Kugane Dori, Kugane
Job Requirements: Minimal training necessary. Be able to follow instructions quickly and quietly. Discreet stage robes will be provided and must be returned.
Reward: 7,000g per shift.

Autumn Harvest

Job Summary: This season's produce is ready to be picked! Give the botanists in Gridania a helping hand across their expansive croplands so no produce goes to waste.
Location: Botanist Guild, Greatloam Growery, Old Gridania.
Job requirements: Harvest the produce and take them to be examined before packaging them for delivery and commerce.
Reward: 4,750g.

Miner Support

Job Summary: Workers at the Nanawa mines are looking for the assistance of those able to lend their hands about their camp. Help is needed to transport debris and dirt from within the mine to the outside so as to not block the tunnels.
Location: Nanawa Mines, North West of Black Brush Station, Central Thanalan.
Job requirements: Dispose of any debris asked, manual labour intensive. Safety and protection gear will be provided and returned on site, meals and refreshments also offered.
Reward: 5,700g per day.

Forgotten Knight Server

Job Summary: The Forgotten Knight in Ishgard has just started serving a new drink and has become busy as of late. They are looking for someone to help a few nights a week to tend to the guests.
Location: Forgotten Knight, Ishgard
Job requirements: Bring food and drinks to customers and assist with clean up at the end of the day.
Reward: 3,000g per day plus any tips earned.

Shipwright assistant

Job Summary: The pier master of Kugane Ofunakura is looking for able and willing hands to assist in the making of boat replacements after the last storm violently threw many fishermen’s ships against the shore. The workshop is open most hours of the day, offering flexibility of hours.
Location: The Short Pier, Kugane
Job requirements: Assist the shipwright team Manual labour. Refreshments will be provided, but workers must provide their own meals. Woodworking experience not necessary, but useful. There is the opportunity to learn and help while being paid a fair wage.
Reward: 900g per hours worked.

Search and Rescue

Below are the listings of reported missing peoples, animals and items across the realm, though they may also be posted locally. Safe return of the given target is obligatory.

Lost Innocent

Job Summary: A young boy has gone missing in La Noscea. He was last seen near Costa del Sol. His family is asking for anyone to help join the search for him. The 12 year old is most easily identifiable by a large birthmark on his forearm and his shaggy brown hair.
Location: Costa del Sol
Job requirements: Locate the missing child and ensure his safe return to his family.
Reward: 10,000g

Where’s Wataru?

Job Summary: Wataru Sho, a teenage boy nearing adulthood had recently left his village to go fishing in the Valley of the Fallen Rainbow by Prism Lake. Naturally, he let his father know before heading out in the morning, though it has been reported he hadn’t returned in the evening. Frantic, his father and a few men from their village in Namai went searching in the night, but hadn’t made any progress in finding him… so a request has been hastily posted out for his rescue.
Location: Last said to be in the Valley of the Fallen Rainbow by Prism Lake in Yanxia.
Job requirements: Find Wataru and bring him back to the smaller fishing village in Namai, return to HQ with a coin holding the fisher’s emblem.
Reward: 7,500g for the return of the coin as proof.

Lost Pauper’s Miner

Job Summary: A miner by the name of Rodney Goffe hailing from Porta Praetoria recently went missing on a job in search of dark clay to collect, said to be within Pauper’s Lode, a massive cavern nearby filled with rich minerals.. and mobs. He was last reported being seen several days ago
Location: The Pauper’s Lode Caverns next to Porta Praetoria.
Job requirements: Search the caverns of Pauper’s Lode for Rodney’s whereabouts.
Reward: 12,000g for a stamped Ala Mhigan miner’s seal.

Stolen Mount

Job Summary: Idroux Daimiere is on the lookout for any shady characters coming and going from the Holy Stables due to the fact that he suspects his trained mount was STOLEN! Evidence shows the reins attached to his precious chocobo is missing along with the saddle, leading him to believe another person is responsible for this.
Location: The Holy Stables, Chocobokeep in Foundation
Job requirements: Search for any wandering chocobo mount with blue armor and a golden emblem being pulled around by a shady character around Ishgard, they couldn’t have gotten too far.
Reward: 13,500g for the matching insignia stamped onto a note.

