Bounty Call

Open Office Hour: bi-weekly on Fridays 9PM - 12AM EST
Location: Shirogane Subdivision Ward 25 Plot 46
ROLEPLAY Bounty Office & Supernatural investigations


Bounty Call is a space with work and reward for hunters and visitors that are looking to pick up a variety of odd jobs and bounties issued by the free company, NightRaid. Our hunts are not limited to experienced individuals, as budding adventurers are encouraged to seek us out as a start. The office is open to the consultation and submission of marks to be carried out by NightRaid's present employees.Visitors are not required to pick up a job in order to attend our event! We have a weapons salvage for those looking to purchase in the lobby. The downstairs of the establishment is an open lounge with a kitchen in bar for visitors to order from, interact with other patrons, and enjoy the atmosphere. The front desk is open for signups until 12AM EST.

NightRaid Services: Hunting Consultation, Body/Artifact Cleansing & Exorcism, Assassination Work, Guarding, Scouting, Item Retrieval, etc.Consult Tetsuro or the front desk if you are seeking any of our services!Clients have the option to opt into the OOC Bounty Roulette which provides conditions to add uniqueness and challenges to your signed up job's experience. Be warned: not all conditions may work in your character's favor. Good luck!

Healers are typically on standby for any injured patrons returning from jobs. Patrons are welcome to ask the front desk for a key to the guest rooms at the end of the night. Don't be afraid to ask!

Meet the writers

Here are those typically responsible for providing and creating these bounties or jobs for our clients, patrons, and visitors. Through collaboration and weekly updates, we ensure to give variety and plenty opportunity for those who visit and are looking for some form of roleplay prompts through our writing. We also work to host and DM elite bounties for a group of players every once in a while. If you have any further questions OOCly regarding any of the bounties posted to our board, feel free to contact any of the following creators.

Tetsuro Wulf
NightRaid Boss

Tetsuro's mun has been roleplaying since 2007 on several different games, whilst running a guild and acting as an in-game roleplay DM for 11+ years now. He has ran and hosted many group rp campaigns for several different communities. His primary focus had always been the combat-aspect of roleplaying as well as articulating mechanics for combative instances. He has also been serving as one of Coeurl's roleplay community admins for a few years. He has created and ran NightRaid since 2015 with the intent of having it as a bounty & assassin's company, as well as odd jobs.

Nan'to Vaadrage
Bounty Officer

Nan'to's mun has been role playing for since 2012 on a number of medias. She applied to NightRaid in the winter of 2019 and joined the officer team officially in May 2020. She has always been most eager over the combat-aspect of roleplay, bringing her experiences from other past communities with her to FFXIV.

Bounty call faq

Here are some common questions answered, and information regarding how the process of Bounty Call works for those who are new to the concept!

Q: What is Bounty Call?
A: Bounty Call is an event created by NRAID to offer the mercenary, hunter, adventurer, and job-searching population of role-player characters the opportunity to find work and enjoy a meal among others with the same goal! We have officers, chefs and bartenders, as well as healers on staff, all at the ready to take care of your needs.
Q: When is Bounty Call?
Bi-weekly on Fridays @ 9PM EST, we host Bounty Call office hours for three hours! Sporadically, we may announce shorter sessions of office hours on off days that will be announced in the discord for those unable to make Fridays. Keep your eyes open if you need to turn in on a different day!
Q: How do I pick up a bounty/job?
A: During Bounty Call office hours, you’re free to come in, view the bounties on our website ( at the board posted by the stairs, and pick up to 2 bounties/jobs per week. When you’ve decided, come up to the counter and someone from our staff will record your name and bounty/job OOC, as well as give you the opportunity to roll in Bounty Roulette!
Q: What’s Bounty Roulette?
A: Simply put, the bounty roulette is an opportunity to roll for an interesting condition to your bounty/job experience! Imagining spinning a wheel with options—some are good, some are bad! But all of them make things a little more interesting. To participate, simply type /random after accepting a bounty and the officer helping you will tell you your result in a tell!
Q: How do I complete the job?
A: Technically all you need to do to complete the job is return to the office when Bounty Call is next hosted and confirm the details of your characters name and emote that you have acquired the trophies asked for, how in depth you take this roleplay experience is up to you!
Q: Where do I turn it in?
A: Upon your next return to the bounty office you’ll want to turn to the table on your right, the cubby under the stairs stands as the hand in desk, of which will be manned by a Bounty Officer the entire event. Approach or take your place if a line has formed and await to be seen, the person manning the table will take the appropriate time to ensure each client has been tended to and that the bounty is signed off if successful.
Q: Is there real gil/items involved?
A: No; all items, trophies, and gil related to a bounty are purely fictional for role play purposes.
Q: Some of these bounty targets look like players or NPCs, will someone be DM’ing an encounter for this job?
A: Unless specified in the bounty description all Independent Bounty targets and Odd Jobs do not have a player behind them and the images are simply screenshots to give the bounty more of an authentic flavour. The only bounties that will be a DM’d experience are those listed as Elite Bounties, hosted less regularly and run by one or multiple of the bounty officers.
Q: How do I join an elite bounty?
A: First you’ll want to keep an eye upon the Elite Bounties page and the #bounty-board channel as these go hand in hand when an Elite bounty becomes eligible for sign up. Five slots become open to the public and reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis, so you’ll want to come to the next Bounty Call event to snag a spot. The announcement will inform you when the eligible hunters are due to meet at the office, so if you reserve a spot make sure you attend and give notice if something arises.
Q: I wrote something inspired by my bounty/job, where do I post it?
A: If you've written a creative piece regarding your bounty that you would like to share #stories-writing (in our discord) is where you should post it! We would love to read when we have the chance.
Q: What if I can’t make the deadline due to unforeseen circumstances?
A: If you are unable to attend the next scheduled event then you might still be able to swing in on the next sporadic open night before or after Friday, though we ask that you still inform a Bounty Officer to discuss a potential extension of deadline or possibly forfeit the contract as to allow another hunter to pursue the bounty.
Q: Do I need to tell an officer that I’ve completed my bounty before returning to hand it in?
A: There is very little involvement from the Bounty Officer team once you pick up the bounty from the office, when you return to any event before your dead line your character will be guided to the hand over desk, the staff there will ask your name to check the records and ask for the trophies.
Q: I forgot the details of my bounty, what should I do?
A: OOC the staff make a record so we know exactly which bounty has been pursued, what the rewards should be, any bonuses from the roulette if you applied so forth, to ensure the authentic experience and that the bounty had been asked and signed for prior. Please DM a bounty officer so they can get back to you with your bounty details.
Q: What does 'In Progress' under a bounty photograph mean?
A: This is an indicator to let those perusing the website and bounty board know that the mark or job that they are looking at is currently claimed! This is to help keep track of which bounties are available before hand so save hold ups and disappointment at the sign up desk. The bounty listings get updated during opening and after closing hours so be sure to refresh the website when looking to pick up a new bounty.
Feel free to join our discord or contact one of the writers if you have any further questions.

Independent Bounties

These bounties issued can be done solo, as a pair, or with a small group. The difficulty is moderate, though it is advised to still proceed with caution regardless. These jobs may range from criminal activity, hunting mobs causing havoc, etc. You will be required to retrieve a particular item from said bounty as evidence of its completion for a reward.

( Click categories above to view different types of independent bounties listed below. )

Captive pursuits

The following bounties require that you take your quarry back alive with no exceptions. That said, do not underestimate your target, man or beast they are likely to retaliate. Best to come prepared for a long hunt.

Illuminati with a Vengeance

Bounty Summary: Typically, this evil organisation of goblins keeps to themselves after the great failure of their attempt to use Alexander—but these days are anything but quiet. Recently, a seemingly rogue agent entered Idyllshire and made his way out with some incredibly important parts to their forge, shutting it down for the time being. While the adventurers and ex- criminals of Idyllshire are all on the lookout, this goblin remains at large.
How to identify: Black leather suit, red glass goggle. Carries a shortsword.
Location: Somewhere in the Answering Quarter, Dravanian Hinterlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Captured and turned in to Midnight Dew in Idyllshire in exchange for a writ of completion.
Reward: 42,000 gil

Gulal Tracks

Bounty Summary: A hippo has escaped from its rider! Irritation grew from a known leg wound, thus amidst fleeing did the hippo cover itself in colorful Gulal, making it easier to track. Mind that it is in a very violent state due to being agitated.
How to identify: Hippo covered in colorful Gulal. Follow hippo-sized tracks to the target!
Location: North of Svarna, Thavnair
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Ride and lead the cart back to Svarna. writ from the Arkasodara.
Reward: 47,500g

Berach the Bouquet Bandit


Bounty Summary: A man named Berach has made his way through Gridania for one thing; flowers! Supposedly for his sweet, but sadly love isn’t above the law. The man stole plenty of bouquets from the Botanists’ Guild within Gridania. After his theft he made his way to a hideout. They haven’t been able to find him, but they believe him to be within Central Shroud. …Given the faint trail of petals he left behind.
How to identify: A giant AuRi man with a… backpack full of bouquets.
Location: Central Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return all the bouquets you can, then receive a Writ of Completion.
Reward: 30,000

Cornered D'var

Bounty Summary: While Idyllshire welcomes criminals wishing to start new lives, sometimes old habits resurface. Recently, a large fight broke out with D’var as the instigator, leaving plenty of damage to the beloved Hard Place. Fearing the consequences, D’var fled the settlement, lashing out at all who try to bring him back. Midnight Dew means to make him fix what he started, but that can’t start without him.
How to identify: Golden eyes, tattered brown cape, steel lance.
Location: Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum, Dravanian Hinterlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring D’var willing or unwilling back to Midnight Dew in Idylleshire for writ of completion.
Reward: 28,000 gil

Margrete Strikes Again

Bounty Summary: Miss Swiftstrike has hit up numerous nobles and lords of Ishgard for a number of things; jewelry, weapons, clothing, even toys--but none compare to her recent heist against the Temple Knights, as she took several recordbooks of current criminal investigations. In addition to being posted alongside incessantly pasted eastern hunters, Margrete is a major priority—along with the documents she stole. But beware, the woman is an excellent shot.
How to identify: Fair skinned hyur, typical dark green garbs. Braided brown hair and dark lipstick. Always spotted with her matching pink hat and gun set.
Location: North of Ok’ Vundu Mok, Sea of Clouds
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly with Margrete in tow to receive a writ of completion from Temple Knights.
Reward: 53,000 gil, 17,000 gil bonus for documents found safely.

Onsen Bandit


Bounty Summary: There have been complaints throughout Kugane! All of them regarding items being stolen while one is in an onsen. There’s one thing that each account shares. It seems that only nightly visitors seem to lose their belongings. Namely gil, jewelry, and any other shiny thing. The Sekiseigumi has mentioned someone in shinobi garbs stalking around at night. Specifically near the Bokaisen Hot Spring. They believe they are the one responsible for this. Catch them before they steal something else and report them to the Sekiseigumi!
How to identify; Someone in shinobi garbs stalking around the Bokaisen Hot Spring.
Location: Kugane
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of Completion from the Sekiseigumi.
Reward: 50,000


Bounty Summary: A sentry machine having been salvaged by the Saint Coinach team has had its operating data formatted by the nodes in Azys Lla, sending it into a state of free movement. Such a valuable resource would be a tragedy to lose, but even more so because of the data that has been collected on it thus far. It must be recovered!
How to identify: Dark gray metal arachnid-type machine, orange camera.
Location: Centrifugal Crystal Engine, Abys Lla
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The top cylinder of the machine which has the data storage.
Reward: 28,000 gil

Camouflage Pirate Pilo

Bounty Summary: From the staff of a prime eatery to the spice ships of the Seventh Sage, Pilo has snuck his way into whatever staff he desires in order to obtain the treasure he so desires. After a number of robberies in Limsa Lomsina, the public is in outrage. The local authorities are seeking specialised help for this investigation and arrest.
How to identify: Only identifying feature besides his short brown hair is a small, metal butterfly necklace.
Location: Limsa Lominsa. Next target, unknown.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion after turning in to the authorities.
Reward: 62,000 gil

Voxia’s Game of Chase

Bounty Summary: Plenty of parents bring their children with them for the day, letting them play in the flower fields as they get their work done. Unfortunately, a particularly “mischievous” sylph has decided to join in on their games of tag—chasing with magick flares and a tiny scythe. The children are horrified, and the parents are at their wits end. Voxia needs a taste of their own medicine.
How to identify: Violet tinted Sylph, quiet laughter from behind you.
Location: Fullflower Comb and Honey Yard, East Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with writ of completion from the Twin Adders.
Reward: 18,000 gil

Cork Heist

Bounty Summary: Some of the rarest wines saved from before the Calamity are stored in Wineport, and that news has somehow gotten out to the wrong people. Fortunately, the details are clear—the culprit in question for a recent theft is a woman by the name of Elina. While the wine may be gone, she is still on the run, and local officials have put up a reward for her capture. Beware her earth magicks.
How to identify: Green accented black hair, roughly five fulms tall.
Location: Most likely Upper La Noscea.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from local authorities.
Reward: 60,000 gil for writ of completion.

Furfuroon’s Cont

Bounty Summary: Deserters of the Ziggurat qiqirn tribe have tried to slowly integrate with the new and flourishing gyr albanian economy—except many do not understand currency or trade concepts beyond word alone. Furfuroon in particular has become a notorious thief of dried meats in particular, eluding the locals somehow just as smoke slips out from one’s fingers. The local merchants are at their wits ends and need the qiqirn to be taught the consequences of his actions.
How to identify: Black cloaked Qiqirn
Location: Rhalgr’s Reach, Gyr Abania
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from Ala Mhigan Resistance.
Reward: 22,000 gil

Gyokuo the Shin-Stabber


Bounty Summary: Apparently having learned everything about civilization from crime fiction, Gyokuo the Shin-Stabber has finally moved to the big city…and immediately started running a protection racket. He poses as an unassuming namazu, then demands a modest fee to leave your shins unstabbed.
How to identify: An unclothed namazu with a fancy trident
Location: Last seen skulking about the Akanezaka Markets, Shirogane
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Subdue Gyokuo and deliver him to the Sekiseigumi. Return with his trident.
Reward: 31,000g

Sunset Control

Bounty Summary: Most people do not think of boat trade when thinking of Ul’dah, but Silver Bazaar is finally beginning to see an influx in traffic again as Thavnari goods become both more available and more popular in Ul’dah. Unfortunately, a gang member of the Sunset Sisters has decided to cause trouble by turning off the nighttime lighthouse when the cargo ships draw close. This risks not only people’s lives, but millions of gil in goods! She must be stopped.
How to identify: Bright sunset pink hair, auri woman, dark skinned, black and white clothing, black headband.
Location: Seen in Western Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Capture her and receive writ of completion from local authorities.
Reward: 60,000 gil

Honey Runner

Bounty Summary: A boy has not been able to get control of the carbuncle he summoned—what’s worse, it’s been snatching any metal tool it spots straight from the people’s hands and runs away with it! He’s desperate for assistance, unsure of how to disperse the summon or regain control. Please catch and return it to him!
How to identify: Bright gold carbuncle.
Location: Ala Mhigan Quarter, The Lochs
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring the carbuncle back to Adarin to receive writ of completion.
Reward: 18,000 gil

Fresh Minotaur Meat

Bounty Summary: The Coliseum is looking for new attractions for gladiators to cut their teeth on. Luckily, a minotaur has appeared in the Churning Mists, wreaking havoc. If you can subdue and capture the beast, you’ll solve two problems at once.
How to identify: A massive gray minotaur wielding a giant sword
Location: Weston Waters, The Churning Mists
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Deliver the minotaur to the coliseum. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 46,000g

Pottery Problem

Bounty Summary: Suspicions towards staff have begun to arise of late among the Sultanate, as during a recent pottery auction, one of the highly anticipated items was missing. While the disgruntled staff have determined who it could possibly be, Miss Faerie has long since absconded. Seeking a head hunter with a strong tracking record.
How to identify: Grey haired roegadyn woman with a white sashed turban.
Location: Eye witnesses report her headed north of Ul’dah.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from Thanalan authorities. Bonus reward if prized bowl is returned.
Reward: 35,000 gil, 20,000 gil extra for the bowl given to either NightRaid or Brass Blades.

Alfr Brawl

Bounty Summary: Not being able to make enough to fund his journey back home to Gyr Abania, where his parents fought and died for their freedom, Alfr has taken to a life of banditry, targeting those who used to be his friends for his first easy successes. Now, he has been taking on more dangerous jobs, and his “ex”-friends would rather see him safe in gaol than skewered by a bodyguard’s blade.
How to identify: Pale skinned hyur, dirty blonde hair, white facial tattoos.
Location: Broken Water, Southern Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from Thanalan authorities.
Reward: 25,000 gil

Bokairo Scam

Bounty Summary: A mysterious man managed to scam the bokairo inn attendant with several nights’ worth of fake coins, leaving without a trace. It turned out the koban handed over was faulty and of no value. The Sekiseigumi are on the lookout for the individual responsible.
How to identify: The innkeeper described the man to have worn a green haori, dark hair and somewhat of a long beard. A viera individual.
Location: Near Bokairo Inn in Kugane.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A writ from the Bokairo innkeeper.
Reward: 43,000g

Operi Taperi

Bounty Summary: Operi has been a pain in the neck for the arcanist’s guild for quite some time, heckling and pestering to be allowed into the private library where dangerous tomes are kept. Finally, after much boasting, Operi has managed to steal the tome Apocalypse and made his escape. Ensure the safety of the relic above all else!
How to identify: Lalafell, white hair, blue garbs. Blue facial tattoos.
Location: Roaming Limsa Lominsa
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return Apocalypse to NightRaid HQ.
Reward: 32,000g for return of tome.

Burning habits

Bounty Summary: Several places throughout East Shroud have abruptly been set aflame, leaving several civilians critically injured, though no deaths have been reported so far. There has been a suspected arsonist on the loose who has managed to set aflame yet another structure!
How to identify: Lalafell gentlemen, looking rather innocent. Regular traveling clothes, dirty blonde hair, face covered in soot and ash.
Location: Honey Yard, East Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A writ of completion from those who ran the area.
Reward: 36,900g

Runaway Carriage

Bounty Summary: A notorious hijacker known for his thievery throughout Thavnair has struck again! This time, he has stolen goods from a merchant’s carriage in Yedlihmand, immediately escaping with said goods afterwards.
How to identify: Older hyur with light hair, dark skin, golden eyes wearing a dark green bandana.
Location: Last spotted outside of Yedlihmad, Thavnair
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return the carriage to the merchant in Yedlihmand and bring a writ from him to the office.
Reward: 33,000g

Horde hunts

These bounties bring attention to problematic groups, be it a swarm of invasive species, a group of criminals rising in activity or a brood of dangerous creatures from the void, when a cry for help of this nature is made this is where your help will be most appreciated. Expect multiple targets, these groups may take several sweeps and culling before the people of the realm are safe once more.

Bothersome Buzzing

Bounty Summary: Tarantula Hawks are a vilekin that often reside around the Dravanian HInterlands. While one or two stray bugs don’t often cause a problem, some have begun… collecting. Forming masses of their ranks. Obviously, this causes issues for any wanderers alongside Idyllshire proper. They’re looking for any mercenary that wouldn’t mind squashing a horde of bugs.
How to identify; A tight knit group of Tarantula Hawks.
Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A jar of Tarantula Hawk wings.
Reward: 5,000 per wing.

Black Widow Society


Bounty Summary: The Black Widow Society is a private social club of female mages–identifiable by their spider amulets–who operate out of The Goblet. But according to one local, as soon as they formed, young men have started disappearing left and right. He’s been invited to their next meeting, and he’s afraid he’ll be next.
How to identify: Female mages wearing spider amulets
Location: The Goblet, Ul’dah
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Take down the Society and ensure the client stays alive. Return with their amulets.
Reward: 3,500g per amulet

Cactuar of the Round

Bounty Summary: A group of Cactuar has been causing issues around Little Ala Mhigo! They look to be led by a ‘queen’ of sorts. The group has slipped out of the Sunken Temple of Qarn. Their wishes seem to be to take over any settlements for their own prickly brothers and sisters. They move in packs, so it’s suggested to be careful. Unless one wishes to become a pincushion.
How to identify: A tight-knit group of cactuar. Lead by a ‘queen’ with a flowery crown.
Location: Southern Thanalan, Sunken Temple of Qarn.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A jar of Cactuar needles.
Reward: 30,000 Gil.

Red Chocobo Party


Bounty Summary: A flock of Red Chocobo have somehow found themselves within Yanxia. Specifically near the Doman Enclave. They have settled on an island to the west of the docks. Considering any ships, no matter how small, to be a threat. They will proceed to drop their Choco-meteors atop anyone or anything. A Doman Merchant who has survived their onslaught is asking for help!
How to identify: Vibrant red plumage.
Location: Yanxia, an island to the west of the Mercantile Docks.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of Completion from the Doman merchant for taking out the chocobo’s ranks.
Reward: 45,000g

Ufti See, Ufti Do

Bounty Summary: The Ufti have generally kept themselves away from Palaka’s Stand. Causing little issues for the locals. That said, recently, one has decided on getting a little too close. Threatening anyone who actually leaves the area, scaring them right back. It seems like minded Ufti have joined him in the antics. An alchemist has called any adventurer for aid!
How to identify: Group of Ufti, kept close together.
Location: Thavnair, Ksiroda
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of Completion from the alchemist at Palaka’s Stand.
Reward: 50,000 Gil.

Vengeful Waking

Bounty Summary: Winter has ended, and a dozen bears have come out of hibernation far more irritable than they went into it, having awoken far too early. As much of their usual food stock is not yet available, the creatures have started mauling the houses in the wood for food instead, even taking small children. As the Woodwailers are often called to the scene too late, a hunter with a knack for tracking and ambush is asked for in particular to be rid of these extra aggressive foes.
How to identify: Dark black fur, somewhat matted from recent conflicts.
Location: East Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The right paw of each kill.
Reward: 8,000 per bear paw (for a total of twelve max)

Bully Season

Bounty Summary: Bandersnatches and chocobo have ever been enemies in Dravania, but with the recent population boom in the carnivores, they have become overly ambitious. What were previously very solitary hunters have begun to pack up to take down chocobo, only to fight each-other for the remains. The balance of the ecosystem must be reestablished, and these packs must be taken down.
How to identify: Bandersnatch packs picking fights with chocobos. Red haired and tusked. Growling and squawking heard from afar.
Location: Chocobo Forest, Dravanian Forelands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Tail of the bandersnatch
Reward: 7,000 gil per bandersnatch tail.

Worrisome Claws

Bounty Summary: Crag Claws are vilekin often seen around The Peaks. They have a tendency to linger around Mason’s Falls. Lately, they’ve been multiplying at a rather rapid rate. Making it difficult for anyone to traverse nearby. Some even mention hearing their skittering near Ala Gannha. It would be unfortunate for them to get too close. That would end with someone getting harmed. They’re looking for a mercenary to deal with the issue quickly.
How to identify; A large group of Crag Claws lingering around Mason’s Claws.
Location: Gyr Abania, The Peaks
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a jar of their stingers.
Reward: 7,000g for each stinger obtained.