Lost Patient Hamund

Bounty Summary: Please help find Hamund! He was recently involved in a landslide fall that left him concussed and very confused. The patient wandered off from our clinic in Castellum Velodyna and has been missing for over a day. Hamund is in no condition to fight or fend for himself for long. Please bring him back as soon as possible.
How to identify: Never seen without sentimental wood bead necklace, should still have black headband. Dirty blonde hair and heavily freckled.
Location: Thought to have traveled towards the west half of the Fringes.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver patient back to clinic and return to HQ with writ of completion
Reward: 18,000g and a crate of 12 healing potions.

Deliveries and Escorts

The world is ever moving and as such that means the people and their produce must keep moving too! Below are listings placed by clients looking for assistance with moving, protecting, guiding and transporting individuals or their belongings from one place to another with absolute priority and safety.

Kugane Deliveries

Job Summary: A shipment is due for the docks of Kugane, eager merchants are in need of able hands to receive and deliver the shipments about the town during working hours.
Location: Pier #2, Kugane, to be delivered to stalls within the Kogane Dori markets.
Job requirements: Pick up the shipments on the chosen day of the merchant and deliver all items carefully, before the day is over.
Reward: 5,000g.

Moonflower rice

Job Summary: Shipments of rice grain are coming in from Pier #1 in Kugane, and must be delivered to a local food market, Moonflower, in the streets of Kugane.
Location: Moonflower Market - Streets of Kugane
Job requirements: Must be able to carry heavy sacks of rice without tearing the sacks.
Reward: 4,000g per sack of rice.

Supply escort

Job Summary: A merchant at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena is expecting a food delivery from Camp Dragonhead. He is looking for someone to escort the delivery wagon from the camp. Meet with the driver in Camp Dragonhead at the specified time.
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands.
Job requirements: Must be able to defend the wagon from local wildlife that may want the food supplies.
Reward: 7,000g

Apothecary Delivery

Job Summary: A shipment of assorted medicinal elixirs must be delivered in Gridania.
Location: Gridania
Job requirements: Must deliver crates of elixirs in absolute tip-top shape to the clinic during their business hours.
Reward: 2,000g per crate. -100g per broken elixir bottle.

Herb Delivery

Job Summary: Several crate-full orders of herbs need to be picked up at Aleport for the Culinarian Guild in Limsa and delivered.
Location: Pick up from Aleport and deliver to Culinarian’s Guild Limsa Lominsa.
Job requirements: Must be able to make a few trips (if needed) and capable of carrying medium-sized wooden crates.
Reward: 5,000g per crate delivered.

Healing and care

If you harbour a penchant for stabilizing or improving the health and well being of others then we implore you take a look at the following listings! The world has no shortage of those requiring aid, be it on going struggles of combat and conflict, disasters of the elements or rebuilding what has been lost. Experienced healers, those with a gentle touch or a good heart will find their skills put to full use and very much appreciated.

Petrified Soul

Job Summary: A pair of adventurers exploring the plains of Thanalan found their journey cut short after encountering a peculiar beastkin. Startled, the melanistic beast known as Maahes casted a petrifying glare before bolting, leaving one woman petrified. Ailed still, her friend has made a call for aid to assist releasing her from her stone infliction.
Location: The Golden Bazaar, Eastern Thanalan
Job requirements: Cure the petrified woman, by magical or alchemical means.
Reward: 20,000g for returning with writ of confirmation.

Winter clothes supply

Job Summary: With the Firmament construction efforts coming along swiftly the potential residents are going to need all the materials they can get their hands on! The Paissa are known for their fluffy plumage, what would suit better to stuff into furnishings and line clothing to fend off the elements..? For a fair price the Beastkin are sure to cooperate, a gentle and patient hand is in order!
Location: The Sea of Clouds.
Job requirements: Lull the docile beastkin into a state of peace and collect as much tuft as you can collect without harming or mistreating the Paissa.
Reward: 9,500g per sack of tufts collected.

Milkroot Poisoning

Job Summary: A band of traders making their way through the Bramble Patch were presented with drinks from what they believed to be fellow tradesmen, only to find out they were tricked by tempered Sylphs in disguise. Having consumed more than their share of milkroot, the lalafellin merchants are now bedridden and in need of relief as they wait out the toxins.
Location: The Hawthorne Hut, East Shroud.
Job requirements: Help provide relief and weaken the effects of the drug to all the patients.
Reward: 15,000g for writ of confirmation.