Morbol Menaces

Bounty Summary: A figurative ‘goldmine’ for miners, Aurum Vale often attracts such fools to their venomous pools. Quite deadly and a home for many a morbol, the Holy See often keeps some guards at the entrance. Unfortunately, said morbols have begun to be… adventurous, to say the least. A group of which overwhelmed the guards that attempted to remain stalwart. Despise the cold it seems the group of seedkin aim to go further. Which would be quite dangerous. They look for outside help, perhaps an adventurer used to their… smells.
How to identify; A group of morbols near the entrance of Aurum Vale.
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Holy See.
Reward: 35,000

Fierce Fishers

Bounty Summary: The small fishing village of Akyaali has recently had an issue spring up. While normally they aren’t met with too much issue with their craft; nearby Valras have now tried to take over the area. They’ve gotten close, too close rarely, but it’s only a matter of time before they get extremely aggressive. To pick business back up they’re looking for a bit of help. Normally they would turn to the Radiant Host, but with things being busy lately; they’re looking for outside aid. Take them out!
How to identify; A group of Valras that have gotten a little too close to Akyaali.
Location: Thavnair
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the fishers within Akyaali.
Reward: 40,000

Seatrap Menace

Bounty Summary: Recently, a small swath of seatraps washed upon Bekko’s shore quite unremarkably. But in the coming fortnight, they multiplied so rapidly that now the people of Tamamizu are under strain to regain control over the invasive species as it chokes out the ecosystem, both as a whole and quite literally.
How to identify: Blue and purple spotting upon white, seaweed-like skin. Has a rope ‘tail’ that stands from the water.
Location: Isle of Bekko, near entrance to Tamamizu, Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The beak of each monster.
Reward: 3,000 gil for each beak.

Crustacean Celebration


Bounty Summary: While the crustacean life isn’t odd when it comes to La Noscea, let alone in Costa; some visitors have noticed they have been moving… closer. Too close for comfort, enough to send some away. Perhaps drawn in by the lights and partying, perhaps a chance for revenge for all the crab devoured. Either way, the Maelstrom is looking for an adventurer to help with the efforts.
How to identify: Red crabs that are abnormally close to Costa.
Location: Costa del Sol
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Maelstrom.
Reward: 25,000

Hamsa Troubles


Bounty Summary: The Hamsas around Thavnair are taken care of with the utmost care. Taken here or there, or even ridden to get someone to their destination. Friendly, birds without a thought behind the eyes. Except for a group of the wild ones. Their minds are set on aggression towards their domesticated brethren. A group at Glantsgall Grounds has been unable to move a group of Hamsa where they’re needed. As when they begin their trek, a group of birds begins to attack! The workers are looking for help so they can move freely once again.
How to identify: A group of Hamsa waiting to attack nearby Glantsgall Grounds.
Location: Thavnair, Glantsgall Grounds.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the head miner.
Reward: 20,000

Miners Rise Up

Bounty Summary: A group of excavation constructs has gone haywire! After a violent thunderstorm, these constructs started acting of their own volition, attacking the miners and taking the ore for themselves. Put a stop to these rogue constructs before anyone is killed!
How to identify: Humanoid constructs with copper plating and yellow accents.
Location: Nophica’s Wells, Western Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Destroy the constructs and return with their cores.
Reward: 4,000g per core

Nix Nightmare

Bounty Summary: While Mor Dhona isn’t necessarily the safest spot for miners; things have taken a turn for the worse. In various spots a group of Nix have hopped their way over to bother and harm. The giant frogs wait for them to arrive to strike. Lashing out with their sticky tongues, then attempting to flatten with their leaps. To keep work going they are looking for anyone to help at this point. Take out those Nix!
How to identify; A group of Nix bothering work sites.
Location: Mor Dhona
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the miners in Mor Dhona.
Reward: 30,000

Unlucky Teeth

Bounty Summary: The Garlean base nearby has taken to distanced tactics of late, throwing ravaging, snarling dogs to wander the countryside just outside Revenant’s Toll. While adventurers have been able to keep them outside the town borders, help is sought to thin out their numbers and push them back.
How to identify: Red markings, either a handkerchief or red paint.
Location: Camp Revenant’s Toll, west of the main town.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring back their tails.
Reward: 8,000 for each tail.

Great Gators


Bounty Summary: A horrible rain has dampened the shoreline where the Namazu of Yuzuka’s Manor reside, bringing in not one, but MANY gators. While they look very tasty, the locals insist they would prefer not to be fish food! Help save the Namazu by culling this newfound menace.
How to identify: Blade scaled gators.
Location: Yuzuka Manor, south west of Namai, Yamai.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The tail of each beast.
Reward: 6,000 gil per gator.


Bounty Summary: Such creatures have made their escape from the insides of the Wanderer's Palace, and patrons at the hot springs have begun to flee in horror as the creatures have invaded the east coast. Please help in eradicating the population!
How to identify: Mushroom capped cricket.
Location: Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The tongues of the creatures.
Reward: 7,000 gil per tongue.

Wayward Beasts

The following bounties typically involve the task of hunting down a rogue beast or a monstrosity endangering the livelihood of the realm. Proceed with caution and keep your wits about you, beasts of the earth and the other world will not hesitate to defend their stomping grounds or fight for their prey, no matter how depraved or chaotic.

Imbalanced Sasquatch


Bounty Summary: Through happenstance or magical accident, one of the endemic sasquatches of Hullbreaker Isle has been exposed to light-aspected aether, twisting its appearance and sending it into a frenzy. It must be put out of its misery, though be warned, the aetheric imbalance has imbued it with unusual strength and aggression.
How to identify: A large, especially hostile sasquatch with white fur
Location: Hullbreaker Isle, La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements:
Reward: 47,000g

Withering Siren


Bounty Summary: The form of true sirens are often misunderstood, having become romanticised by sailors for hundreds of years. While some may take the form of their past life to start, over time, that form distorts utterly into a reflection of their obsession. While the name of this calling mistress has not been heard, her calls have drawn many a drunk Convictory man into the pond and drowned them. Seeking a strong willed hunter that won’t be swayed by sweet song and sleeping perfume.
How to identify: White ‘dressed’ feminine figure over the pond, algae like fins of purple accents and red eyes.
Location: Inside Shoal Rock, Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The head of the siren.
Reward: 42,000 gil

Aquatic Steed

Bounty Summary: It seems a more… aquatic steed has found its way to The Fringes. Given the description of the beast, scholars would call this ‘Kelpie.’ While most of the water within Dimwold is merely a stream, it has found home there. It has been pushing out wildlife and adventurers alike with its fierce control over water. If it’s not taken care of, it may continue upstream and keep taking control of the area. Take it out!
How to identify; A horse with a darker turquoise body and vibrant purple fins.
Location: The Fringes, Dimwold
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring back one of its fins!
Reward: 57,000

Malicious Matanga

Bounty Summary: While normally fearsome within the Steppe, it seems a certain matanga has made its way elsewhere. A few Xaela from Reunion have mentioned it going towards the Ruby Sea. While they did not follow, they did express worry. Especially for those within Isari, considering that’s the closest spot to the Steppe. Those within Isari have begun mentioning attacks from a matanga. They need it taken out quickly before it fully goes after Isari.
How to identify; A large matanga near Isari, difficult to miss.
Location: Ruby Sea, East Othard Coastline
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring back the matanga’s club.
Reward: 62,000

Knock Knock Aevis


Bounty Summary: Incessant wailing and slamming against local homes have caused the town of Fallgourd Float a great deal of stress. Windows have been smashed to pieces and property damage is taking its toll. What will happen when the senseless destruction no longer satisfies this beast? The civilians will not wait to see the day.
How to identify: Coal black scales and a shrill cry that sounds like wailing.
Location: Around Finder’s Bluff, North Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A wing of the beast.
Reward: 34,000 gil

Aquatic Serpent


Bounty Summary: A serpent normally seen within Yanxia has gone on a rather lengthy trip. Making its way from the waters of Othard to Lower La Noscea. Perching itself atop the Salt Strand, even slithering near Candlekeep Quay. The beast has been harassing anyone that comes near it, even attempting to chase them down. Someone needs to take this out before it gains the courage to go further with its attacks.
How to identify; A large red serpent with purple upon its fins.
Location: Lower La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: A jar of the serpent’s scales.
Reward: 50,000

Bahrring Progress

Bounty Summary: Most dragons dislike sudden change, given their long lifespans, they have experienced the slow ebb of time and come to prefer it. But change is inevitable, and recent work between man, moogle, and dragon alike have come to infuriate a certain dragon into outrage. While their small size implies a minor nuisance, the psychic powers exerted upon the occupants of Bahrr Lehs have caused much agony and pain, committing even dragons to the ground. Something must be done.
How to identify: Blue runes line the wings of this beast—glowing blue aether can be seen flowing through them, especially when casting magicks.
Location: The Last Landlord, Churning Mists
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Both wings.
Reward: 38,000 gil for the wings.


Bounty Summary: Marid are typically tamed by Anantan peoples for a myriad of tasks and spiritual purpose, but many still yet live in the mountains. Recently, one such feral beast came under a fledging beastmage’s influence for but a few hours. Unfortunately, such inexperience led to its permanent enrage, and Guruvayoor broke free of control, traveling west and destroying much along the way. As all taming attempts have been met with failure, it is with great sadness that this beast must be put down.
How to identify: Red eyed marid, dark toned skin and trumpeting.
Location: Byron’s Bread, The Peaks
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Either tusk of the beast or the trunk.
Reward: 41,000 gil

Soju’s Shattered Chains

Bounty Summary: Halatali’s masters are suffering from their hubris yet again as another monster from their mists has escaped from the challenger tunnels! Soju in particular has grown horribly agitated over anything red that comes before him, chasing them down. While injuries have not been fatal, the locals are in horror as the Brass Blades turn a blind eye.
How to identify: Large axe, bulky bipedal beast with a brass helmet.
Location: Typically around the crossing south of Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The large helmet it wears.
Reward: 45,000 gil

Poultry Snatcher


Bounty Summary: The hunters from Tailfeather are all very skilled at what they do—hunt and capture chocobo to continue their way of life. But recently, a wyvern has begun to elude them and snatch away some of their birds! Strangely, it appears to move swifter than should be possible—perhaps there are some magicks at work?
How to identify: Silvery blue skinned body, wavy horns and sharp snout.
Location: Around the mountains of Chocobo Forest, Dravanian Forelands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The head of the beast.
Reward: 54,000 gil for the head.

Willow Heights

Bounty Summary: The loud roar of this enraged dragon can be heard as far away as Camp Dragonhead, yet it eludes the knights who work there, often flying over Ixali territory after attacks, where no knight will go. No one is quite certain who set off this beast, but it has been on rampageous assaults in Coerthas Central Highlands for the last two fortnights. Something must be done, even if it means putting it down...
How to identify: White scaled wyvern.
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands and Xelphatol, Coerthas Eastern Highlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Three of the hard ‘feathers’ from its body.
Reward: 62,000 gil

Aether Supper


Bounty Summary: A voidsent has quietly begun feasting off the people of Hyrstmill, pulling aether from their bodies as they walk over the bridges. While its body was chained from a previous attempt to stop it, those chains have broken off of the original binds... The people of the village are becoming more and more lethargic as the days go on, but they cannot find the monster on their own. A special hunter will be necessary.
How to identify: Snake-like figure with arms wrapped to body in chains. Glowing red runes along the body. No eyes and heavily toothed mouth.
Location: Hyrstmill, North Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Head of the voidsent.
Reward: 63,000 gil for the head.

Backdoor Security


Bounty Summary: Scientists are always learning more about Azys Lla. Sometimes by activating things, intentional or not, for the sake of science. Unfortunately, that scientific curiosity has set upon them an ancient security sphinx with laser attacks and a logic-defying ability to hover for short periods. While their current hire has properly evacuated them away safely, Ywun is looking for an adventurer (or few) to help him get their research back on schedule.
How to identify: Bright crimson runes, stone-appearance alloy.
Location: Helix, Azys Lla
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Allagan catalyst from one of the eyes.
Reward: 61,000 gil

Wanted Persons

The following bounties revolve around the take down of notorious or dangerous individuals. The targets are to be engaged with full caution, listed as the most volatile or heinous of criminals, the conditions for the bounty will likely call for the demise of the target or they will pose such a threat in combat there is no alternative.

Mijosnik’s New Reign

Bounty Summary: With the great power of the overaspected energy in Eureka, Mojisnik’s wildest dreams for strength have become realised seemingly overnight. While less of a problem in the wilds, he has taken to gleefully storming Port Surgate with his new-found powers and claims to go for Kugane soon! Stop him before he can leave shore.
How to identify: Glowing wind crystals in fur patches on face, purple furred hrothgar—youthful voice.
Location: Traveling about Eureka, Anemos region.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His wind-aspected staff. (Take great caution!)
Reward: 60,000 gil for staff as proof.

Swashbuckling Stefan


Bounty Summary: There have been wanted photos about Limsa for the man who calls himself ‘Swashbuckling Stefan.’ Rumor has it he’s a rather flamboyant pirate with enough bravado to go around. The issue here is that he wishes to be the best one around. To be on top of the three major crews within Limsa. Enough so that he’s attacking smaller ships outright. Taking down merchant ships or regular sailors alike. His ship is armed with rather potent weapons. He doesn’t often leave his ship, unless he returns to restock. Even then that’s rare. The Maelstrom is looking for a confident individual to go out to sea with a boat provided by them. Take out or bring in Stefan by any means necessary.
How to identify; Sails a ship with a vibrant pink skull and crossbones adorning it. Wears clothing of a similar shade. Hyur, midlander specifically.
Location: La Noscea, last seen sailing near Moraby Drydocks.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His fancy pink hat.
Reward: 65,000

Raise The Dead


Bounty Summary: The need for healers is always high no matter where you go. For a certain woman who roams the shroud, she’s using this to her advantage. Apparently she is bringing in sick and wounded people, only to make their ailments fester. Making them worse and worse, until the person eventually passes. From there, she raises the dead and adds to her forces. She’s rather keen on hiding and is talented at it. The people around merely call her the ‘Necromancer’ and nothing more. Find her and take her down, it is suggested to follow the scent of death.
How to identify; A Keeper dressed in darker robes, wanders around the Shroud rather than settle in one spot. Longer black hair with piercing red eyes. Always carries a staff.
Location: Black Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her staff, careful of anything nasty lingering on it.
Reward: 63,000

Coenred de Blackrocke

Bounty Summary: Recently, a major scandal broke out as Lieutenant Coenred slaughtered his fellow soldier through the guts, seemingly unprovoked. The typically coolheaded man strategically ran for Dusk Vigil, knowing full well of the superstitions and fear that swims in the hearts of all men in the garrison. No one will follow him in perhaps an adventurer will.
How to identify: Black and red uniform, red tailed helm. Red shield and black blade.
Location: Dusk Vigil, Coerthan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His blade and shield.
Reward: 63,000 gil

False Oracle

Bounty Summary: The skill of reading someone's fortune has always been sought after. A curious ability, that. For some in Ishgard, that curiosity has ended in their demise. A woman has been wandering around, offering these skills. Expecting whoever is interested to meet with her at the Steel Vigil. That way she has a better view of the stars. Unfortunately, whoever follows never comes back. No one is quite sure what happens to these individuals, but it can’t be good. Find her and take her down.
How to identify; A robed Elezen woman lingering around the Steel Vigil. Equipped with an Astrologian’s deck.
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands, Steel Vigil
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with her deck.
Reward: 55,000 Gil

Lyuben Æydis


Bounty Summary: Picking up where an old master fell, Lyuben has been practicing the fierce rage of water’s torrent in preparation of taking both revenge and new control. The Guild of the Red hand must not be allowed to revive itself, leaving no choice—Lyuben must be stopped.
How to identify: Blue gray hrothgar male with chainmail and navy cape.
Location: Fool Falls, Upper La Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His water-aspected tome.
Reward: 56,000 gil

Sacrilegious Shrine Maiden

Bounty Summary: There have been worried shrine goers lately. Rumors of a miko that has been moving around to different shrines attacking those that pray. She does not go after a certain Kami, nor does she seem to think too hard on who she’s attacking. It has made prayer a fearful act. Some have seen her fleeing the scene. She wears formal garbs and has a bright pink shade to her hair. She’s been running around Yanxia lately. Someone needs to find her and put a stop to these attacks.
How to identify; A Hyur woman dressed in formal shrine priestess wear. Keeps a Gohei on one side, dagger on the other. Fair skin, pink eyes, and similar colored hair.
Location: Yanxia, specifics unknown.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with her Gohei.
Reward: 67,000 Gil

Meticulous Machinist

Bounty Summary: Within Lower La Noscea they’ve been having… explosive issues lately. From a single man wandering around, testing his creations. Specifically around Blind Iron Mines. Which has caused many miners to be hurt by debris, or outright killed by the explosion itself. The Maelstrom has sent out members, but come back empty handed. Apparently it is quite difficult getting close to him. Considering all of the creations he has upon his belt. If the gun he has wasn’t enough, of course. They suggest that whoever takes this be familiar with machinery and able to be stealthy.
How to identify; A Roegadyn man donning a gunner’s garb, tool belt with explosives wrapped around his waist. Always wearing goggles that glow a faint verdant shade.
Location: Lower La Noscea, Blind Iron Mines
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of Completion from the Maelstrom.
Reward: 60,000 Gil

Enya the Second


Bounty Summary: Dalamud’s Talons often draw in the most fervent of mages from local cultists, and Enya is of no exception, following the footsteps of her predecessor over two years ago. The power left behind by the Calamity’s spines is most easily channeled near Mor Dhona and North Thanalan, leaving cultists the ability to master their magic’s destructive properties. By order of the Immortal Flames, Enya has grown far too powerful to be left alone and must be eliminated.
How to identify: Blue haired xaela woman. Owl mask, glowing purple necklace, dark fur cape.
Location: Often between Rathefrost, Mor Dhona and Dalamud’s Talon, North Thanalan.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Staff of Enya.
Reward: 74,000 gil

Raging Rio

Bounty Summary: A man named ‘Rio’ was an upcoming fighter within the Wolves Den. Fierce with the axe, though ever went too far. That was until during one of his fights he lost control. Tapping into his Inner Beast went horribly wrong. Losing control over his movements and knowing two things; rage and violence. Instead of knocking down or merely knocking over, he killed. After he fled the scene and somehow, through sheer force of will, managed to swim elsewhere. Still in La Noscea as there have been rumors and worries about a warrior that’s lost their mind. The Maelstrom is looking for someone to either bring him in or take him out. Whatever happens first.
How to identify; A Roegadyn man with glowing red eyes. Moves almost like a beast, rather than man. Dressed in red armor.
Location: La Noscea, specifics unknown.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Bring back the man’s axe and obtain a writ of completion from the Maelstrom.
Reward: 63,000

Saegyth of the Psilocybin

Bounty Summary: While the owner of the most prominent psilocybin trade in Western Coerthas has yet to be identified, one woman in particular has bloodied her hands to keep threats to their business from sprouting roots. The strangest thing is the fire her spell casting uses is a vivid neon green, instilling lingering effects of terror and hallucinations long after they’ve run away. Someone must deal with this mage as soon as possible.
How to identify: Lime green garbs. Average height hyuran woman, pink hair. Country accent.
Location: Oakum Landing, Coerthas Western Highlands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Her rapier.
Reward: 47,000 gil

Bruvin's Theory

Bounty Summary: Chemical warfare is not new to this star, but the manner worked upon by Geifox de Bruvins has caught the interest of locals at Tailfeather, and not on scientific curiosity. Just as ants follow the orders of pheromone scents to carry out tasks, so too do the hive mind of the gnath. It is this understand that Geifox has taken advantage of, testing further and further just how much he can command of these tribesmen from scent dropping alone. Hunters worry he is preparing an army and are looking for assistance to nip this in the bud.
How to identify: Greyed skin, mask and goggles, dark grene robes and dirty cyan hair.
Location: Loth ast Gnath, Dravanian Forelands
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His metal adorned almanac, marked with his family crest and hidden in his robes.
Reward: 44,000 gil for the almanac.

Dere on the Dunes

Bounty Summary: Thaumaturge Dere’s been busy while the Immortal Flames have been occupied with other tasks--quietly sneaking trade between him and the Zanr’ak Almalj’aa to earn himself his prize--a war drake of particular strength and stamina, fit for a trade empire ruled by fire. Would that it could be so simple. For now, though, he has already burned down half a dozen trade carts, fending off any competition from his family business. Such needless destruction can be suffered no longer.
How to identify: Bright red hair, lalafell male of 3 fulms 4 ilms. Will be seen with a desert drake.
Location: Red Labyrinth and Zanr’ak of Southern Thanalan
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His tome of casting, dark black and a metal ring from the drake’s limbs.
Reward: 56,000 gil

Muwichu of the Hills

Bounty Summary: Having recently come back from personal sails with a rather mad mental state, Muwichu lashed out against his old colleagues after disagreements on the reality of the world. He has since labeled the common people of la Noscea as ‘unenlightened’ and seeks rapture to right the wrongs of his homeland. Microfire balls—in numerous degrees—have become a standard spell in his arsenal, making evasion very difficult. Tread carefully.
How to identify: Red face paint, orange eyes, pale skinned lalafell with sharp ears and silver earrings. Brown leather garbs.
Location: Candlekeep Quay, Lower la Noscea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: His tome.
Reward: 43,000 gil

Icey Blights

Bounty Summary: Blauanka and Wyznhort have been thieves of some renown across the Ruby Sea ever for some time, obtaining riches that no one is quite sure are for. However, their crimes did not slip into manslaughter until very recently. The two of them both sport chakrams and excel in outsmarting their foes with their two on one tactics. What’s more, a combination of water and ice magicks between the two of them, respectively, makes escaping their wrath incredibly difficult. It will take much and more to take the two of them down.
How to identify: Similar heights, dark skinned roegadyn women of white hair and black facial markings. Black brimmed hats and blue and black clothing.
Location: The Ruby Sea
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Their brimmed hats and chakrams.
Reward: 86,000 gil

Cult of the Anarchist


Bounty Summary: An Elezen man known as the ‘Anarchist’ has been collecting people here and there. Through word of a new religion. That there is power through flame, that burning things down will bring about power. More importantly there is ‘Freedom Through Chaos.’ While he has not accumulated too many members, this man has still proved to be a threat. Causing small fires here and there that conjurers have had to put out. The Adders have asked for extra help with this man. They say to expect a small group, but hope someone can get this man alone.
How to identify: A Wildwood Elezen wearing bright red clothes, has fire crystals strapped to his side.
Location: The Black Shroud
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the Twin Adders.
Reward: 72,000

Yokai Threats

With the Far East serving as the home for the company and the leader no stranger to the home realm of yokai it often falls to NightRaid to assist the Apparent Realm from the ongoing barrage of threats making their way from the Hidden Realm. Here is the list of bounties that one way or another revolve around the supernatural entities of the East, never underestimate your targets.