Medicinal Dribble

In Progress

Job Summary: The hot springs located in the cold, harsh Coerthas Highlands are almost as warm as the breath of a dragon. Frequented by Ishgardian Knights, it’s said to have healing properties and this has caught the attention of one particular healer. He has asked for some water to be retrieved so he can use it to help his patients however he is too afraid to venture into the Highlands himself, for the heat of the hot springs attract creatures other than weary soldiers...
Location: Dragonspit hot springs in Coerthas Western Highlands
Job requirements: A waterskin filled with the water from the Dragonspit hot springs.
Reward: 15,000g per filled waterskin bottle.

Fox Kits

Job Summary: A litter of baby foxes that have lost their parents have been guided to the Plum Springs for respite and safety as they grow older. The villagers of Namai are looking for people to take turns keeping an eye on the foxes, fearing the mischief they’ll get up to when left alone too long.
Location: Plum Spring, Yanxia.
Job requirements: Entertain and care for the fox kits.
Reward: 9,000g per day

Flu Season

In Progress

Job Summary: The village in Tailfeather has recently gotten several village people who have fallen sick to this season’s flu, causing them to become bedridden and for others catching the sickness. The healers present in the village are simply not enough, between transporting and creating supplies, tending to those sick and to each other… they’re in need of any helping hand knowledgeable in medicine and general healing.
Location: Within a village in the Dravanian Forelands, Tailfeather by the Chocobo Keep.
Job requirements: Aid in healing and tending to members of the village who have fallen sick.
Reward: 10,000g for bringing back 5 leather pelts provided by the village as compensation.

Chocobo Derby Disaster

Job Summary: With the rush to harvest all they can before winter strikes, the botanists of Cedarwood have heavily exerted themselves and hindered their own efforts. Aches, pains, fatigued, the commissioners of the plantations and farmland are looking for an alchemist or medicine specialist to assist in their recovery.
Location: The Grey Fleet, Cedarwood, Lower La Noscea.
Job requirements: Concoct potions and serums for the botanists that ensure their pain is relieved and energy restored.
Reward: 8,000g per crate of medicine, proof from writ of confirmation.

Chocobo Derby Disaster

Job Summary: Lightning the Derby Chocobo, known for breaking records as one of the fastest chocobo in Ishgard has fallen slower than usual in his recent races! The owner is concerned, noting that Lightning has been limping awkwardly on his left leg. A big race is coming up in the near months, and he needs his companion looked at, tended to, then back on his feet for the upcoming race!
Location: The chocobokeep by the Skysteel Manufactory in Foundation.
Job requirements: Any healer or animal expert able to see and treat Lightning.
Reward: 22,000g, show free chocobo derby tickets.

Crafting and Gathering

Already experienced in a craft or wanting to learn one? Then these jobs might be for you! Listed below are clients that are in need of helping hands where they can be had, be it gathering certain materials or helping manufacture them for a cause, required levels of experience desired will be listed with the entry. Show off what you know or pick up a new talent!

Smithy Hand

Job Summary: The workers at the Kokajiya are in need of some extra hands to help with the influx of armor commissions they have taken on recently. The smithy is open most days, consistent and long term assistance is appreciated.
Location: Kokajiya, near Pier#1, Kugane
Job requirements: Work at the smith for a day, all meals refreshments during your time there will be accounted for whilst you work, lodgings available if working for several days. Manual labour, smithing experience not required but a good opportunity to learn.
Reward: 6,500g for each day.

Fletchers needed

Job Summary: The archer's guild is in desperate need to replenish their training arrow supply. They are seeking fletchers with no association with the Woodworker's guild so as not to strain the workshop with their orders.
Location: Quiver's Hold, Gridania
Job Requirements: Must have skill with wood working. Existing experience making arrows expected. Materials will not be provided.
Reward: 6,000g per bundle of 50.

Perfect Family Painting

In Progress

Job Summary: A hingan high-class family had just moved into a private mansion in Shirogane, and they’re in search of an artist or painter capable of capturing a family drawing on canvas.
Location: Shirogane Northwestern Division, [IC Ward/Plot]
Job requirements: Artist/Painter must draw a full family portrait as family poses.
Reward: 15,500g sealed letter approving of painting.

Warm Coats

Job Summary: Members of the Adders are off on an expeditional patrol around Coerthas, known for the bone-chilling cold weather. Their group numbers have recently increased with a good amount of recruits, and they’re in need of the proper gear to endure the cold for several hours a day.
Location: Adders Base, New Gridania
Job requirements: Leatherworker able to make sturdy fur coats and gear durable for extreme cold weather.
Reward: 5,000g per pelt.