(青坊主) Ao bōzu

Bounty Summary: Formerly priests, Ao bōzu are known to inhabit various abandoned structures and whatnot, making Yanxia the perfect brewing grounds for their malice. During the night, they tend to lurk dark dirt roads or paths throughout the growth. There have been sightings of what has been described to be the Bozu along with a child who has gone missing. Given their appetite for feasting on small children, it is suspected the Bozu is responsible.
How to identify: A blue-skinned priest-like figure donned in hingan robes.
Location: Spotted several times throughout Yanxia within abandoned structures.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The bozu’s priestly staff.
Reward: 75,700g

(札返し) Fudakaeshi


Bounty Summary: As recently, the distance between the mortal realm and hidden realm became thin, many homes started putting up protective charms to keep their families safe. Of late, though, and quietly aggressive Fudakaeshi has kept up efforts to have these protections removed. Her intentions are not for pure mischief, however—but rather to allow for the misfortune toward mortals that they so fear. As they cannot rip off the charms themselves, many have been pursued to help her do so by offering any number of reward, only to be met with calamity days to even hours after the fact.
How to identify: Transparent appearance and traditional garbed hyuran woman with a neutral demeanour. Wears an uncanny smile after she has gotten her way.
Location: Civilian housing district past Rakusui Gardens in Kugane, Hingashi
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of completion from the locals being tormented.
Reward: 67,000 gil

(乳の親) Chinouya

Bounty Summary: Chinouya are yokai who take care of the spirits of dead children. Normally kind, though, are dangerous to living children. Able to sap the life out of one, should they attempt to offer them care. In this case, one has become far too corrupted to be saved. She has been swimming around the Glittering Basin within Yanxia. Looking to attack anyone who comes near the shore. Should the person be a child, she will attempt to drag them under. Someone needs to stop here before she does further damage.
How to identify; A ghostly human woman with long black hair, as though just washed. She will attack on sight.
Location: Yanxia, The Glittering Basin
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a piece of the Chinouya’s locks of hair.
Reward: 62,000

(小天狗) Kotengu


Bounty Summary: Kotengu have little care for mortals usually. Bird of prey looking creatures with human-like features. They will use others for their own gain and often attack for little reason. Usually for their own amusement. This kotengu has, unfortunately, been attacking far more often. Making it difficult for certain tribes to move about. Even when they travel in groups. It is said to be EXTREMELY prepared if someone is to take this job. Tengu in general are very fierce fighters.
How to identify; A bird of prey with human-like features. Stalks the mountains in Azim Steppe, often flies in near Nhaama’s Retreat to attack.
Location: Azim Steppe, near Dhoro Iloh.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a few feathers on the Kotengu’s wings.
Reward: 75,000

(黒坊主) Kuro bōzu

Bounty Summary: Kuro bōzu are dark yokai that look like a bald-headed monk. Their entire bodies are black, as well as their clothes. They haunt areas inhabited by people. Sneaking into homes to suck the sleeping breath out of mainly women. They also slide their putrid tongues along faces. This one in particular is sneaking into homes and staying long enough to make people ill. Even far enough to suck so much breath out of people that it leaves them on the cusp of death. They need someone to track this yokai down and stop it. Which might be difficult, considering how fast these things can move.
How to identify; A shadowy yokai that looks like a shadow. Its entire body is black, as are the robes it wears.
Location: Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a piece of cloth from its robes.
Reward: 75,000

(うわん) Uwan!

Bounty Summary: Uwan are named after the very sound they make. Uwan! They will often haunt empty temples or empty houses. Their entire goal is to wait for someone to pass by and jump out at them. From there, they will scream ‘Uwan!’ Should the individual pass out, they’ll never wake up from the Uwan stealing their essence. If they scream the noise right back, it will flee. This specific Uwan has been jumping out with little care for these rules. It will attempt to take someone’s essence by attacking them outright. It has been stalking around various abandoned homes or temples around Namai. Stop it!
How to identify; A shorter creature with a hunchback. Screams ‘Uwan!’ when someone is close.
Location: Yanxia, near Namai
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a writ of completion from the locals.
Reward: 60,000

(塗壁) Nurikabe

Bounty Summary: Nurikabe, the invisible wall! One will materialize when someone gets close, but is easy to handle. A simple tap of the stick on the ground near it and it will fade. That said, there is no way around it until that happens! This Nurikabe, however, has been outright attacking anyone it appears in front of. Leaving only a few moments to flee before it begins to move. If it gets too close, it will tip and look to crush whoever unfortunate enough to find it at night.
How to identify; An invisible wall that appears when one gets close at night. It will attack on sight.
Location: Kugane
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Return with a piece of the wall.
Reward: 70,000

(がらっぱ) Garappa

Bounty Summary: A type of Kappa has made an emergence near One River, startling and attacking various fishermen or those who dare come near the waters it has claimed as its territory. These reclusive cousins to the Kappa are typically harmless, but this particular Garappa has been out for blood of mortals!
How to identify: Green skin, turtle shell back, disturbingly long limbs.
Location: One River, Yanxia
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Cloth wrapped around his wrist.
Reward: 67,400g

(後神) Ushirogami

Bounty Summary: Ever since a civilian’s usual evening stroll through the streets of Kugane, they have been experiencing a strange occurrence that has amounted to their day-to-day torment. What is suspected to be an Ushirogami, known as a ‘behind spirit’ preys on their sanity, nibbling at the back of their head, ripping their hair out, remaining latched onto their shoulders. Sometimes they’re capable of turning themselves invisible to the mortal eye.
How to identify: Small, dark hair, eastern garbs, deformed jaw, ghostly apparition.
Location: Shirogane Residence
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ from civilian of the yokai’s exorcism.
Reward: 76,000g

(古庫裏婆) Kokuri babā

Bounty Summary: Some priests within Yanxia have made an effort to rediscover several abandoned temples, though one in particular has been inhabited by a Kokuri babā of aggressive nature. Entrails of mortal flesh have been laid in the temple courtyard, as well as fresh blood. The priests seek one capable of ridding their aggressor that feeds on innocent people.
How to identify: Elder scraggly looking woman with tattered clothing, utilizing a knife to cut up flesh.
Location: Abandoned temple within Yanxia.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Recover the knife the old woman uses for cutting up body parts.
Reward: 55,000g

(迷い船) Mayoibune

Bounty Summary: A strange phenomenon has once again emerged from the waters of the Ruby Sea. Mayoibune appears to sailors who stay on the seas late at night. They begin as phantom sounds—unpleasant cackles which sound like dozens of people, although no people or ships are anywhere to be seen. Next, strange orbs of fire appear on the surface of the water and drift about. Soon enough, a ghost ship has been spotted.
How to identify: Glowing orbs floating through the waters, leading up to an abandoned foggy looking ship.
Location: Ruby Sea’s waters.
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ from the confeds.
Reward: 56,700g

(影鰐) Kagewani

Bounty Summary: The Kojin within Tamamizu speak of a large shark swimming about. Time to time stalking their home, other times swimming towards ships. Lurking. When a person’s shadow touches the water, the shark eats it. Causing a person to disappear. Completely. While they aren’t sure if stopping it will bring those who fell victim back; they need it to be stopped soon.
How to identify: A large shark that stalks ships.
Location: The Ruby Sea, Tamamizu
Trophy / Bounty requirements: The Kagewani’s dorsal fins.
Reward: 85,000

(青行燈) Ao andon

Bounty Summary: Ao andon are born from high amounts of terror. Formed out of the built up fears. With many reports of impure yokai doing this and that, those fears have risen. A demonic woman with blue skin, horns, sharp claws and blue robes. She stalks the Doman Enclave at night, causing people to hide within their homes. Her strength only continues to grow the longer she’s allowed to roam. Local priests are asking for aid before she becomes too difficult to deal with.
Location: Doman Enclave
Trophy / Bounty requirements: Writ of Completion from the local priests.
Reward: 78,500

elite bounties

These bounties are more difficult tasks that require a group. It is advised that these jobs are not done alone. One of our officers will be accompanying the group, who will meet at a set time to embark on this bounty. Various strengths as well as communication and teamwork will be needed to complete bounties listed here.
(These events usually are DM'ed by a Bounty Officer. Join the discord to be notified of Elites in order to sign up!)
View the Hall of Fame

See the discord's #bounty-board for more details!

Hall of fame

Here stands the index of Elite Bounties of the past and the valiant hunters who helped slay them, a record to be honored forever. View more Hall of Fame moments in our server's discord.


Tetsuro, alongside several regulars of Bounty Call, have been seeing to multiple incidents and reports regarding the current Yakuza incidents throughout Kugane. The yakuza have been pulling a scandal of luring the less fortunate to be kidnapped and held for ransom, as well as threatening larger organizations and the Sekiseigumi under the guise as noblemen. Ultimately, kidnapping known rakugo artist Kou Shinsuke into a theater after throwing a ransom at NightRaid and its hunters to act.Tetsuro Wulf
Kerzone 'Wisp' Treaty
Ryuu Doragon
Scilla Nobuyuki
Thanatos Pyri
L'amp Tia
Salem Tia
Sejad Moenfyst
Narthorne Eldwright
DM & Organizer: Tetsuro Wulf02.28.2022

The Void looms (plotline)

Bounty Summary: Uprising of voidsent creatures in the east. Seems they are primarily active at night and vanish in the day. Most do not attack, though some certainly have. Particularly concentrated in Shirogane as of late. A man by the name of Rennir had been sending his void creatures via his control to terrorize the people of Kugane into being feasted upon to empower his creation, Legion, in order to get back at a corrupt Hingan noble who originally done him wrong. Multiple elites led up to Rennir's ultimate demise after a moon-long chase.Ryuu Doragon
Tetsuro Wulf
Kerzone "Wisp" Treaty
Almak Starstriker
Rosik Ren
Ry'lah "Ry" Dinhe
Asher Cross
Rose Chohako
Neroki Etherious
Ganzorrig Malaguld
Z'attano Rhinki
Yisulan Dhoro
Kiyomi Hanyashi
Mikhail Ymir
Hiroyuki Hidemoto
M'rhaxis Tia
Azh Urra
Nan'to Vaadrage
DM: Tetsuro WulfCo-DM: Nan'to Vaadrage, Ninka'ir Tayuun, Kerzone Treaty11.29.2021

into the spider's web

Bounty Summary: In the dark parts where life is lacking, the disappearances of various travellers have risen to an alarming rate in the area. And those who go looking.. Typically end up going missing as well. Folks suspect that it's some strange supernatural phenomenon, for it’s far too terrifying for it to merely be a single killer. Out of fear, both the locals and authorities have called upon elite and experted hunters to deal with the situation.Tetsuro Wulf
Ryuu Doragon
Rose Chohako
Kerzone "Wisp" Treaty
Kheree "Raven of the Tumet" Haragin
Ulric Alvar
DM: Tetsuro Wulf10.20.2021

Infernal Temptress

Bounty Summary: Locals in the Ruby Sea are whispering in hushed tones about the Infernal Temptress, a powerful succubus who feeds on lonely sailors, before retreating to Hell’s Lid, where the flames and smoke are too dangerous for anyone to follow her. She’s fed on so many and evaded capture for so long that her power grows insurmountable. Her reign of terror must be stopped, but be warned, she should be considered extremely dangerous. If the volcanic smoke and heat don’t spell your end, she will.Ninka'ir Tayuun
Hye'jin Cho
Khalja Mordius
Rose Chohako
Zemma Ymir
T'penga Maika
DM: Ninka'ir Tayuun09.20.2021

Hingashi slave trade

Bounty Summary: After the completion of a search and rescue bounty that had been on the board for months, a bounty hunter discovered the existence of a human trafficking ring that specifically targets young men and women to sell as servants and slaves. The scale of their operation is presumed to extend across Othard, Hingashi, and perhaps even the coasts of Dalmasca and Bozja. The ring leader of this syndicate of thieves has the protection of an immensely powerful and skilled swordsman. A witness's account suggests that the ring leader themselves is not to be underestimated.Tetsuro Wulf
Ryuu Doragon
Kerzone "Wisp" Treaty
Opalarie Kuroikaze
DM: Tetsuro Wulf08.16.2021


Bounty Summary: The destruction of Castrum Meridianum has greatly reduced the number of lingering Garlean troups to almost none, thus allowing the Immortal Flames to focus their efforts to holding their position in Gyr Abania. Despite the many quiet moons, a horrifying mechanism has arisen, wandering Raubahn's Push. To make matters worse, workers from the ceruleum plant have begun to go missing, their bodies being left at Dalamud's Talons. Biance, one of the supervisors on site at the Ceruleum Processing Plant, has a bounty out for this horrifying contraption. She seeks the aid of skilled adventurers to get the job done.Nan'to Vaadrage
Rose Chohako
Ryuu Doragon
Aquamarine Florette
Lyahna Rajsha
Sumiko Rijin
DM: Nan'to Vaadrage07.18.2021

N’barkat Tia

Bounty Summary: A noble house from Ishgard has been insulted by the findings of N’barkat Tia. Accusing him of murder, inciting violence, social and political instability for those of House Rousseu. The Lady Clarise, and head of the household is particularly spurred with all of her family’s hard work laid to waste. The Bounty is to come in alive and to be tried later in Halone’s court.Tetsuro Wulf
Kerzone 'Wisp' Treaty
Alphonse Aliquam
Katsumi Okamiko
Ryuu Doragon
Ashley Xora
DM: N'barkat / N'asad Tia05.23.2021

(イクチ) Ikuchi

Bounty Summary: Ikuchi have always been a talk and big fear amongst importers and sailors traveling out of the docks of Ruby Sea and throughout its waters. Even those of Sui-no-Sato have spoken of this wretched serpent-like beast. But now.. Their long-endured fear has come true. A surviving sailor from one of the recently destroyed boats heading out managed to return to their dock, claiming that Ikuchi had surfaced and tore into their ship. These attacks are said to have happened late at night. It is recommended to face Ikuchi with more than one person, and confederates are willing to accompany.Loksia Grimheart
Kerzone "Wisp" Treaty
Elwood Deadlight
Celena Yuki
Sjana Isshu
DM: Tetsuro Wulf04.18.2021

Corrupt Underground Auction

Bounty Summary: There have been underground reports of an illegal auction hosted somewhere in the Goblet. Undercover attendees have reported that these auctions issue all sorts of forbidden and stolen relics, as well as even slave trafficking, auctioning off innocent people against their will. There is no exact guess on how long this particular underground auctioning has been going on for, but intel has reported it’s next hosted night. Typically, the auctioneer is anonymous as well as the attendees and hosted as a ‘masquerade’ auctioning. So those looking to infiltrate and bust should dress accordingly in order to make it in.Kerzone 'Wisp' Treaty
Loksia Grimheart
Marcelloix Axios
Azramia D'aleval
Farrson Odim
DM: Tetsuro Wulf01.07.2021

Captain Grymborn

Bounty Summary: With the fall of Zimon the Determined Fifth and Zylus the Lucky Seventh, the Maelstrom have bounded forth upon the leads granted through their link pearls, evidence on their person and from the word of the rescued captives. With another fresh lead the Maelstrom Captain Salim is looking for outside help to assist him in engaging Captain Grymborn, the ring leader of this slave trade to bring him down and into imprisonment once and for all.Edgard Beaumont
N'asad Tia
C'rik Tia
Jace Nite
Rosik Ren
DM: Salim Sun10.04.2020

Beau’s Monster

Bounty Summary: Where it was thought killing Beau would end his mad science, his creation remains to outlive him and carry on his legacy. The project he spoke of so fervently with is displeased that its master has stopped its feeding. It has turned to escaping its prison to feast upon the corrupted aether surrounding Pharos Sirius. It has already grown since being spotted first... If nothing is done, the tower may collapse, and it may look elsewhere for nourishment...Aultena Sephimiri
Loksia Grimheart
Azazel Hasegawa
Zanshin Kutabare
Ryza Eclipse
Nan'to Vaadrage
DM: Nan'to Vaadrage08.24.2020


Bounty Summary: A relic collector has found a magical object in an old temple, however he was chased out by a vicious Hydra before he could retrieve the item. A hefty reward has been offered for those brave enough to slay the beast and retrieve the item for his collection.Tetsuro Wulf
Vincent Arius
Zahra Kha
Nan'to Vaadrage
Amelia Sualocin
Plum Hjarusa

Odd jobs

Various smaller and simple jobs that do not quite require combative expertise. Jobs such as: gathering, delivery, cleaning, menial chores, research, investigation. These jobs do not pay as much as the given bounty jobs, generally.

Spirit Communing

When the balance between the realm of the mortals and that of the otherworldly begin to topple it's up to the spiritually trained and aware to help stop the plight before matters get worse. Be aware, these jobs require utmost caution and serious attention.

Temple Aid

Job Summary: There has been an increased activity of various spirits throughout the lands. The temple of Ruijin Ko is looking for help while the majority of monks are away on spiritual duty. Temple help involves dousing the areas with holy water, cleaning, sweeping, restocking.
Location: Ruijin Ko Temple - Yanxia
Job requirements: Must be used to interacting with entities such as spirits and shikigami. Return a writ from the temple.
Reward: 5,000g an bell

Off to Sea

Job Summary: Takiwaro are mountain spirits that live within the mountain for three years. After those three years are up, they migrate to the sea to turn into Enko. All for the cycle to repeat. A Takiwaro has asked for assistance with this trip! May it be because of nerves or what, it is unknown. They simply need a chaperone of sorts to go from the Prism Lake to The Glittering Basin!
Location: Yanxia
Job requirements: Help the Takiwaro out to sea! Come back with a wooden kappa charm for reward.
Reward: 7,000

A Need for Flowers

Job Summary: The spirits of Ginkgo trees, or Bake ichō no sei, have been looking for something new. While the trees themselves are beautiful, they wish for someone to plant flowers around. With warmer weather coming soon, who can blame them? They smack their mallets upon their gongs in want and desire. It would be best to not leave them wanting for long. Plus, who could deny something so relaxing?
Location: Namai
Job requirements: Plant as many flowers as the spirits want and return with a spiritually infused Ginkgo leaf.
Reward: 25,000

Aimless Soul

Job Summary: Furaribi are small, flying creatures that are covered in flame. It normally appears near riverbanks. They have the body of a bird, with a face that’s dog-like. It simply floats around aimlessly. They are lost souls who didn’t receive proper ceremonial rites. Which stops them from passing on properly. One has been sighted appearing around the Azim Steppe. Find it and offer proper rites to allow the spirit to pass on.
Location: The Azim Steppe
Job requirements: Offer the Furaribi proper ceremonial rites, whatever it may request. Return with a feather from its body. Beware the flames.
Reward: 30,000


Job Summary: Stricken with horrid sleep deprivation, a woman has put out a request for treatment or some form of aid that no regular doctor has been able to cure. Repeated instances of terrifying sleep deprivation as though something… or someone sits upon her chest. The description seems to match that of some sort of spirit causing Kanashibari.
Location: Shirogane Residential District
Job requirements: Someone must watch over the patient as she sleeps and convince the spirit that appears on her form to go away, or exorcise, or pacify it peacefully.
Reward: 23,000g

Imaginary Fiends

Job Summary: Mimi’s parents thought their daughter’s imaginary friend was no more than a harmless childhood fantasy, until she started acting oddly, having knowledge of things that no child should. Now her parents suspect that this imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all.
Location: Lavender Beds, The Black Shroud
Job requirements: Investigate Mimi’s imaginary friend, and exorcise it if necessary. Return with a writ of completion.
Reward: 17,000g

Soufflé From Beyond

Job Summary: Shino has a trick up her sleeve to impress her girlfriend’s family: her grandmother’s legendary cheese soufflé. There’s just one problem: her grandmother passed on before she was able to pass down the recipe. Not even death can stop Shino, however, and she’s looking for a spiritually-inclined adventurer to help contact her grandmother from the other side.
Location: Journey’s End, Old Sharlayan
Job requirements: Hold a séance for Shino’s grandmother to get the soufflé recipe.
Reward: 15,000g and a cheese soufflé


Job Summary: Buruburu is known as the sound of ‘shivering’ in doman onomatopoeia. In this case, a man has stated he believes the spirit of cowardice known as buruburu has latched onto him, causing him to be unusually afraid of almost everything and constantly shuddering or shivering.
Location: Yanxia, Namai
Job requirements: Exorcise the spirit that has latched onto this gentleman.
Reward: 15,000g

Occupational Shifts

The true odd jobs! Listed below are a variety of positions that need to be covered in the short and long term, typically of the domestic and manual labour nature!

Poolside Wellness Wanted

Job Summary: Snowsoak Springs is preparing themselves for a busy opening season, especially as the warmer months approach. With that in mind, they’re looking for massage therapists. Permanent positions available for those who do well.
Location: Snowsoak Springs, The Firmament
Job requirements: Offer massages to clients who visit the Springs. Professional experience required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 6,000g per day

Fête Mascot

Job Summary: While the Empyreum was finished some time ago, Ishgard still holds Fêtes to be festive! Normally there are three mascots! Sadly, the individual who usually plays Mighty Moogle has fallen ill! They’re in need of someone to don the costume and host a few games. Surely an adventurer would be willing?
Location: Ishgard, Empyreum
Job requirements: Return with a Writ of Confirmation.
Reward: 10,000

Salted and Squashed

Job Summary: After a long day at the Saltery, residents of Ala Gannha are coming home to find their cliff-face homes infested with salt mites! Every time they squash one, five more take its place. They could really use the extra hand quelling the infestation.
Location: Ala Gannha, The Peaks
Job requirements: Exterminate the salt mite menace, then return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 20,000g, plus a pound of coarse rock salt

Flood Season

Job Summary: Intense rains have hit the shroud of late, and plenty of smaller streams have begun to get littered with leaves and other debris knocked from the storm. In turn, they have begun to overflow, not allowing for proper water flow. Damage to the soil beds and structure of the land is a major concern to the guild, and they are looking for additional help in clearing the water paths.
Location: Meet at Botanist’s Guild for work all over the Shroud
Job requirements: Must be comfortable with rain, getting wet, and physical labor. Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 15,000 per day of help (6 hour shift)

Roof repairs

Job Summary: A request has been put in for the repair of a leaky roof at the infamous Hermit’s Hovel! Sabrina can’t do it alone, however.. And all the other repairmen have their hands full. Anyone who’s able to swing a hammer under sun and rain is more than qualified.
Location: Outer la Noscea, Hermit’s Hovel
Job requirements: Writ from Sabrina the repairwoman!
Reward: 10,000 per bell

Going Barnacling

Job Summary: Scraping barnacles off the bottom of boats may not seem like the most glamorous work, but it’s sorely necessary, before the creatures pile up and damage the hull. Among the Confederacy, barnacling is typically considered grunt work for their junior members, but with many of their ranks either ill or out at sea, they’re short-handed. They are willing to pay extra for the labor.
Location: Onokoro, The Ruby Sea
Job requirements: Report to Onokoro and work on removing barnacles without damaging the boats. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 7,000g per day

Triad Overseer

Job Summary: Do you know Triple Triad like the back of your hand? Do you have a keen eye for detecting cheaters? The Gold Saucer is looking for temporary officials for an upcoming tournament. You’ll be overseeing the matches and ensuring everyone plays fair.
Location: The Manderville Gold Saucer, Thanalan
Job requirements: Report to the Saucer. Return with a signed time card with the number of hours worked.
Reward: 4,000g per hour, plus an MGP platinum card

The Hard Rush

Job Summary: Every few moons, groups of Ishgardian citizens tour Dravania to learn of the Dragonsong War. During the trip, it’s customary to stop by The Hard Place in Idyllshire for a drink and a bite to eat, so The Hard Place is looking for temporary staff to help with the rush. You’ll be tasked with making drinks and taking plates to tables. Swine suit not required.
Location: Idyllshire, The Dravanian Hinterlands
Job requirements: Report to The Hard Place. Return with a signed time card with the number of hours worked.
Reward: 3,000g per hour, plus tips

Cheap Laughs

Job Summary: There are fewer hot springs visitors during the cold months, leaving the owner of the Bronze Lake Tavern to seek other means of getting people in the door. That’s when the idea of a comedy night occurred to him. Do you think you have what it takes to keep a crowd laughing? If you’re good, you’ll be asked to return for multiple nights.
Location: Camp Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea
Job requirements: Perform a stand-up routine at the Bronze Lake Tavern. Must have at least two hours of material. Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 5,000g per night

Miner Support

Job Summary: Workers at the Nanawa mines are looking for the assistance of those able to lend their hands about their camp. Help is needed to transport debris and dirt from within the mine to the outside so as to not block the tunnels.
Location: Nanawa Mines, North West of Black Brush Station, Central Thanalan.
Job requirements: Dispose of any debris asked, manual labour intensive. Safety and protection gear will be provided and returned on site, meals and refreshments also offered.
Reward: 5,700g per day.

Shirogane Shores Clear Up


Job Summary: While those from outside nations are welcome to pass through the Kugane ports, a degree of respect for the land and its people is to be expected. Not long ago however a foreign party spontaneously arrived, making use of the open seating and facilities and left behind a mess and absconded before the sun had risen. Broken bottles, patches of spilled drink, remains of food scattered about, there’s a need for a clean up and to find those responsible if possible.
Location: Shirogane Shores
Job requirements: Clear up the site of celebrations
Reward: 20,000g, accommodation and meals at Bokairo Inn expenses paid for. 30,000g bonus if able to find those responsible.

Search and Rescue

Below are the listings of reported missing peoples, animals and items across the realm, though they may also be posted locally. Safe return of the given target is obligatory.

Unherd of Hamsa

Job Summary: A Thavnairian herder of hamsa has reported a missing hamsa of the herd! He is worried that he’ll flee to join the wild hamsa roaming the lands, or getting hurt.
Location: Near the Great Work, Thavnair
Job requirements: Bring back a writ from the herder.
Reward: 18,000g

Advorr’s Assault

Job Summary: After the great setback from their last air balloon crash, the Ixali are after a bigger and better engine for their airship--and they want Advorr to make it happen. Caught unawares while traveling from Fallgourd Float, the local airship pilots of Gridania beseech a brave adventurer to save him!
Location: Ixali Logging Grounds, North Shroud
Job requirements: Return Advorr to Gridania safely and receive writ of completion from client or Twin Adders
Reward: 35,000 gil for writ

Vilekin Researcher

Job Summary: An Ul’dahn researcher named Romero has recently gone out to analyze wildlife. Specifically, Vilekin! What better place than to look over Cutter’s Cry within Central Thanalan? Sadly, his wife hasn’t seen him for days and worries he may have gotten lost or worse. She’s looking for someone to help find her husband!
Location: Central Thanalan, Cutter’s Cry
Job requirements: Save her husband and bring back a writ of completion.
Reward: 35,000

Sally in the Snowdrifts

Job Summary: Of all the rotten luck, of course her compass had to fumble out of her bag into the snowdrift, never to be found again. And unfortunately, due to the heavy aetheric levels in Pagos, and the forces that reside in these lands, tracking her down has become difficult and dangerous. While she has plenty of supplies to hunker down for a while, she would really like to go home. Please help her find her way back to Icepoint!
Location: Thought to possibly be around Brushtip Gap, Pagos region of Eureka.
Job requirements: Writ of completion from client.
Reward: 30,000 gil

Cracked Daisies

Job Summary: Twin Daisy is an experienced mushroom hunter, but during much of the occupation, she was unable to forage in her usual haunts from twenty years past. Now that the country is freed, she returned to the cliffs with her gear, only to find that the rock was weak in places it hadn’t been before and falling a fair distance. While she has food, she has sprained her ankle from the fall and cannot get back up the cliff. Someone needs to retrieve her carefully.
Location: Cliffsides south of the the Lochs
Job requirements: Must be capable with rock climbing equipment. Return Daisy to the Ala Mhigan Quarter and obtain writ of completion.
Reward: 38,000 gil

Agatha Hunter

Job Summary: While claiming to be Explorer Number One, Agatha often finds herself in far away and scary places at the end of her ventures, soon realising she doesn't know her way back. Her mother is horribly worried as she hasn’t come home in a day. Won’t someone please find her child?
Location: Somewhere in the West Shroud.
Job requirements: Writ of completion from client’s mother.
Reward: 30,000 gil

Castaway Lion

Job Summary: The Cieldalaes have only recently begun having closer cargo travel in their waters, having strict regulations in order to protect the tribes people who live there. Unfortunately, this means much of the seas are still unfamiliar, and Little Lion fell victim to a storm after becoming lost. While he has a general idea of the options to his whereabouts, the man is unsure where exactly he crashed ashore to beyond direct landmarks. He is counting on one’s expertise of the islands to find him.
Location: The Cieldalaes, Rhotano Sea
Job requirements: Boat is necessary for this rescue. Retrieve the man (and if possible, his trade goods). Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 50,000 gil

Tunnel Vision

Job Summary: La Noscea is filled with secrets, but one of the most unseen of them may very well be the many abandoned tunnels of kobold mines. While intriguing and often filled with useful metal scraps, they can become confusing to navigate very quickly. L’fen’s husband knows this well, but hasn’t seen his wife in several days after she left to collect metal for their crafts. Please ensure she hasn’t been captured, hurty or worse—and bring her home too!
Location: U’ghamaro Mines, Outer La Noscea
Job requirements: Writ of completion from her husband.
Reward: 22,000 gil for her return.

Yeshu under Pressure

Job Summary: While heading out to gather herbs and rare mushrooms for a remedy for her patient, Yeshu accidentally went past local viera territory and was taken hostage by the Ixali. Troubled and unable to return to her sick patient, she called for help by pearl—having a younger tribemate put out word for her rescue. Her patient’s life is on the line, so hurry and find her!
Location: Xelphatol, North Shroud
Job requirements: Writ of completion from client.
Reward: 40,000 gil

Salem in Red


Job Summary: A young and brave Keeper set off on his own to capture and tame his very own red chocobo! Except it went horribly, horribly wrong, and he was nearly killed in the process of running away. He hides now in a cave south of the Chocobo Forest, injured and unable to escape. Please bring him back safely to his brother in Tailfeather (who knows better than to go near a red chocobo alone)!
Location: South of the Chocobo Forest, Dravanian Forelands
Job requirements: Writ of completion from client’s brother.
Reward: 38,000 gil

Lost at Sea

Job Summary: None have seen hide nor hair of the Lancer’s Folly since they set out from Costa Del Sol last week. With an uncannily thick fog descending on the seas, the Maelstrom is worried that a routine trade voyage may have taken a turn for the worse. Looking for a seafaring adventurer to help find them!
Location: Last seen off the coast of Bloodshore, Eastern La Noscea
Job requirements: Locate the Lancer’s Folly and her crew, then escort them back to Costa Del Sol. Return with a patch with the Lancer’s Folly insignia.
Reward: 25,000g

Deliveries and Escorts

The world is ever moving and as such that means the people and their produce must keep moving too! Below are listings placed by clients looking for assistance with moving, protecting, guiding and transporting individuals or their belongings from one place to another with absolute priority and safety.

Deliver With Care

Job Summary: A merchant from Ul’dah is in need of someone capable of bringing fragile cargo from the city to Southern Thanalan. Plates, bowls, goblets, all packed and ready to be picked up but in dire need of arriving unscathed, the local brigands and beasts posing such a threat that would make the journey unsafe.
Location: Sapphire Avenue Exchange, Ul’dah.
Job requirements: Deliver the cargo safely to Little Ala Mhigo.
Reward: 12,000g for safe delivery.

Food Delivery!

Job Summary: The Hippo Riders within Thavnair have been hard at work! Delivering hot meals to those working hard or simply requesting them of it. That said, extra hands are needed as they’ve been recently slammed! They’re looking for any mercenary looking to make a quick gil. Though they do warn whoever is interested that they will have to learn how to ride!
Location: Thavnair, Svarna
Job requirements: Deliver as many orders as the Hippo Riders ask of you! Return with a writ of completion from their leader!
Reward: 25,000

Something’s Fishy

Job Summary: Fish! Everyone loves fish. The fishermen in Akyaali have received a large order from Mehryde’s Meyhane to restock. Considering the hefty order and the possibly dangerous trip, they’re looking to pay a mercenary to do it for them. There is also the option of escorting them instead. Either or, they want to make sure the order gets there safely.
Location: Thavnair, Akyaali
Job requirements: Deliver baskets of fish to Radz-at-Han and obtain a writ of completion from the fisherman.
Reward: 12,000 Gil

She Must Dance!

Job Summary: An alchemist named Minu is looking for her big break! Not with any breakthrough in alchemy, no. Rather, she’s looking to dance on stage and entertain in Radz-at-Han. She resides within Palaka’s Stand. The issue here is that she needs someone to guide her through Thavnair and into the main city. She is worried about any of the wildlife coming after her during her trip and needs a guard.
Location: Palaka’s Stand
Job requirements: Guard Minu until you both make it to Radz-at-Han. Get a Writ of Completion from her after!
Reward: 20,000

A Silky Gift

Job Summary: A woman in Kugane named Sengoku is looking to send a package to Mor Dhona! Specifically, a package of silks to offer to the House of Splendors. For now, a gift of sorts, but she’s hoping to create trade between the two of them. That said, the trip is a longer one. She’s hoping that someone will take the trip for her!
Location: The package is in Kugane, but must be delivered to Mor Dhona at the House of Splendors.
Job requirements: Deliver the package of silks to the House of Splendors within Mor Dhona. Obtain a writ of completion from Sengoku.
Reward: 18,000 Gil

Made with Care

Job Summary: With the colder weather slipping its way in, Coerthas only gets colder. A weaver within Ishgard worries about those settled outside for work within the Western Highlands. She has woven up fresh gloves, mittens, hats and scarfs! Given the area can be dangerous, she’s looking for an adventurer to deliver things for her! There are enough for those at Falcon’s Nest and The Convictory.
Location: Coerthas Western Highlands
Job requirements: Return with a Writ of Confirmation.
Reward: 16,000

Final Voyage

Job Summary: Hallgrim is an old Ala Mhigan soldier whose husband was killed in the uprising. His last wish was to find his final resting place in The Arms of Meed, but the journey is perilous and the old temple ruins are not easily accessible. Looking for an adventurer to make the journey for him.
Location: Meet in Ala Gannha, The Peaks
Job requirements: Meet Hallgrim in Ala Gannha and take his husband’s ashes to The Arms of Meed. Scatter the ashes there. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 13,000g

Daylight Horrors


Job Summary: The crocs south of Camp Dragonhead are utterly horrifying—one look in their multi-sectioned mouths is enough to be certain of that fact. Unfortunately, this fact is keeping Freddrick from even thinking about making the journey to deliver the commissioned itembox for Lord Emmanellian. north shroud merchant up to camp dragonhead as there's been an increase in crocs of late, deliver special order in their steed.
Location: Bobbing Cork, North Shroud
Job requirements: Pick up the item box from the Bobbing Cork in North Shroud and delivery it to the office of command in Camp Dragonhead. Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 10,000 gil

Home Sweet Home


Job Summary: After years of saving, the Valor family would like to be safely escorted the journey from the East Shroud all the way to the Ala Mhigan quarter in the Lochs so they can join their people in the rebuilding of their nation. The mother mentions that while she used to be a decent shot with a gun, it has been a long time and she would rather have the extra care in taking her little ones along.
Location: Sweetbloom Pier, East Shroud.
Job requirements: Safely escort the family to the Ala Mhigan Quarter and return with writ of completion.
Reward: 40,000 gil

Supply escort

Job Summary: A merchant at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena is expecting a food delivery from Camp Dragonhead. He is looking for someone to escort the delivery wagon from the camp. Meet with the driver in Camp Dragonhead at the specified time.
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands.
Job requirements: Must be able to defend the wagon from local wildlife that may want the food supplies.
Reward: 7,000g

Infirmary Guard

Job Summary: A wealthy merchant has become bedridden after falling victim to a recent targeted attack. Growing ever paranoid, the client and his advising associates have recommended keeping guards posted to a very strict schedule to ensure the recovery is swift and secure.
Location: Camp Drybone, Eastern Thanalan
Job requirements: Stand guard outside of the infirmary room to ensure the safety of the recovering client. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 15,000g per night.

Way Home

Job Summary: Having successfully made the journey to Castellum Velodyna under the help of another adventurer, Sephine finds herself stuck there without an escort home. Due to the dangers and length of the journey, she seeks a proper bodyguard who can protect her from the wilds.
Location: Castellum Velodyna, The Fringes
Job requirements: Escort to Sweetbloom Pier in East Shroud for a writ of completion.
Reward: 14,000g and 2 bottles of wine for writ of completion.

Healing and care

If you harbour a penchant for stabilizing or improving the health and well being of others then we implore you take a look at the following listings! The world has no shortage of those requiring aid, be it on going struggles of combat and conflict, disasters of the elements or rebuilding what has been lost. Experienced healers, those with a gentle touch or a good heart will find their skills put to full use and very much appreciated.

Feline Flu Season

Job Summary: Swyglona is infamous in the Mist for keeping the company of her nine cats. Unfortunately, when one gets sick, they all get sick. Looking for a skilled animal medic to treat the sick and stop the infection from spreading further.
Location: Mist, La Noscea
Job requirements: Treat Swyglona’s sick cats and inoculate the healthy ones. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 19,000g

Baby Boom

Job Summary: The midwives of St. Reymanaud’s Cathedral are short-staffed with spring illnesses at the most inopportune time. There’s several expecting mothers in The Firmament, due any day now. They could really use the help of an experienced midwife.
Location: St. Reymanaud’s Cathedral, Foundation
Job requirements: Report to the cathedral and accompany the midwives to the clients’ homes in The Firmament. Women preferred, childbirth experience required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 6,500g per day

Flu Outbreak


Job Summary: A flu has begun to spread among the goblin population of Idyllshire despite the masks they wear. The doctor is perplexed, but while her curiosity on the matter soars, so do the number of gobbiefolk to look after. Some help will be necessary!
Location: Idyllshire
Job requirements: Assist in taking care of goblins. Paid by the day, return with writ of completion.
Reward: 8,500 gil per day.

Upset Shiba

Job Summary: The Katasuke family has sent in a request for someone familiar with animals! Specifically, dogs. Their shiba seems to have gotten ill! He’s been having issues with feeling weak and not eating as much as he very well should. They just aren’t sure what’s wrong and hope that someone can nurse their Shiba back to health.
Location: Shirogane
Job requirements: Nurse the Shiba back to health! Return with a writ of completion from the Katasuke family.
Reward: 10,000 Gil

RED Healer Needed!

Job Summary: The Sekiseigumi is in need of a healer! Their usual mender is out for now. Which means, during training, getting hurt poses even more of an issue. They’re looking for anyone willing to stand watch and heal when needed.
Location: Kugane, Sekiseigumi Barracks
Job requirements: Stand at the ready to heal anyone harmed during training. Return with a writ of completion for how many days worked.
Reward: 8,000 per day worked

Sabotender Samba

Job Summary: Wildlife researchers in Little Ala Mhigo have noticed the native sabotender population is dwindling. After some research, they’ve come to this conclusion: the sabotenders are mating less and less, because they’ve forgotten how to dance. This calls for some dance lessons, pronto!
Location: Little Ala Mhigo, Southern Thanalan
Job requirements: Report to Little Ala Mhigo and teach the wild sabotenders how to dance. Return with a writ of completion.
Reward: 5,000 a day

Voidal Touch

Job Summary: There has been a sudden spike in complaints about voidsent among the Garlean Contingency. It only makes sense that some run amok, considering it’s the land where the art of the Reaper formed. That said, some of their members have mentioned feeling sick after coming into contact and fighting. Due to their wounds, it seems. The healers there state it is because of a taint on their aether from the Voidsent itself. A shift within the body. Unfortunately they’re quite busy so they’re asking for more hands. They’ve Porxies at the ready, but will accept if someone can simply aid with simple things. Bring supplies back and forth, delivering food, etc. Whatever it may be, they will accept the aid.
Location: Garlemald, Camp Broken Glass
Job requirements: Either help with the Voidal taint itself or help with taking care of other needs. Return with a writ of completion.
Reward: 35,000

Bombfish Punctures

Job Summary: Looking for something fresh and exciting to bring to his restaurant, chef Yuudai had sought out a willing supplier of the dangerous wavekin known as the bombfish, with the intent of carefully preparing and serving on the next event. Unfortunately, before even leaving the docks did the Hingan get poked and pricked by the explosive wavekin. Sore and poisoned, he was helped into a bed at the Bokairo Inn to recover, though seeking a proper doctor to treat the poison.
Location: Bokairo Inn, Hingashi
Job requirements: Assist the chef with recovering from the poison.
Reward: 10,000g for curing and 2,000g for each day spent keeping an eye on them.

A Tiny Morbol Menagerie

Job Summary: Vile as they are in their adult form, morbols are necessary for the ecosystem to thrive. To that end, a team of wildlife researchers have taken it upon themselves to breed and raise morbol seedlings, to sustain the local population. Looking for help now that the latest brood has hatched.
Location: The Tangle, Mor Dhona
Job requirements: Watch over the batch of morbol seedlings, making sure they’re fed and given enrichment. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 5,000g per day

Coeurl Port Authority

Job Summary: The Yellowjackets have their hands full making sure no illicit goods pass through Limsa Lominsa’s port. Unfortunately, with so many ships moving in and out, some things are bound to slip through the cracks. Enter Grehmhar Haldbryn, a Limsan native, with the idea of training tamed coeurl to detect the smell of somnus. Only downside, they have to be trained young, and the magical beastkin, while cute, are quite the handful. Looking for someone to help care for the kittens.
Location: The Mist, Limsa Lominsa
Job requirements: Report to Grehmhar and help raise and train the coeurl kittens. Experience in animal handling required. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 8,000g per day

Bewitched Returners

Job Summary: With the Thoughtless Imp having departed from the Invisible City, the victims brought home after their weeks of entrapment haven’t quite returned to normal. Paranoid, fearful, on edge, they fear what has been lost and what might return to lull them back to the empty lands once more.
Location: The Golden Bazaar, Eastern Thanalan
Job requirements: Break the victims from the bewitchment and keep them company until they recover. Return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g per day

Crafting and Gathering

Already experienced in a craft or wanting to learn one? Then these jobs might be for you! Listed below are clients that are in need of helping hands where they can be had, be it gathering certain materials or helping manufacture them for a cause, required levels of experience desired will be listed with the entry. Show off what you know or pick up a new talent!

The Cold Needs Cooking

Job Summary: Situations are tense in Garlemald whilst the region and the mixture of people try to recover. Food has been difficult to come by, as are regular chefs. The camp could use a hand with an extra person capable of cooking enough for plenty of mouths to feed!
Location: Camp Broken Glass
Job requirements: Pretty decent cook, can withstand cold weather.
Reward: 13,000g per day.

Feline Community Development

Job Summary: The feral cat population in Rhalgr’s Reach is growing, and some of the citizens have suggested making them feel more at home, beloved as they are by residents and visitors alike. Thus, the client has requested the construction of “cat houses”, small structures to protect them from the cold desert nights and give them a comfortable place to sleep.
Location: Rhalgr’s Reach, Gyr Abania
Job requirements: Build cat houses for the Ala Mhigan strays. Return with writ of completion.
Reward: 10,000g per structure

Parata’s Fungi

Job Summary: It’s no secret that the Northern reaches of The Foothills are home to dangerous climates, many talk of the tale of the monster Parata still to this day, but scientists are eager to research the plant life that are able to grow and thrive in such a location. Looking for a skilled gatherer to cut samples of the fungi, they do however warn those interested to wear protective gear to fend themselves from the caustic gasses!
Location: Parata’s Peace, Western Thanalan.
Job requirements: Venture into the caustic landscape and return with fungi samples to Vesper Bay. Writ of confirmation granted.
Reward: 8,000g per collected sample, 20,000g risk compensation.

Haori Required!

Job Summary: A man named Katsura Takanao has put in a request for a weaver to make him a haori! One that he can wear during his travels. He offers full creative freedom to whoever picks up this job. The only thing he requires is that it be fashionable! If it is able to catch the eye of those around, he will be happy.
Location: Kugane
Job requirements: Craft the man a fashionable haori and return with the writ of completion.
Reward: 25,000 Gil

Warm Coats

Job Summary: Members of the Adders are off on an expeditional patrol around Coerthas, known for the bone-chilling cold weather. Their group numbers have recently increased with a good amount of recruits, and they’re in need of the proper gear to endure the cold for several hours a day.
Location: Adders Base, New Gridania
Job requirements: Leatherworker able to make sturdy fur coats and gear durable for extreme cold weather.
Reward: 5,000g per pelt.

Simple and Clean

Job Summary: Having survived the winter flu season, stock at Ser Vaindreau’s clinic have fallen worryingly low at Witch hazel, soapwort concentrate, lye, and more—Maurilette is looking for botanists able to assist them in obtaining the materials necessary for cleanliness so they may prevent disease.
Location: Risensong Quarter, Firmament
Job requirements: Botany background.
Reward: 7,000 gil per crate of materials

Werlyt Reconstruction

Job Summary: Recently free from Garlean occupation, Werlyt’s war-weary citizens have suddenly found themselves in dire need of adequate necessities: beds, tables, chairs, you name it. Though between Werlyt’s craftsmen being taken for the war effort, and Ala Mhigo’s craftsmen occupied with their own rebuilding, there’s not enough labor to go around.
Location: Terncliff, Werlyt
Job requirements: Build furniture for Werlyt citizens. Carpenter experience required. Supplies will be provided. Return with writ of confirmation.
Reward: 10,000g per day

The Sky’s the Limit

Job Summary: Blacksmiths, armours, and carpenters are all sought for a brand new airship project! The Azys Lla research team has a design specialist on hand for the project, but they need support to make their dream a reality. Do you have what it takes? (Requirement: Must not have any fear of heights.)
Location: Report to Saint Coinach’s Find in Mor Dhona for work.
Job requirements: Proficiency in shaping metal, constructing metal works, or ship wood-working. Willingness to learn is welcome, but some past experience is preferred.
Reward: 12,000 gil per day’s work (6 hours)

Lumber for Repairs

Job Summary: To ensure the repairs towards the Hawthorne Hut’s structures and housing can go as smoothly as possible the locals are asking for assistance in gathering lumber for the cause. The supply in need is high, wanting to repair the structures well enough to fend against such damage in the future and constructing new structures with any excess!
Location: The Hawthorne Hut, East Shroud
Job requirements: Return with a supply of logs to The Hawthorne Hut, return with a writ of confirmation.
Reward: 3,000g per log gathered for the repair efforts

Winter clothes supply

Job Summary: With the Firmament construction efforts coming along swiftly the potential residents are going to need all the materials they can get their hands on! The Paissa are known for their fluffy plumage, what would suit better to stuff into furnishings and line clothing to fend off the elements..? For a fair price the Beastkin are sure to cooperate, a gentle and patient hand is in order!
Location: The Sea of Clouds.
Job requirements: Lull the docile beastkin into a state of peace and collect as much tuft as you can collect without harming or mistreating the Paissa.
Reward: 9,500g per sack of tufts collected.